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  1. I had an expired US passport in Nigeria. They would not let me board. Even though the embassy told them long as I could prove I was a citizen (Had my birth certificate). Nigeria would not let me on that Lufthansa flight back home. I was stuck there 3 months. See if you can just get a travel document then you can renew when you get home.
  2. No because there's no US Embassy in us. You must interview at your countries embassy. Who is the petitioner? Is the petitioner a citizen? Kind of confusing you saying you are paying the fee and your say the IR1 is for your husband but you just had a baby. That means you are the Citizen correct? Are you living in your husbands coountry? Where was the baby born?
  3. Let me tell you a story. I was stuck back in 2011 with an expired Passport in Nigeria. They wouldn't let me board the plane home and when I tried to change my ticket my account was hacked as I'm on phone and all my money drained. So I was in Nigeria no passport or money to get home. So I went to the US Embassy in Lagos and they gave me the money to get a ticket home and a temp passport. Of course I had to pay it back in due time when I got home, but point is UK is like US and will not leave their citizens countryless (don't know if that's a word but you get). Call your embassy tomorrow. Just saying the words "UK citizen in distress will help you greatly".
  4. I am so sorry you are going through this. You say you want to go home and have no means to get there. You need to contact your UK Embassy and tell them you are stranded in US and need to get home. As far as divorce and all that. Now first are you sure you don;t want to stay. Seems you are in an emotionally abusive situation and may be eligible to file for VAWA (Victims of Abuse Womans Act) and file on your own. Call around to free legal aid clinics and check out the Catholic Charities they have assistance programs around to assist being with legal and immigration matters. And Unfortunately to your point you think you are illegal if you have been her more than 90 days and you haven't filed your AOS then you are out of status. Please be safe and if need be go to your nearest Woman's shelter.
  5. Mumbai is very behind like 6 months. Look at the spreadsheet. Are you o9n the spreadsheet? ave you filled out form to be added?
  6. Congratulations I have added you to the spreadsheet. Usually about 2 months after Case Complete you are schedule. Probably a December or January date for you.
  7. Our I-751 has been in status "Ready to schedule for the interview" since May 23, 2019. It doesn't mean you will even get an interview it is a standard template. You entered in good faith no one is lying. Just don't go playing the happily ever after live together couple. Or file for divorce and if you are called for interview you have the filing or final decree in hand. No big deal.
  8. So just like that within a day of you posting he went and applied for a Visitor Visa and got approved? I don;t get why this was even an issue? If one can't visit the other does. I wish you all the best.
  9. Me. Really we filed May 21, 2018 got NOA1 dated June 12th. File -400 May 21, 2019.
  10. Congratulations. Wow your time like is almost exact to us. So wish we were in a faster state. But Texas nope. Extension expires in December would love an interview or a 10 year green card.
  11. The policy also says you would have to demonstrate that you would be getting your spouse health Insurance within 30 days of arrival. It's not required at Interview. Better if you can add them but if not add after.
  12. As long as you can backup the reason for trip to US is for a conference. Was it in the same city as your fiance'. Sometimes that gets people too wanting the Visa for other reasons then whats stated on application. But it looks fine.
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