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  1. Yes. Adjust status and for this category overstay is “forgiven “. Apply before the fees increase in April if at all possible. Apply for work and travel authorization concurrently. Still 8 plus months before she can consider traveling overseas
  2. Took me ages to work this out too when we were filling out the forms. You are not on your own here !!
  3. Correct. You are not presently sponsoring either of them. If one of them was already and LPR under your sponsorship then you would say Yes and add them into your house hold number
  4. No. From our personal experience .. Each I 864 form is only for 1 immigrant .. the other parent is not added to the other parents I864. This is because there is no actual sponsorship yet.. Only potential sponsorship until the visa is approved and issued
  5. Im not meaning to be rude .. but yes it is a blunt answer .. surrounded by the frustrations and emotions that 99% of us have through this journey … Wait .. like the rest of us. 😓
  6. Common law marriages are only recognised /registerable in some states and are not recognised by the federal USCIS for the petition you are needing. Recognised for naturalisation Hire a celebrant who can then conduct the ceremony in your living room. Some states require 1 or 2 other witnesses to be there and sign the paperwork. .. check out your state requirements. or do a Utah online ceremony where you and your partner are in one place and via ZOOM the celebrant is in another.
  7. Even if they do share .. and i do not believe they do share this type of info .. It is not an issue for your I130 petition
  8. Please for your safety do not post personal information such as the info visible on the attachments
  9. N400 cannot be completed until after the I751 has been approved. They have taken the N400 process as far as they can .. it will be approved s soon as the I 751 is completed. .
  10. I thought it would be a short term job. This gives you temporary resident status which should qualify you for interviewing in Aust. Email the Sydney consulate once you have your NVC case number. You might be able to be extend your work visa but it is unlikely that a second tourist visa would be issued for your spouse Getting the interview moved is possible but may be a timing nightmare Better to think about making a trip to the UK for the medical and interview. Then you will have somewhere around 5-6 months before you have to move to the US so you could spend time back in Oz if your visa were still current Trying to plan complex travel / living /timing while processing an immigration application is really hard .. the immigration process is very unpredictable timewise You are going to need to consider how your spouse will meet the US DOMICILE and financial sponsorship requirements too.
  11. Emigrating to Australia isnt a quick action .. So i guess my question still stands open ., what visa type ? Seems a bit strange “emigrating” then leaving the country after 12 months.
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