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  1. Please read the instructions carefully
  2. Worst place for tax advice is the IRS itself. Even @missileman is a better tax advisor than them Whether it is an issue or not depends on the consulate and what they want to see
  3. You can file married separate, wife doesn't need SSN.
  4. First of all, the OP is k1 and therefore not applicable Secondly that fee is $220
  5. Depends. Typically between 200 and 600 depending on country for medical. 265 for visa application
  6. No such thing as a calendar year magic reset button Denied entry will not affect the immigrant visa Unofficial "rule of thumb " is two days out for each day in.
  7. It means that the copy of the ds3025 needed to be included in the "do not open " envelope with the visa medical. It most likely was. You don't need to do anything in regards to the i693.
  8. Actually it requires the ds3025 to be marked complete AND included with the Visa medical. Many people include a copy of the ds3025 as a safeguard
  9. Read the K Visa specific instructions for the I693 form contained in the I693 instructions
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