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  1. You should file now .. due to the EO the final interview won’t take place until it’s lifted .. but you may as well be in the queue when it does rather than not even started
  2. You cannot enter without legal status to do so. You are no longer an LPR. You could try applying for a tourist visa but being married to a USC who still resides in the US will be a big hurdle to overcome in convincing the CO that you’re not going to stay. If you were successful in entering on a tourist visa , you cannot stay and “ work it out” You can visit but you must leave after the visit. Best course of action is for your husband to visit you, spend time together and reconcile , then he will apply for a spouse visa and you must wait in your home country while it is processing .. 12-18 months. Good luck
  3. Nothing can be done until the SS office opens up
  4. You need to read the information on the USCIS website for the exact impact .. I don’t think it’s right back to square 1 ... best to read it yourself https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-d-chapter-3
  5. Less than 12 months not be a problem for returning .. you will be asked about your trip and maybe warned about extended periods out.. over 12 months but under 2 years may result in being referred to an immigration judge on your return .. advisable not ti be away for 12 months or more ... any trip over 6 minutes resets your “ continuous presence “ snd pushes out your eligibility for naturalisation. note that working or other actions that belong to a person who is a “resident” of another country may trigger the question of whether you have actually abandoned your US residency. Be careful.
  6. Unfortunately not that easy ., she needs to be granted and exemption from Home Affairs .. there is a ban on all Australian citizens and residents leaving Australia. Some K1 holders have reported being successful in their application for an exemption
  7. Glad you finally got the right outcome. As with everything immigration.. it’s persistence , persistence, persistence !
  8. Post your question in the appropriate regional forum and you’ll likely get a response
  9. I’m glad to read your story Thx for sharing. Yes marriage is HARD work and seeking support is a sign of strength and your desire to stand by your commitment. Well done. I’m sure it will encourage others.
  10. You can file an amended tax with your spouse and file MFJ
  11. My pleasure. US tax system is far more complex than most of our home countries. You can get good information on the IRS website... and it’s worth taking the time to read through the basic publications. Like immigration , it’s best to have a basic understanding even when you choose to use someone else’s services to file.
  12. Even though you do not yet hold a green card, the IRS considers you a resident for tax purposes as you have been in the US for over 180 days in the year .. you need to file a return and declare your income ... hopefully you have both employment Authorization and a SSN. MFJ is usually the most tax advantageous way to file. MFS will probably result in paying higher taxes.
  13. As the information sent to you from USCIS, you have to be in touch with them at least every 12 months .. that can be as simple as a phone call checking that your address is still the one they have in file .. or paying one of the fees...
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