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  1. Thanks so much. So it's F21 I am applying for. Do you have any idea of the duration it will take from the time of applying to the time of issuing the visa/interview. Like a rough range of the duration. Cos I intend to start next year. Probably mid next year.
  2. Oh my lawd. Now it's becoming confusing. From my understanding, although I stand to be corrected. Thr only difference is the duration it will take. Mine will take a longer time to process as a LPR( a couple of years) , however if I am a citizen, i don't have to be on a queue right? That's just the difference. RIGHT?
  3. Yes it is normal and you are definitely missing something. It happened to me too. Then I realised I uploaded the wrong amount of documents /size. It will indicate to you which of the document/s is not acceptable. Edit and upload a new one. Best of luck
  4. Check your mail properly. It's supposed to be in an attachment. Call back to inform them you didn't receive it if you didn't. If you have a petitioner, ask the person if he/she recieved . Usually they send to both parties
  5. Don't worry about it. They are interested in just first and last name. You might see initials of middle name in a document or two. And on your interview letter I believe. Bt it's nothing to loose sleep over . Success all the way
  6. And you were right ans I was wrong. I apologise. I was mixing up the meaning of NO with the meaning of YES. 😀. So far so good with all responses. Il still ask more questions in future. And definitely tag you all. Thanks again.
  7. You are so KIND. words can't express my gratitude. Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I am a lawful permanent resident amd from what you just stated, it means I am eligible to file for my spouse.
  9. Thanks alot. I wouldn't necessarily say the answer is NO to almost all questions based on the link. However the informations are MOST helpful and I really appreciate. Thanks so much. Il read it through over and over before I make any move
  10. No I haven't. Thanks for answering my questions perfectly. You can as well send me the link to some.
  11. It is an F4 visa that for me here. Hence the "permanent residency* when I say just got here. I actually meant two months ago. Oh yeah so the CR1 is for who please? US citizens?
  12. Hi, please I need answers on the following questions. First of all I need to explain this. I just got to the US a couple of months ago and I intend to go back to Nigeria, get married and apply for my spouse hopefully next year. Questions: 1, Is it advisable to apply in less than a year of getting into the US? 2. I am getting different details of how much i need to earn to apply and be eligible. Does anyone know the actual annual income? 3. Do i need to change my name before I apply, if yes should It be in Nigeria or United States? 4. I am currently living in family house, do I also need to move out before I apply? 5. Finally, is it true that spouses of less than 2years are not allowed to work for some months after entering the US? I will sincerly appreciate responses to this questions. It's actually alot going on and i need to have laid out plans before 2020.
  13. Not really. I went with printed out documents. I guess they can't be classified as original.
  14. No they don't. HOWEVER, someone can help you pick it up and send it to you. It worked for me though.
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