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  1. Greetings, thank you and Pushbrk for your responses. I’m still trying to figure my way around this Forum so if this isn’t the proper way to respond to you please let me know.


    Ok, so I need to file an I-130 for EACH of my 2 Step-children.  I understand. 

    I have a long time personal friend who is a US Senator. Will his help, help merge an my Step-childrens, soon to be filed, I-130 expeditiously with my wife’s I-130 which is already at the NVC? In other words can a US Senator actually help or will any inquiry just fall on deaf ears?


    Because I need to return to the USA for medical reasons my wife and I may go ahead of the children.  She has 5 siblings and her mother who live 2 blocks away and as many Filipinos, they are very close.  The children have 4 cousins who are together now on an daily basis. I DON’T CLASSIFY MY MEDICAL ISSUES AS AN EMERGENCY but I do need to see my Cardiologist and Oncologist.


    if neither waiting for help from my Senator friend or asking for some type of expedited help due to medical needs is ill advised then I will file I-130’s for each of my step-children immediately.    

    Your thoughts?


    1. Mdvivori


      Do I also need to file an I-130A for each of my Step-children?

  2. Each of your step children must have a separate visa petition in order to immigrate. The USC spouse visa does not allow “derivatives”.. accompanying family members.. as some other visas do. File an I130 immediately for each child. Once your wife's I 130 is approved and heads to the NVC for the immigrant visa documentation etc.. you can take your time submitting her documents and wait for the childrens petitions to catch up. Then ask the NVC to link all petitions together and they should all be processed as a bundle .. independent but together
  3. Can only renew it once.. so it gives you a total of 4 years out of the US before crunch time OP stated that his home country is very restrictive on dual citizenship
  4. They do. There is a green check, an orange check and a red check. At times, the best they can get even with multiple tries is in the orange.. so they run with that .. but it sometimes gets flagged by someone further along in the process as not being good enough.. then the get you back for a redo
  5. Time to IL is dictated by the number of applicants ahead of you at the consulate. it could be sooner or later than the other embassy would have been ..
  6. He should naturalize before you go .. also valuable getting at least 40 SS quarters ss that sets him up for US Social security and US medicare if you come back to US .. and he can receive SS income in Australia. Unless he surrenders his GC you will both need to continue to file US tax returns and declare your Aus income. .. you will always need to file .. But the tax treaty avoids double taxing ( there is an upper limit) Be aware if the differences in how the 2 countries tax superannuation etc .. not a show stopper but better to know in advance Aus spouse visa is explained on the Aus website .. you can apply from outside or when already in Aus https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/bringing-someone/bringing-partner-or-family significantly more expensive .. currently $7500 AUD ish.. but a similar process Remember that Aust does not have the parent visa category like the US…
  7. Thats what the siblings birth certificates demonstrate. .. same parents.. OP says they are provided
  8. Yes. Extra documentation is only required when the primary documents are unavailable
  9. No disagreement from me .. a big summer wimp !
  10. From the NVC website. Usually up to date. It is not uncommon to only have 1 or 2 options and to have to travel for the medical https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/GYQ_Guayaquil.html#medical_exam_instructions
  11. Moved to regional subforum for country specific answers
  12. Please start a new thread with your question. Please give appropriate info so we know where you are and what visa etc you applied for. Thx
  13. They aren't going to be interested in the illegal legal journey there. There are no questions in the DS260 about status in the residences. But lying will be a major issue
  14. Due east of you right now in western TN.. grandma duty over summer. I agree re weather.. Im over it ! Mind you home in SW Missouri isn't any better !
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