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  1. Even mentions in the instructions to include even sponged activities
  2. Pretty definitionaly straight forward. You count ALL children, biological, adoptive and any you took over the payments (i.e. stepchildren)
  3. You need to upload required documents to NVC. Once document complete the interview can be put in the scheduling queue. Dual citizenship has no affect
  4. You are panicking after 2 weeks? You still have 10 more weeks
  5. Check with the credit card company and see what was charged. They most likely shredded the other authorization forms
  6. Its obvious you didn't look up the fee schedule in the form instructions. The only payment required is for the i485 for $1225 and $535 for the i130.None of the others have a fee.
  7. You just found out? You only have one payment to authorize, how did you determine it was 5? Also, you would greatly benefit by visiting the AOS forum, an entire forum specific to the process you are in
  8. One of the ways to perfect a name change is to start using it everywhere in life
  9. The best thing you can do is get everything prepared for the interview. The ds160 can be submitted once the interview schedule is reopened
  10. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/173-coronavirus-covid-19/ Lots of active threads in the C19 forum. Check them out
  11. Of course there is such a thing. Renewal window begins 180 days before expiration
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