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    Got LPR status through family in 2017
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  1. Interesting to learn such mails are not forwarded and glad that they all go separately i used the new address with the new application anyways.
  2. Hello there, I finally got my wife and daughter to the US, I paid the greencard fees before they arrived and used my new address, i also setup mail forwarding with USPS to have all mails addressed to me forwarded to my new address unfortunately, USCIS mailed my wife's greencard to the old address and from conversations with a USCIS representative, it was address to my wife so it skipped USPS' mail forwarding. there are 4 residents in the house so it is difficult to track how it got missing. I applied for a new card for my wife because i was told by the USCIS representative did not see a status on my daughter's receipt number indicating that her card has been sent to production. tomorrow makes it a month and my daughter's status is still showing "Immigrant Visa Fee Payment Received" while my wife's status shows "Card Was Delivered" My question: Could it be that because my daughter is a derivative of the wife's F2A petition(i filed a single petition), that the green card was produced and mailed together while my daughter's status was not updated on the system? do we have anyone with on this platform who has more than one family member's green card mailed in the past? Were they mailed together or separately? Did you file just one petition like mine with other family members as derivative of the application or did you file separately i have also updated USCIS address forwarding for both of them just in case Thanks
  3. What is the status of the receipt number on USCIS? i mean the number starting with IOE
  4. 1. Lets listen to the news this week, some anti-trumps, human rights, "why will you do this" groups who are probably currently filing will be known and there will be a temporary injunction which will restrain president trump from implementing this proclamation until the court decides giving us room to unite with our loved ones. 2. We also have the option of Nigeria being removed from the ban list before and after the effective date. 3. We can also unite and file this case at a US District court. what i will recommend if 1 above does not happen is to listen to groups/forums from those who attend interviews after the effective day to come tell us about the war front. if war front is bad, then simply reschedule your interview to like 3 months, to give room for Nigeria to get it's acts together if you got your visa before the date, simply reschedule or cancel your flight and allow those who will attend the POE to come with feedbacks. if bad, then hold on your visa as it is valid for 6 months and pray something changes while at it. The initial successful ban was for non-immigrant visas, an attempt to add immigrant visas to the initial ban and present it as if it is a continuation of the initial ban is a smart one from the presidents team. This is an attempt to cause undue hardship to US Citizens and legal permanent residents because of the inaction of a foreign government. This has no place in the constitution.
  5. 2 months is a long wait, We just took our minds off it so as to remain sane. why it takes 2 months when visa is available remains a mystery
  6. i got the mail this evening and they requested 1passport photo of me with name and A-number at the back, will be mailing it tomorrow. so much relieve. Thanks to everyone.
  7. Well, maybe this is it, i can't remember sending my passport-style photos, I must have read a part which says "if beneficiary is in the US" and interpret that to mean not to send any photo. reading it again, I believe i should have included mine, and skip theirs. I will head to Walgreens first thing in the morning. Thanks to everyone.
  8. Sorry for the confusion @Jeanne Adil, i will try to update my profile as that history is when i arrived as LPR, I am now trying to file for my wife and daughter. i actually arrived US, got LPR status and travelled back, got married, came back to US and filed 5 months later. since case filed in 2018, i have travelled back to nigeria once, have us all meet in the UK twice this year, paid their trip to dubai last year and this christmas, i will be back in Nigeria to spend christmas with them. Those evidence now exist which did not exists at that time But then, I have seen cases approved with just married certificates, call logs and bank transactions, call logs and transactions are not even solid if you know what i mean.
  9. Yes, they have those too, though i will include more recent ones this time and anything i can remotely think of, These are not as strong IMHO as having a child together and then getting married afterwards with pictures proving relationship started long ago if we decide to be honest here. Though i have more evidences of 2 different family trips to the UK, another to dubai plus more financial and call logs, pictures etc since i filed, My getting RFE just proves we have to still be ready for the worst even when you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's
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