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  1. We have and thank you again for the information. He will not become a public charge and my employer has added him to my insurance due to our marriage license and my length of employment. Thanks again
  2. Thank you for the information concerning your experience with Embassy in Lagos.
  3. I was able to add my husband a few weeks ago, through open enrollment. They know that he may be coming soon. I pray that he does. So they accepted him. The life insurance policy was something totally different.
  4. Thank you all so much. He is coming to visit her next month. Her doctor is writing a note so that his job will let him take some early vacation/PTO time, Administrator' I found the answer that was needed. Will you please close this post. Thank you,
  5. From reading a lot of post on VJ. that is how a lot of relationships have started. But, they met through her sister. Her sister married someone from another country' She felt like he would be good for her. But, she got sick a while back and have not been able to meet him in person yet. I love her and wanted to find out what she could do, I wasn't thinking about him coming to visit, he has the mean to come and visit.
  6. Thank you all so much for the bare truth. That is why I recommend this site. Experience is the advice and i want to thank you all for the replies,
  7. She is looking into trying to figure out a way. But, she wants to marry him. Well, they are in love. Can he come with a waiver with her being sick? He works and he can afford to come, I think she wants to do the K-1. I think she needs him to come visit first.
  8. I was sitting on the couch and I received an alert. Our 1-130 was sent to the NVC. It was just approved On October 03, 2019. I'm so happy. I just called my husband and he went down on his knees giving thanks. We are so happy. 

    1. Patricia Owuh

      Patricia Owuh

      You are certainly one of the lucky ones! Every day is harder and harder for all of us. Am so happy for you and your husband! I sent the I-129f on the 11th of October so I don't know how long they will take to let us know something. 

    2. Rosemichelle


      Yes, but my friend has not received anything yet. I received a notice or should I say email that it was sent to the Department of State. 


      But, does not mean anything until I get the welcome letter.



  9. Hello, family,. I have a question, It may seem to be kind of weird. I meet a lady two years ago and we are friends. She has had a double kidney transplant in the past. She's dating a gentleman in another country. She is now back on the transplant list and her doctor told her she may be okay for 5 days without dialysis. She wants to go and meet him to have the requirements. However, I don't think that she will be able too. Do anyone have a suggestion that I can tell her? She has been dating him for almost four years. Any advice to her would be appreciated. I don't think that she should receive treatment in a foreign country for dialysis.
  10. I think you should try the k3/I-129f. It might help to speed up the process. 

    1. Patricia Owuh

      Patricia Owuh

      I have one question and then I promise I won't bother you again! When sending the I-129f do I need to send birth certificates, photos, copies of passports and all the same things I sent with the I-130?

    2. Patricia Owuh

      Patricia Owuh

      I have a question. When you sent your I-129f how long did it take to hear from uscis? Do they send a letter or do you just get an approval or denial? 

  11. I agree as a counselor, you need to get professional advice concerning this. You do not need to be caught doing anything wrong that will affect your immigration progress. Children really have a hard time dealing with change when it comes to living with new people. A professional can help to get to the bottom of the issue and come up with a plan of action. It was hard when I had my four foster children ranging from age 3-6, They all came from different backgrounds. I had to get them into therapy. I did the plan and it took a while; but, by the time I looked up things worked out for the best. . Good luck
  12. I checked my email today and our I-130 has been approved. This is my first time posting and I wanted to say that the VJ family is amazing. I have already started gathering my documents for the I-864 weeks ago; by reading the posts on VJ. I found this site in June 2019, after I had filed our I-130. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great advice you all give on VJ. I have made a few friends and I have also recommended the site to a few people.
  13. Yes ma'am, I'm a June filer. I have not seen any updates as well. I'm with the Potomac service center. From looking at the website, I believe they are working on January and February. I pray that we will🙏 hear something soon. I-130 mailed May 30 Received NOA1 June 03
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