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  1. payxibka

    AOS question

    Simply get another job or a cosponsor
  2. payxibka

    Embassy Slowness

    Yes, you synthesized down what I was thinking
  3. payxibka

    Embassy Slowness

    Just thinking out loud here. Abu Dhabi sent an e-file but Manila needs a physical file. Disconnected here somewhere. One party thinks they did what they were supposed to, the other party still waiting
  4. payxibka

    Address change after interview

    I am not sure that the GC is forwardable
  5. payxibka

    Embassy Slowness

    Hmm. I was always under the impression that it is a physical file not an electronic copy. I would think NVC needs to assign a mnl case number
  6. I didn't put my address on anything other than the petition form itself
  7. Non-immigrant and parolees. Immigrants get the I-551 stamp
  8. payxibka

    It is June, new system ..Passport slots at DFA

    Yes. That is the one and only office using the new system. In July it rolls out to the rest of the Manila offices.
  9. I didn't think an F4 gets an I-94.
  10. payxibka

    Embassy Slowness

    It all depends on how quickly the transfering consulate gets it back into the system. I presume it goes back through to the nvc, sits for a few days and then goes in the next pouch to the Manila. So are you being told it's stuck at nvc?
  11. payxibka

    It is June, new system ..Passport slots at DFA

    The new system is in test phase in only one office. It will be opened to the Manila offices in July and country wide in August. Somehow they are connecting your advance fee payment receipt number to the appointment. If you don't show up to the appointment you lose your payment.
  12. payxibka

    New I-129F form after 30/8

    They might to years before updating the form again. Omb expiration is not that meaningful
  13. payxibka

    Going to Philippines to get married

    NSO is now PSA