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  1. I131 application for AOS concurrent filing dues not require evidence of emergency travel or any scheduled travel plans ... that is needed for other uses of the I131.... so you do not need to add details or evidence
  2. Yep.. it could be nothing more that moving the file from one desk to another.
  3. We had IR5 petition.. unless you get an RFIE or RFE, you won’t see any update until approval. No communication until then
  4. You don’t do anything. They must apply and demonstrate sufficiently strong ties to their home country to overcome the normal assumption of an underlying immigration intent. They fill out the application DS 160.. pay fees .. attend interview
  5. There is no set time .. she needs to be able to demonstrate on her return that her absence was temporary and that remains domiciled in the US.. under 6 months absence is usually no issue, 6-12 months may result in questions but is ok, over 12 months may result in the assumption that she has abandoned her Adjustment status and result in referral to immigration court ..
  6. It’s a chest X-ray only ... screening for Tuberculosis.
  7. I would do both. The IO will determine at interview if you meet the requirements or not. By having the joint sponsor already in place you will avoid delay if you are still determined as under the required level
  8. You can’t make a rule that covers every situation ... yes , that’s part of the problem with doing it this way The mess we are seeing right now is what happens when a sweeping policy is “ announced” without the background and practical out working of the policy being forthcoming at the same time. I can only imaging the scrambling and hair pulling occurring in the government departments who will have to work this out. If we are confused and stunned ...... 🤪
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-693.pdf
  10. You’d think that health insurance would be foremost in the minds of IR5 beneficiaries .. it certainly was in ours .. we had already been LPR previously so I already knew the mess that is the health system .. and I researched the costs of self insurance .. but we don’t have to look far on these forums to see the many who don’t know .. and then when given the harsh reality .. don’t want to know. ... to realise it’s a huge black hole that many ignore. Reality .. $25k for a couple for a year before insurance pays anything ( cost of monthly premium and deductible ). Beneficiaries would need to be told that they had to have this amount available additional to the sponsor requirements. One way some countries handle this is to require the purchase of a bond which is then used to pay premiums etc .
  11. The current medical exam is restricted to certain specific issues ... communicable diseases, drug use, mental health issues which present present danger to self or others and vaccinations. It would require a huge change to the medical examination and report.., and would require a dr to make a subjective recommendation .... very few practitioners would be prepared to do that. BTW .. I have just retired from 42 years in the medical professions and yes I do have Dr. in front of my name.🤪
  12. The marketplace website enables anyone to get a look at the plans and costs available for them .. age and location specific. So it is possible to identify the plan and premium ahead of time. You cannot buy ACA policies though until you qualify .. which for a new immigrant is at POE .. we had Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in place and paid for 10 days after POE on IR5 .. hopefully documentation identifying the policy and evidence of means to pay for 12 months would be adequate at the interview
  13. No ... I am saying that the new ruling on requiring health insurance talks about assessing the health risk of an IR 5 beneficiary at the interview stage. This is not a simple “ look at the age tables “ decision
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