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  1. This topic has been making the rounds every few years for the past couple of decades. Always manages to make some progress but only to be shot down in the end.
  2. If everything is correct, the site is projecting late April for petition approval .
  3. Your first post says you submitted in June and you have a case number. Did you file online? Your notice you received from the USCIS will say what service center
  4. Spouse of a USC? If you fill out your profile properly, VJ will give you an estimate for petition approval. Otherwise, got to the USCIS website for published processing times based on service center and petition
  5. What are you petitioning for? Your profile and timeline is inconsistently filled out.
  6. You will need a qualified co sponsor. Doesn't have to be your parents but certainly could be.
  7. I485 does, so you are concerned about nothing. Filing the i765 is no harm, no foul. A matter of choice
  8. Waiting 2 weeks was when CBP was a paper based system. They are electronic now.
  9. If you're not concerned about when he gets the SSN, then EAD is not needed as the GC will make him eligible.
  10. Different government independent of the visa process simply trying to stick their nose in.
  11. When my PLDT connection works, it is actually faster than my USA connection. For me, the only issue had been downtime. When it goes down, sometimes it's 2 to 3 weeks before it is repaired.
  12. I didn't. The USA has no such document. CFO should know this. FYI. This is better asked in the Philippines regional forum
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