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  1. My Husband filled his tax for 2018 but he filled as Single, how can he change it to Married filling Separately (MFS). Is there an IRS link he can go to. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I just noticed it too, just as we were about to mail out our package and decided to do a final once over and discovered the address change on the USCIS site
  3. Thank you, we have included, call logs WhatsApp chats etc.
  4. Hi everyone, I need help as we are in the final stages of packaging and just going through our I-130 checklist. Hubby and I have have taken trips together but these trips were before we got into a committed relationship in 2018, so we were just in the having fun living life zone didn't think cupid's arrow was going to strike and we would eventually say I DO. We have at least 3yrs trip itineraries but no pictures but we have a lot of pictures from 2018 till date. I guess my question is,should we just include the itineraries/ hotel receipts and add a note explaining or just sent it without any explanations. Any response would suffice. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your response, but we are still in the I-130 stage. I live in Nigeria and my Husband is in US, we don't live together and we only got married barely a month ago. That's our issue, we have a lot of trip evidence, joint account, chat/log history but not enough pictures evidence to support all our trips, we never taught to take any pictures the first few years of our relationship for we were just having fun not really thinking that far ahead. I read how detailed your cover story was at that stage and realized we don't have enough exhibit pictures to defend the first 3yrs of our relationship. That's where we are now I'm afraid.
  6. Thank you so much afrocart for this detailed write up. Another issue I have is that I have had about 6 travel visits/ itineraries to see my spouse during the course of our 6yr relationship but the issue is we hardly took pictures, intact we started taking pictures in the last couple of years. So what should we do in terms of evidence compilation. Any response will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. Do I have to attach an explanation letter to avoid getting an rfe.
  8. My Father applied for SSN for me as a child it was issued with restrictions that reads NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT. My question is, I included it when applying for our marriage license and also when my Husband and I opened our joint account. I'm a bit confused if I should include it in the I-130 part 4 question 3 and I'm worried it might influence or affect my application. Second question, since it's NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT would I need to apply for a new one when the time comes or would it be changed to valid for employment automatically. Thank you for your responses.
  9. Please do we have to date and write a brief note explaining each picture evidence we are adding to our petition package to prove bonafide marriage.
  10. Hello members, we are filling out I-130 and stuck on Page6, Part4 Item25a. PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BENEFICIARY'S SPOUSE AND CHILDREN. Should we put the beneficiary's name there under relationship as we don't have any children.
  11. Please on the form I-130a question 8a do I put the same answer as 6a or is it my current address which is question 4a. Thank you all once again.
  12. Please we need help with the form. Do you leave blank or write N/A or NONE in the questions that does not apply to you. Like in questions: 5a-c, 22a, 29a-44 and so on. Thank you all.
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