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  1. I mentioned this before in one of my previous posts.
  2. I received my biometeics 23 - 24 days after USCIS received my case. It does vary from case to case. Also, it is not necessary that tou will be required to provide biometrics. There have been cases recently where they didn't require biometeics for I-751.
  3. Yes, if you download the USCIS app and keep notifications on, you will receive periodic site maintenance notifications. They are down right now.
  4. I-797 is just an acknowledgement that they have received your letition and that there are no visible errors on your petition. They havenelooked at your evidence yet, so you won't get RFE until they work on your petition.
  5. As @ProudlyConfused mentioned, apply for your naturalization and if they say that you need to apply for ROC, you can do that as they did and hope it works out.
  6. Yes, I noticed that as well. I guess what they say about Florida is true. 😂
  7. In previous post, OP mentioned that he/she originally arrived on K-1 visa, so this doesn't apply.
  8. I think you should be receiving your biometrics appointment letter soon. Then again, there may not be a biometrics (someone mentioned this before that some are receiving either just an interview or no biometrics or interview, just the approval).
  9. I mailed my packet on June 18th, USCIS received on June 19th and I received NOA hard copy on June 28th. I received my Biometrics appointment letter on July 12th and my Biometrics Appointment is on July 22nd.
  10. You still haven't received your GC? I would contact USCIS and inquire where your GC's at? Anyway, usually you have the same dates on your GC, just 2 years apart. On my GC, it was written as 06/21/17 - 06/21/2019. So, going by this you will be eligible to apply sometime in November 2020. Your immediate concern should be contacting USCIS regarding your GC. You should have received it within couole of werks and at the most a couple of months. Did you guys move and didn't forward your mail by any chance?
  11. I would say about once (or twice) a month after your biometrics.
  12. Folks, we have a 4 months approval here at NBC (cases starting with MSC) USCIS Received: 03/07/2019 Interview/Approval: 07/02/2019
  13. As someone pointed out before, there have been issues with USCIS Case tracker since last December. Your best bet is to inquire status over the phone (In My Opinion).
  14. There is no need to worry. There are no relationships where there are no disagreements. These things happen. I also assume by you guys being together that you guys patched things up after that? Thise would also be in chats, right? So, yes. You are worrying over nothing. Be at ease. This is nothing to worry about. This is normal.
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