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Found 52 results

  1. Hi My brother has green card he got married in Pakistan Applied for spouse immigration 1/21 got Receipt only no approval yet Anyone has similar situation? Priority date? Approval date? Interview date? Any info appreciated TIA
  2. Hey everyone, I have applied for spouse visa last year in April 2020, case has been documantarily qualified since January 2021. I tired reaching out to NVC and they are saying "I just have to wait for Islamabad embassy to give me interview date". My concern is how long do I have to wait, and how do I contact Islamabad embassy? Is it okay to contact the embassy to expedite the process or at least find out how much longer is it going to take?. Please, help me with suggestions.
  3. Hi My parents are DQed on Nov 10 2020 under IR5 category.any idea when I can realistically expect Interview letters from US Embassy in Islamabad?
  4. Hi, my brother case was DQ in April 1st 2020 in Isb Pakistan still we have not get Interview letter. When can he expect for interview. Visa class F11
  5. Hi everyone, my brother case was DQ in April 2020 in but still he didn’t get the interview letter as he was over 21 when case was submitted and after almost 6 year case was DQ in April 2020. ISB Pakistan embassy. any chance of interview in near future.
  6. Hello, We received K1-FTP notification from NVC on October 28th, 2021 that our case has been set to US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. We have already completed DS-160 form and paid the visa fee. However, we have not received a letter from US embassy yet. Our case status on CEAC currently shows "Ready" for interview. Can we proceed with medical examination and scheduling K-1 interview online in the next couple of weeks without Embassy letter in hand? We are thinking about scheduling our interview on November 30th. Can we show up to our interview without embassy letter or would they reject us? Thank you in advance for any guidance!
  7. Hello! I had my CR1 visa interview on the 25th of October and it went well however I received a 221G slip with missing Tax Transcript/W2. My passport was kept by the CO. My husband submitted it the same day right after the interview to the CEAC portal. My case date has updated on the 28th of October and the 1st of November. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How long does this usually take to process? Thank you!
  8. After about 3 months of waiting for my documents to be submitted they finally were, and i was given an RFE..... I added my brother as my household member to meet income requirements, but the issue came when I also added his wife. The reason I also added my brothers wife as my 2nd household member was because my brother filed his taxes jointly with her. Keep in mind she does not have any income, he just filed his taxes jointly. I saw in many forums that if your household member/joint sponsor has filed jointly sometime the embassy can give you issues for not submitting the spouses information. The RFE basically states that my sister in law is not qualified to be a household member and that I should re add her as a Joint Sponsor. I now know that I was definitely supposed to add my brother as the Joint Sponsor and his wife as HIS household member, but its now too late for that as NVC already accepted all his documents as my household member. My Question now is, WHAT SHOULD I DO? 1. Would it be an issue to have my Sister in law as my joint sponsor, and my brother who technically is the one making the income stay as my household member? This is what nvc is basically saying to do, but I feel like thats not right to have her added as my joint sponsor with barely any income? 2. Should I take the risk and just not include my brothers wife. Technically I dont need any other income to meet the requirments since my brother and me should be enough. But I am worried that the embassy might come back and potentially cause issues down the line. 3. I also heard of people submitting a letter requesting nvc to remove someone so they can re add them but I also heard that sometimes this makes the case go into AP and get lost for while. Maybe I can potentially remove my brother as a household member and re add him as my joint sponsor?? 4. Any other thoughts or ideas of how I should approach this would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, I am travelling for Conference but the Website is Showing that the first available appointment is on March 2023. Why is it so ? Is this problem with website or are the waiting times are typically that long ?
  10. CR1 US CITIZEN ISLAMABAD EMBASSY PLEASE HELP, ANYONE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROCESS Im beyond confused right now. After around 3 months of waiting for my documents to be reviewed and approved at NVC, they were finally reviewed.... but I was given an RFE The summary of the issue is, I added my brother as a household member to combine his income with mine to meet the requirements. My brother is married and filed taxes jointly with his spouse the past 2 years. His spouse has little to no income as she is a stay at home wife, but JUST TO BE SAFE i added her as a household member as well because I did not want to have any issues at the time of an interview in the future. I did not want the embassy to be able to say where is your brothers spouses info since her name is also on his tax transcripts. The RFE was given because they said that my brothers wife does not qualify as a household member and to add her as a joint sponsor. My question is a few things: 1. All my other documents were accepted and submitted, so do I just leave my brother as the household member and add his wife as a joint sponsor even though she technically doesnt have much income? Does it make sense for her to be the Joint sponsor and my brother to be the household member even thought he is the one with the income? (I feel like i should have added my brother as the joint sponsor and his wife as the household member but its too late for that) 2. Should I just not include my brothers wife in this since I dont need her income to meet requirements? The only reason i added her was because my brother has filed jointly with her so I did not want any issues in the future from the embassy in case they as us for her info since her name is also on his transcripts. Is it necessary or not necessary to have her added as well? 3. Or is there any other option I have that anyone would recommend that makes sense? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  11. #USCIS #CR1 #i130 #USImmigration #EnglishTranslation #NikahNama Hi all. I got the English translation done of my nikah nama but in that document the person marked "-" in the places where it didn't have anything written on the original one. Can anyone of u (with the personal experience of filling i130) tell me that if I should get "n\a" written there instead rather than "-" , or will this one do?
  12. Hi, I sponsored my mother in Pakistan for green card based on my US citizenship. She was interviewed in Aug 2019 and her case got delayed because of a missing document at interview that was sent, then covid delayed it. She got called in again to Islamabad in Sept 2021 for fingerprint and oath. She previously had green card that expired in 2011 which is all detailed in her initial application. She was in US multiple times till 2011 and stayed about a year and went back Pakistan but never stayed more than 6 month in Pakistan. interviewer told her that since she stay more than 6 months in US, they needed to do an inquiry. If she stayed less than 6 months, they would have given visa right away. Mother did not remember to remind the interviewer she had green card then. They kept her passport. Do you think they overlooked the fact she had greencard? is it something else they will do an inquiry? Please share your thoughts.
  13. Embassy Interview Date 4 OCT 2021 total 5 applicants 1 spouse 4 children between age from 18 to 23 what kind of questions they will be asked for ? Your help will be highly appreciated
  14. Please share here your cr1immigrant visa case status and update with each other on my case last update was 7 sep status still refused.
  15. My husband became documentarily qualified in october 2020, any idea when we can expect an email about an interview date at islamabad embassy?
  16. Hi, Just starting a new thread to track F3 visa interviews in Pakistan. Please share your DQ date and date when interview letter is received or still waiting. Below is my details: PD: Jul 2008 DQ Date: Oct 2020 Status: Waiting for interview
  17. Hi, is there any news of F31 interviews at Islamabad embassy after the embassy has resumed some operations in Sep20. Thanks for helping.
  18. I am in AP since 21 feb 2020. The message below the refuse status has changed on 1st june. Whats the difference. Am i refused now????
  19. We expedited request approved due to aging out and long uscis process. I received email today that NVC sent application to embassy and they will call for interview. How much time it will take for embassy to schedule interview in expedited request? ISLAMABD- Pakistan Embassy
  20. Anyone here got remedical email F4 category in islamabad. After how long u received visa after submission of medical?
  21. case type v-92 follow to join case currently at Islamabad embassy waiting for interview letter for 3 months my father (petitioner) wants to expedite the appointment from embassy because of his health issues. i searched online... all i get is i have to send email to nvc NVCexpedite@state.gov?????? as there are four case number 3sons & 1 spouse... should we mention all of them in one letter ????or separate letter for each one ??????? if anyone have sample or format of letter kindly send me on ahmadbutt5432@gmail.com. or you can share it here in comment
  22. Hi I am just wondering about the timeline at the US embassy in Islamabad and what are their timeline for interview. Our documents were qualified in October 2020. Anyone else waiting..? Have any of you tried an expedite for an interview? What was your experience? And the reason for it?
  23. How long embassy takes to give interview appointment when the case has been expedited for CR1 visa.keeping in mind the covid situations what is expected timeframe? Case was forwarded to embassy early this april 2021 Islamabad Pakistan
  24. Hi guys. Did anyone get their interview letter this month in March for April interviews for IR1-CR1 category for Islamabad, PAKISTAN embassy? also, please complete this form if you’re from PAKISTAN EMBASSY US CITIZEN SPOUSE VISA CR1-IR1 CATEGORY ONLY 🇵🇰 ( DQ TIMELINE) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdZCxsJckY5iuuWG-xQIkl5oTg3JDAPBTpfhQrCwtakF6swWw/viewform
  25. My husband is a US citizen and My process was documentarily qualified on the 18th of May 2019. Since then I’ve been waiting on my interview mail, a while back people from April 2019 were being interviewed. Any idea when I’d finally get my mail? Any day now?
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