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  1. Your spouse is always the principal sponsor even if he doesn’t meet the I864 income requirements. He completes the I864 with all required documentation. Your joint sponsor completes their own I864, again with all documentation. His documents are uploaded to CEAC along with your spouses. You don’t “add” his name anywhere
  2. Overseas income will not meet the I864 requirement. Either you return to the US and gets work ahead of her interview .. or you get a joint sponsor
  3. Incorrect. You must list all address at which you reside since you were sixteen. The site is time based so it will close you out after around 20 minutes if you haven’t saved the updates during that time .. the trick is to save the updates after each address entry ….
  4. Yes. Doesn’t matter which one you at .. the other will be automatically waived after you pay the first one
  5. You could consider the stays in company provided accommodation like they were hotels.. your residential address remains your home address.
  6. Please fill in your timeline and info on visa type as this will better help vjers reply with correct info.
  7. Holding my breath for the final one if the usual trio.. 😳
  8. Very very very few K3 visas have been issued in the past years now… like 4 per year… If you’re married, the IR visa process.. I130 first step ..is almost always approved first and that results in the I129f being cancelled
  9. I would recommend that the beneficiary creates their own account ..the GC fee and GC relates to the beneficiary not the petitioner , and future interactions such as Removal of conditions ( if needed) and N400 application for citizenship will require the beneficiary account.
  10. Please don’t list the same question in multiple forums. Start the IR 5 process all over again
  11. Moved to AOS from work, tourist and other visa as this forum reflects the OP’s process
  12. They never do . Send her an invoice for your time researching the issue .. bill at $120 per hour in 6 minute intervals ! 🤪
  13. It’s probably the only notice they gave for a card being destroyed !!!! Certainly doesn’t fit your journey !! Maybe call and try to get a Tier 2 officer at USCIS .. but I don’t find them to be much more useful than Tier 1 Hopefully you still have good validity left in your stamped visa so you can keep using that until USCIS gets its act together
  14. Unfortunately they are required to sight originals. This isn’t a problem when the SSA offices are open to the public.. mine still isn’t either. I had to send my actual Green Card by mail in order to process an application for Medicare. Boy was that a long 2 weeks wait while they dealt with the application and sent it back. You can easily find the list of approved identity documents on the SSA website. It’s that they need to see the originals that is the issue for you
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