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    I enjoy reading, writing short stories and really trying to enjoy life. Using what I have been through in life as my testimony to help others heal and be delivered...

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    We met through our father Jesus. I wasnt looking for anyone neither was my husband.. The rest is destiny, and for the glory of God . With God all things are possible . .

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  1. I have called about an hour before they were to close and I was successful. I have called as soon as they have opened as well. I went to sleep on the phone because I was on hold for two hours. Keep trying, they will eventually answer and good luck.
  2. I was sent this letter as well. However, my i-130 was approved last year. You may need to call USCIS, and speak with a representative and ask for them to explain so that you may understand. The ban is in effect now, I don't know why they would have sent it back to the USCIS, again. Maybe, someone with more experience can help you.
  3. I need help to make sure that I registered with DHL, correctly.  Thanks

  4. @dwheels76 thank you so much for the information. His case is saying, *Ready*. I pray all goes well in this and I do believe in miracles. Thank you again and he is really trying hard to focus on his interview.
  5. Good day my VJ family. I'm visiting family and friends this week and while I'm on vacation I lost my cell. I just went into my email on a family members phone. I recieved my IL for Lagos. To interview on March 03, 2020. Do my husband need to try to ask for a earlier appointment if possible considering the ban? I really appreciate it.
  6. @Lil bear, the first one is easier. I wished I would have saved myself all of the headache of waiting. But, I didnt have to pay for my name change on my new passport. I have been going nuts trying to figure ot out and I had someone to look into it for me. And, then I decided to call myself. It makes sense to continue to use the old passport until the visa expires. Where were you @Lil bear, when I needed the answer to this last year? Lol!!
  7. @Lil bear, you are correct.
  8. Praise God for his blessings. Congratulations, and all of the praises belongs to him. Amen!!!
  9. The representative told me that on December 31, they were reviewing November 07, 2019 submitted documents. This is what the website was and still is showing November 04, 2019. I guess it will update accordingly. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-6-submit-documents-to-the-nvc.html
  10. I hope it will be faster for you as well. Good luck with your case.
  11. The representative told me they are doing things differently. I was told if there is a resubmission it starts your NVC, process over. Even, if it is for one document that is out of order; or not scanned properly. She was very pleasant and kind.
  12. Hello, everyone. Happy New year. As of December 31, 2019; there are reviewing documents that were submitted on November 07, 2019 to their website. I called them last night before going to church. The Ceac website has not updated yet; it is showing a different date. But, the dates are not far off. On December 30, 2019; they were reviewing November 26, 2019 (I-130) that were recieved from USCIS.
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