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  1. Okay everybody with NinPran's permission I have revised abit the expedite request but she did all the work. Is this okay. I will add to 1st post. How to start a expedite: Send your NVC expedite request in the form of an email to nvcexpedite@state.gov. An email request is specifically the only way to submit the NVC expedite request. Subject Line: Expedite Request /Case # First paragraph: Tell them who the Petitioner is and the Beneficiary Introduce yourself, name, date of birth, and where you reside. Same thing for the beneficiary. Second Paragraph: Reason/s for the expedite State the reason why your case needs to be expedited. Be specific. The more you can demonstrate the hardship (mental, financial, health wise) on the petitioner the better. Also include attachments of Proof Now plead your case. Asking for their approval for your request. Now is time to really use this COVID to your advantage. You might be supporting two households that’s financial hardship. You may be depressed now seeing doctor or therapist get a letter stating that.
  2. Do you mind if I use this on first Post for example how to write an expedite please?
  3. Sorry? Pin what to homepage? Trying to catch up and read all the post I must have missed something.
  4. It's not NVC you will be waiting for it's your embassy some are faster at responding then others. I would think a week or so.
  5. Oh no it's wherever they print Visas for your embassy. Nothing comes to US. US has no printing of Visas. That's a Department of State duty. Should be ready for pickup by now.
  6. Just means Americans can travel the world (If the world lets them in). Nothing to do with embassies opening. So many are still very closed.
  7. Oh okay. I am so glad it all got figured out. Personally I feel the embassies are so done with all this unless someone was an absolute criminal Visas are getting approved. We are all LDR jet-lagged for sure. Mercies Journeys to you both.
  8. Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Had no doubts. Now on to the fun stuff and travel. Hoe you get to travel soon.
  9. I'm sorry but those categories are banned until end of year so they must wait till ban is lifted. Right now all embassies are just working on CR1/IR1 and CR2/IR2 (children under 21)
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