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  1. Just picked up my immigrant visa today .. I’m done with this process .. now awaiting POE
  2. Checked Ceac status and my visa status changed to issued , just here waiting for dhl to send me pickup test It changed on Friday , God is great
  3. Lol don’t worry if you missed the call the send you an email
  4. No , nothing .. when I arrived there she asked for the number that called me and i showed her the embassy number before she took in my passport
  5. Dhl said I should come back in 5 days for it if I don’t get an email sooner
  6. Good news called to submit my passport today which I already did . God is great
  7. He kept my birth certificate , marriage certificate and police report , should I be worried
  8. I had my interview at Lagos consulate and i was placed on administrative review , asked the CO how long it’s going to take but he told me I do not have to do anything but wait .. I answered every question he asked me smoothly and my evidence was bonafide and good but the center of attraction was my wife speaks Spanish and English very well but writes Spanish more as her English isn’t too good in writing so I use translator to translate everything . He gave me back my passport but kept all my original documents and all my evidence too and gave me a paper ticking admin processing .. Should I be worried or is there anything I can do ?
  9. Hello give them two business days and call back again , it will be ready then same thing happened to me .
  10. Thanks to everyone, we finished uploading yesterday ..
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