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  1. Offset by fewer k1 petitions from new couples who cannot fulfill the meeting face to face requirement.
  2. My comments were limited to the ability to self sponsor, which has typically only been allowed by London
  3. Because the consulate decides locally what is or isn't acceptable. Some consulates may adopt i864 guidelines (100% or 125%) but whatever they do in the end it is a local decision. Manila for example, doesn't ask for financial information at all but in a rare few situations.
  4. USCIS language doesn't always apply to what the consulate will or won't do. Secondarily, the quoted section is from the i864 not the i134. London has been about the only consulate to allow self sponsorship
  5. Is there a difference between the facility that the usps delivers to compared to the one FedEx delivers to?
  6. Filing an I130 petition is NOT for a K3/K4. Nowhere does your lawyer mention K3
  7. Driver’s license / State ID School or Work ID PHL ID (SSS card, Senior ID, School ID, PWD ID or Voter’s ID) My wife had a philpost ID
  8. IR1/IR2 NOT K3/K4 is the visa that doesn't have travel restrictions. If you were told that a k3 doesn't have travel restrictions, you were told wrong
  9. No such thing as moving to k3 from k1. A k3 needs an i130 first, which you haven't yet filed.
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