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  1. payxibka


    Get what?
  2. Applicant carries in If after 4.15.19 then 2018
  3. No. Just reflect the new address on the ds160 when he applies for the Visa
  4. payxibka

    Salary requirements for I-134

    For 2018 and beyond it will be line 6
  5. payxibka

    K1 Visa Documents

    yes, passport in PI can be a challenge
  6. I think it includes the current but others have a different opinion. I do not think you are harmed by listing the current
  7. Find someone who has transited Amsterdam and/or see if someone has the instruction packet for it
  8. It depends on the consulate how they view it
  9. payxibka

    SSN - Did I screw up?

    Within 75 days of her entry or when she receives employment authorization
  10. They actually count the number of days. Time out of country is excluded from the number of days Fulfillment of the two-year foreign residence requirement requires that a person reside and be physically present in the country of nationality or last residence for an aggregate of at least two years following departure from the United States. See INA § 212(e), 8 USC § 1182(e). One day of physical presence means one 24 hour period of physical presence in the home country...
  11. Simple Administering the Oath/Affirmation: (1) You Must State the Following Words: "Do you affirm that the statements made by you in this application and interview are true and correct to the best of your knowledge?" The applicant must affirm, "I do", or if unable to speak give a physical indication of his or her affirmation.
  12. It was reported a couple days ago that the website came active
  13. payxibka

    Interview availability

    I don't know. The appointment slots for February were light. They opened 360 for January 24 so the reason might have been they were not planning many for Feb, but that is a guess. Occasionally an opening pops up here and there due to a reschedule, so monitor the site. If one does pop up it goes fast