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  1. My husband received his IL today! CC: August 7, 2019 Interview Date: October 21, 2019 Lagos Consulate
  2. Wow!! Congrats!!! 😁 They seem to still be on track! Continue to be safe!!
  3. Congrats to all those who received IL today!! Are there any Lagos folks in this forum waiting to get IL or have recently received ILs?
  4. I hope you are well and safe!! I like being hopeful, so perhaps they will the steps necessary to continue interviews even in the aftermath of the hurricane. Godspeed!!
  5. Hi Chika, the NVC contact us through email. We listed our email addresses at the first stage, but I believe you can add it on the CEAC website as well. 

    1. Justxxxx


      Hello my sister how is your application have you done your interview?

  6. Hello, I've gone to graduate school with other students from various countries around the world. Their Bachelor's degrees are valid here in the US. I would definitely bring multiple copies of your transcripts (sealed) for the sake of applying to multiple programs. I'm certain you could find a job teaching on the secondary level (middle or high school) and fund your way through school. A good friend of mine has a Bachelor in Chemistry and has taught for the last 12 years. The only thing with that is you may need a teaching license/certificate (which isn't as extensive as getting a Bachelor's degree but would require some time). If your area is short of teachers, you could also try an emergency teaching license. If that doesn't suit you, you could also apply to graduate assistantship programs that allow you to work in your academic department AND attend classes as a graduate student. Those grad assistantships tend to be limited in numbers, but it never hurts to apply anyway.
  7. Hello, I came to see how things were progressing on your end with the NVC. I noticed that you heard back them a little over a week ago. With the I-864, if your wife's total income was lower than required, your mother-in-law would need to be the co-sponsor. When my brother petitioned for his wife and son (also from Nigeria), my mom and dad were co-sponsors even though my brother lives in the same household. 


    We finally received my husband's passport which I sent to him. We were able to gather the necessary things and got everything submitted. I called the NVC yesterday morning to double check that they received our stuff (the status on the ceac site looked as if we hadn't), and this morning we got the email about being "Documentarily Qualified."


    Hopefully, there will be no more delays in the process for you and your wife! Godspeed!

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    2. Team A Forever

      Team A Forever

      Thank you! I've texted him your number. His name is Daniel. I know Ikeja.. We generally stay at the Presken when I'm there. He's in Ojokoro.

    3. sunrisecouples
    4. sunrisecouples


      Hello Camille, I sent you messages on whatsapp. 

  8. Good day, have you heard anything from the NVC?

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    2. sunrisecouples


      Okay. It's nice hearing back from you again. I hope they have your husband's released asap. I already have my police certificate. I got it 2weeks ago. Right now, my wife is in the process of getting the Tax Transcripts from IRS. She had tried to request for them online but has been having difficulty making that happen, so just yesterday she called IRS to request for the Tax Transcripts to be mailed to her but it will take 5-10 days for her to receive it. She already has the W-2s and 6months PayStubs ready. So when she receives the Tax Transcript next week, she can complete the I-864EZ form she started filling last Sunday. Meanwhile, both AOS and IV fees have been paid. Infact, the IV fee was just confirmed PAID on the ceac website, about an hour ago. The AOS fee was confirmed PAID last week. So tomorrow, I will start filling out the DS-260.That's the position we are, at the moment. 

    3. Team A Forever

      Team A Forever

      Sounds good! The DS-260 is pretty straightforward. I completed for my husband. Many of the questions are similar to that of the I-130 form. Godspeed, I'll keep you updated. :)

    4. sunrisecouples


      Alright, thank you. 

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