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  1. Just an update on March 4 that says Name/Date of Birth was updated.... for i290B. Got same update for EOIR 29 back in January.
  2. I don't think there is a way to track it. From my research, it can take up to 12months to get a response. Ours is 4 months already.
  3. I used the I-290b to file a motion to reopen and gave them additional evidence including proof that DNA testing has been initiated. I pray it works.
  4. we haven't received any update on our EOIR-29 either but I received an update yesterday on the I-290B. It is in initial review.
  5. I think you just have to create an account here,. With your passport number. https://ustraveldocs.com/ng
  6. Told you to have faith. Check his status by tomorrow. His visa should be issued.
  7. There is also an option to delay your DQ by not providing all documentation but I think I prefer your option or rescheduling your interview. If you have Visa in hand, I don't think there will be problem at Point of Entry.
  8. Even before the ban we have made improvements. My dad just renewed his passport in December of 2019 and I noticed its a new passport which now included NIN (National Identification Number) which is more like social security number. We just need better ways to enforce things like these and have everyone living in the country get NIN. I have said in the past that NIN should be required on every level. Schools should be required to have NIN from parents before registering their kids. I believe we will do better.
  9. You should a little. My brother visa was issued the very next day. If you are lucky, his visa can be printed on the 21st. Thats what matters. As long as its printed before Feb 22nd. Keep praying.
  10. Yes.. Unless a new president issues another order that overrides this present one.
  11. I would not worry too much. If every goes well his visa will be issued within three business days. My brother had Interview Jan 21 (Tuesday) and got back his passport with visa on Friday. Just make sure he is well prepared so nothing goes wrong. Also my friend had interview same Jan 21. He was verbally told he is being approved but his visa cannot be issued because he needs to complete Sputum Culture which will take 10 weeks. I worry for him because his visa was not issued yet despite being told he has been approved.
  12. Thank you. HIs interview was successful. Hoping to see him soon. Tip: Learn all you can about your petitioner.
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