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  1. It is because nobody knows how long it's gonna take. There is time frame for that.
  2. Please start be reading the guides: https://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1 If you have any specific question after reading, please post.
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    Husband H1B and wife TN combination

    Obviously you can't have both original so I think yours will have to be copy. Maybe call CBP at Chicago to ask?
  4. USS_Voyager

    Submitting application

    My experience... I never sent anything overnight, too costly. I always sent USPS in the flat rate envelop that includes the tracking number. Never had anything lost.
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    3rd time is the lucky charm :)

    Excellent, feel the Bern 2020!
  6. After you get married, you can file from I-485 (Adjust her status from K1 to Lawful Permanent Resident), I-131 Advanced Parole (AP-travel document, allows her to travel and re-enter the US) and I-765 Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The EAD/AP takes 4-6 months. That is the earliest she can travel or work is after those are approved. Otherwise, she do volunteer non-paid work.
  7. You hit it in the head right there. There was an immigration aspect to it as well, she was on H1B. They did not want the newspaper to read: " Company fires foreign worker who is on maternity leave".
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    Randomly. The truth is nobody knows. USCIS works in mysterious ways...
  9. No one would ever send you a reminder. You’re supposed to remember to file the I-751 on time. The extension letter would be the letter that they sent you when the acknowleded the receipt of the filing at the end of January. There should be language in there states to extend the GC for 18 months or something like that.
  10. USS_Voyager

    Birth Certificate Help

    Here is the procedure, hopefully still valid: https://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Vietnam_-_Obtain_a_Birth_Certificate There are some addresses and phone numbers there. Maybe a good place to start. You probably need someone who speak Vietnamese to make calls though. I doubt they speak English there
  11. USS_Voyager

    Birth Certificate Help

    When was she born and where in Vietnam? It’s actually fairly easy to obtain a birth certificate in Vietnam especially if she was born in one of the big cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi. You need to go to The People's Committee (Uỷ Ban Nhân Dân) of the disctric where she was born. They should be able to issue an extract of the birth certificate, which is acceptable for use as original and accepted by the US Consulate (at least the one in Vietnam). My mom lost her birth certificate (she was born in 1953) and I was shocked of how easy it was for her to get it. It just took a couple days. They can even issue it in English for an extra fee, along with the Vietnamese version.
  12. I agree to that. However, they have to wait until AFTER maternity leave is over, then fire her if she doesn’t report to work. There needs to be concrete evidence that she abandoned her job in that case. Trust me, I just went through a similar situation with a person reports to me. She went on maternity leave, moved to a different state because her husband accepted a different job. Everybody including HR knows she moved. No one wanted to touch it with a 10-foot-pole. They had to wait until after her maternity leave was over, wrote a letter basically stating that if you show up to work, the job is yours. If you don’t, we will consider it “abandoned”. She turned in her resignation the next day.
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    My interview was an interrogation

    Congratulations! Please vote in 2020!
  14. Each individual circumstance is different. As someone else pointed out, in certain cases, people are allowed to keep the Canadian allowance even if they moved out of Canada. In this specific situation, looks like the OP confirmed that the Serbian government is happy to make the payments as it is one of the rights their citizens are entitled to. That should settles it then. OP as mentioned previously, there should be no problem regarding US immigration that you can receive that money on K-1. You worked hard and that is one of the benefits you rightfully earned.
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    3rd time is the lucky charm :)

    Congratulations! Please vote in the 2020 election!