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  1. Hello VisaJourney, This is a tough one for me to type out- my fiancé and I have had a few rough days. Basically, he went to his interview at the US embassy in London last Wednesday and we were put into Administrative Processing immediately after the interview. I feel like this might be a little different because when I search the VJ forums for some similar situations and guidance, I saw that most Admin Processing occurred after being “approved” at the time of the interview. Here’s a bit of background info: Andrew and I met in 2011 at a music festival in Florida and became friends. We didn’t start dating until 2017. We got engaged in 2018. Before we even began the process, he told me that he had an arrest on his record from when he was 19 (we are both 31 this year). This arrest occurred at a train station when he was highly intoxicated. He apparently got into an argument with a worker at the station and this worker called the authorities. He was taken into custody and made to sleep there. The next morning, he told the officers that he didn’t remember anything that had happened and they told him that both his friends who were there made statements that he was being aggressive and that the arrest was warranted. They told him to sign a paper, a “confession,” admitting to what he’d done because there were witnesses. Andrew has never been a violent person, even as a silly college kid on drunken nights and definitely not any time since, so this was very strange-sounding to him. Very upset by what the police were telling him, he signed and exited the station to find his friends waiting, both saying that he had not been aggressive with the worker and they told the Police this. The woman at the front desk also made him sign a paper acknowledging what he was being charged with…. ASSAULT. He asked the woman why it said assault as that was not what happened, and the woman said “we have to file it under something.. don’t worry about it.” You can see from this story that Andrew has been trying to forget about this night since it happened- to the point that over the years, he has forgotten the date/time of the event. He doesn’t even know what type of assault he was charged with. He has not had ANY trouble with the law since. Because of all of this, we decided to hire a lawyer to get us through the process. Included in the paperwork was Andrew’s Police Certificate which stated “No Live Trace”—obviously meaning that there is *something* on his record. Our NOA1 was received on Aug. 16, 2018. Our NOA2 was received on Jan. 14, 2019. His interview was at 11:30am on April 3rd. He was very nervous about being asked about his arrest but would give them any information he could remember. He said the woman interviewing him was cold and unfriendly, which made him more nervous and eventually she asked about the arrest. He couldn’t provide the specific time/date of the arrest or what kind of assault he was charged with.. Our mistakes are known here: We were naïve in thinking they wouldn’t press for those details/ thinking they’d already looked up the details themselves. We also wish our lawyer would have prepared us for this At the end she filled out and handed him the piece of paper that said our case was going to Administrative Processing. When he asked how long that might take, she just said “I don’t know.” Is there any advice anyone on here could give us about this? Our story seemed unique enough that I couldn’t find anything similar and we are so worried/upset by this result. Will they just look into the arrest themselves or have us get the additional records from ACRO? Will there be a second interview? With something like “assault” will there just be an automatic denial??? We’re really struggling to stay positive here. Any advice would be appreciated.. -Allie & Andrew
  2. Hi, My husband (previously k-1 fiancé) is applying to adjust his status now that we are married. I was reading on the USCIS website that one of the documents to send in is copy of police or court records of criminal charges, arrests, convictions (if applicable). He hasn't been arrested or convicted of anything, and got a copy of his record from his police department before he went to interview for his visa. Does he have to receive another one to submit with the AOS documents? Because that would be virtually impossible since he's not in his country anymore and he gave the copy of his record when he arrived to immigration at the airport and he did not receive it back. So, is it necessary to have one for the AOS?
  3. We sent in our Affidavit of Support and all the documents that go along on the 28th of March. To my horror, on Friday the 13th of April I received an email from NVC requesting more documents. Specifically an additional police certificate from my husbands 2 year stay in Greece. We currently reside in France. NVC stated that they cannot continue the process until the document is sent to them with a translation. So I have been stressed out for a week trying to figure out how to get the police record. We have sent tons of emails trying to find someone in Greece to get the doc for us. Six days later I received another email from NVC stating that they have received all the requested documents and we are now in the queue awaiting an interview appointment. Just to be completely clear, we didn't send in anything to NVC between those 2 emails. Now what do we do? Do we forget about the Greek police record now that we are awaiting an interview appt? Or... do I spend thousands of dollars flying to Greece to get the police record? I'm in limbo. Please help!
  4. Hello everyone, I couldn't find a thread about this so here's my question: I'll need my police records (which fortunately will be clean) for some paperwork completely unrelated to my visa/AOS/life the US (another country's embassy requests it). it's kiiinda urgent. I came here with the K1 visa and my current status is waiting for the green card interview to be scheduled. I already did the biometrics appointment so hopefully my fingerprints don't need to be taken again for this. any advice on how to obtain it? if anyone else here had to do it, how did it work out? thank you!! 🙇
  5. Hi all, I read that if you don't go back to a country that issued you a police record, it isn't subject to the 1-year expiry rule at the NVC and consulate. Is that correct? Is this also the case if that is your country of nationality? Based on: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-5-collect-supporting-documents.html I believe this is the case. Important: Police certificates expire after one year, unless the certificate was issued from your country of previous residence and you have not returned there since the police certificate was issued. If at the time of your interview the following three items are all true, you must bring a new police certificate to your visa interview: You are more than 16 years old; The police certificate submitted to NVC was obtained more than one year ago; and You still live in the country that issued the certificate. I am just not sure of the interchangeability between country of nationality and country of residence in this case/the way NVC uses the words. Our police record is from 2014. Cheers, Mo
  6. Hello fellow VJers. My fiance filed for our I-129F in March 2018, so we still have a while until our NOA2. (Hopefully September/October) Just so that things go smoothly after we get approved, I was thinking about getting my police certificates at the NOA1 stage. I will need one from Japan, Canada and France. The French one was easy to obtain online and I already have it in hand. I'm planning on going to the tokyo police department next week to apply for my Japanese police certificate and get my fingerprints taken so that I can send them to Canada to get them digitilized. My question is, does anyone know if police certificates expire? This might be an embassy specific question so it'll be really helpful if I can get some thoughts from Tokyo embassy filers. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey guys! I’m from Hong Kong and I have a Hong Kong ID, but I’m currently living mainland China. I need a police record from the PSB. I heard some said I only need a police record from Hong Kong, some said I need it from both places, anyone know?? If I get one in Hong Kong not China, will the US government check if I had been in mainland China for more than six months and ask for a police record in China? And where do you get the police record in China? The PSB here is shitty they’re not helpful at all especially I have a hk id instead of a china one.
  8. So my fiancee needs to get police records from China. The State Department reciprocity schedule basically says that police records in China are "generally available, reliable". My fiancee has stayed in two cities and needs to get them both (a city cannot retrieve records from another). She got one from Suzhou just fine, but Nanjing's regulations state that they cannot hand them out to foreigners. I asked the police officer if I could take a picture of the relevant regulations, and I have those. If I get those regulations translated and notarized, would that be sufficient evidence at the interview stage?
  9. Hi guys, my fiancé just mailed out the first package, and I’m here trying to get things done ASAP so I can hand in all the documents when I receive the notice of action. I’m currently in China, I’ve lived here for 2 months now, I’m from Hong Kong and hold a Hong Kong ID. How can I get the police record from the PSB? What documents will I need? And what will I need to do? Thanks!
  10. Do anyone know how soon before our interview date we can apply for the police record? I think it's valid for six month but not sure, if the embassy want's a relative recent one.
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