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  1. I understand where you’re going about playing safe, that’s thoughtful. And official website said “if you haven’t stayed in another country for more than 12 months, you don’t need it” if its easy for her to get the police clearance, she should go ahead but if it’s not, she clearly don’t need it.
  2. With what I read from the post. The 3rd row is exactly what is applicable in this situation. And I repeat, if she didn’t stay more than 12 months. Don’t bother getting the police clearance because you don’t need it. It’s very expensive, time consuming and exhausting. It will make you stay longer in NVC stage and finally during interview when embassy sends an email, you’ll realized that you wasted your time getting it.
  3. If you actually did K1 and received email from the embassy, they will categorically tell you exactly the police clearance you should get. And on the email, it says the applicant should get police clearance from another country he/she have stayed more than 12 months. Unless your embassy didn’t explain well. I took the Ghana police clearance to the interview, they ask how long I stayed and I replied 8 months and they didn’t take it. Only collected the Nigeria police clearance.
  4. You don’t need police clearance if you lived in another country not more than 12 month. So I don’t think your spouse need it. Spent a lot of money getting police clearance in Ghana and found out they don’t even need it 😭 . Got my visa without the police clearance. The embassy will also make this clear to you in the emails they sent before interview. So don’t waste that time and money getting police clearance if your spouse didn’t stay more than 12 months there. I’m happy I could help.
  5. Will be submitting a waiver too next month. Takes approximately 10 months to be approved.
  6. I just don’t get it man. If the fiancé is from UK, they won’t be working this hard I guess.
  7. It’s crazy how people neglect the call for help and start saying rubbish that doesn’t make sense and still want OP to answer their stupid questions. She asked for help, and you guys are making her regret asking for help here. That’s why I won’t ask for help in this platform anymore. They act like they care but make fun of your problem, say and leave without giving a single help.
  8. You have to generate a remitta online and pay the fee to the government with RRR number you got. Then go to high court and get a stamp, you pay for the stamp N1,000 and take it back to NPC. Mine cost around N3,500
  9. Announcement!!!. if you’re born from 1992 upwards, you don’t need attestation of Birth certificate for your interview because CO can verify your age with the NPC certificate number on your birth certificate issued by NPC(National Population Commission). You only need attestation of Birth Certificate if you’re born from 1991 downwards. I didn’t know about this till I was told at the embassy by the Nigerians that I don’t need it but I came with my attestation. Goodluck!!!
  10. Yeah. If you’re born before 1992, you need an Attestation of birth, my fiancée advised me to put it on here after my interview but it skipped my mind. People born from 1992 upwards don’t need attestation of BC but 1991 downwards needs attestation of age. I am in that 1992 bracket and I brought my attestation of BC and they said it’s not required for me. Also I get to understand people born 1992 upwards don’t have any issues with the doubt about age by the consular officers.
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