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  1. Creating this thread for all the people having interview for IR-1/CR-1 in the month of February & March 2019 at Montreal, Canada. Please reply with your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD).
  2. My fiancee is American and I am Russian, we want to get married as soon as possible in order to begin our CR1 application process. Neither Russia nor the U.S. are easy options for us. We decided to do our ceremony in Copenhagen after doing some research, and getting a ton of recommendations here: Now I'm looking for people who have similar backgrounds who have married in Copenhagen (case when both are foreigners, never married, no children). It looks like beginning January 1st of 2019 there are new rules in place (https://idocph.kk.dk/node/1647) and we want to make sure we are doing everything correctly. We'll really appreciate your input!
  3. Hey all, My fiancee and I are facing a choice - spouse visa or fiancee visa. What process seems easier? Here is our story to give you a little context: I am a Russian citizen. I got my bachelors in the US (2011-2016), and have been dating my American fiancee since 2012. After I finished my bachelor in summer 2016, I did an OPT on my H1B in the US. We were able to both live in the same city and date until summer 2017 when I had to go back to Russia as my OPT expired. The company I was working for during my OPT offered to sponsor my H1B visa application twice in 2017 and 2018, but unfortunately both times my application got denied. Since I returned home my fiancee and I have been in a long-distance relationship and took 2 trips to spend time with each other: one trip in December 2017 and a second trip in January 2019. We are both young professionals and don't have a ton of money to pay legal fees. What is the most cost- and time-effective way for us to proceed: K-1 or IR-1/CR-1 visa? Thanks, Vica
  4. Jack29

    Question about CR-1

    Sorry you are correct. It's more the situation that she would need an extension to stay longer than 6 months. How would we determine if she has those rights if I may ask?
  5. WeGuyGal

    Question about CR-1

    She can live with you in Canada assuming she has the right to live there and she has the right to work while in Canada. US Citizens do not need a travel visa for Canada.
  6. Hi, What is best option to apply from Pakistan K1 or Spouse ? I know spouse takes time as compared to K1 but which one is easy? and If we are go with spouse so how many days we need to stay together ?
  7. Quick question We are in administrative process for two months already for cr1 visa and my wife is due to visit this weekend and she emailed the consulate that she’s visiting but we got no reply yet is it okay to visit the embassy upon arrival as she is a USC or she must make an appointment before being allowed in the embassy? Thanks in advance for your response 🙏🏾
  8. Hello! During my 90 days visit with ESTA visa me and my floridian boyfriend (he's American citizen) discovered that I'm pregnant so he asked me to marry him and we got married in Vegas in December. I have to go back to Europe at the beginning of February due to my work, but which visa he now has to apply so I could come back and stay with him? Is it K3? CR1/R1? Does he have to fill the I-130 form at first? Where can he do that? Can it be done online? How long will the whole process take? Does he have to be in United States all that processing time or can he visit me in Europe at about the time I will deliver our baby? And what about my 14yo son who I would like to take with me? Does he need a separate visa or can he be on my visa? And the new baby? We planned to return in August, is it conciderable at all? I'm really not familiar to the laws at all and I would appreciate a step-by-step guide (with links), if someone would be so kind ... Thank you so much!
  9. Hello I have a question about an issue. I have a friend who came to the United States on a student visa. During the time of the student visa my friend got married but the spouse never submitted for the adjustment of the alien spouse. Alien spouse never got a green card or any papers submitted on their behalf. They have since separated and are starting the divorce process. Questions: 1. What would the alien relative need to do to be able to get a green card? 2. Is getting a green card still an option? 3. Would the alien have to apply for green card prior to divorce? 4. Since student visa is expired what is the process? 5. Can you give me a link or guide me in the correct direction to help? Thank you for any input or suggestions it is much appreciated!!!
  10. Hi all, I’m gathering police certificates from 4 different countries I lived in. I have my Colombian one however I’d like to know if I need a Certificado de Movimientos Migratorios? i was in the states for 4 years however left after 3 months after I turned 18 Years old (meaning I don’t have a ban or anything). My lawyer can’t give me a straight answer assisting me instead she replied with this : “I recommend getting an FBI search from the U.S. for the criminal check. The government has not, in the past, requested a police clearance for those in the US for over 6 months, but policies are changing rapidly. In case they ask at the interview, I recommend getting a US check as well” i Have two questions : 1) For those of you who obtained a Colombian PC and lived in the states unlawfully would I need to get one as well even if I left 3 months after I turned 18 ? 2) What do you think regarding my Lawyers email? She keeps confusing me and not answering my questions ...Thank you!
  11. Hi! I have a regular job and also a freelancing job as a writer. In the Employer name, do I put ‘NA’ for my freelance job or do i write self-employed for my freeance writer job? Can I say ‘self-employed’ even if i have a regular job? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi! We’re filing CR-1 this November and I have few questions. Do i need to change my signature to a new one reflecting my married name? Our marriage certificate, my driver’s license and the birth certificate of our daughter have my maiden signature. I wonder if this will affect our visa application and CRBA for our daughter if i still use my maiden signature. If I change it, they might question inconsistency regarding signatures in the said documents. Also, do i need to sign the i-130a even if im outside the US? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi everyone! Im currently processing the I-130 for my husband while Im doing my N-400. According to the USCIS web, it will take 2 yrs in Cali for my papers and only less than a year for other service center. My question is if I will be naturalized citizen few months from now, how soon it will be upgraded to immediate relative? Or how will it transfer to a different service center? Or what is the process for all those? I know California Service Center takes too long and Texas is a faster way to go. I really want my husband to be here ASAP. We've been waiting too long. Thanks!
  14. Hi! May i know if some documents, such as copy of naturalization certificate, copy of unexpired passport, etc., needs to be notarized? Also, my american husband is filing i-130 for me and we have a 3-month old baby. Does he still need to include our baby in the petition since we’re gonna file for CRBA for her anyway? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi, I am currently working on petitioning my husband. On the I-130 form, about citizenship, I answered I acquired my citizenship from my parents. It was asking for my certificate number and the problem is I lost my certificate. From the website, it costs around $600 and takes about 6 months to obtain a new naturalization certificate. I am tempted to just put on the I-130 form that I don’t have a certificate since my sister was a able to petition her husband without one. Any thoughts?
  16. Today my husband went to his interview appointment At the American Embassy in Islamabad and the result was really disappointing and upsetting for us both. If you don't mind, please take time to read this and help me out. I've been in tears all morning. My husband told me they took him to a separate room and started asking him the questions. He said the counselors were laughing at him as well and this made him feel so hurt from inside. Let me give you background information on us. I am a US citizen. I was born and raised here. My mother is american and my father is romanian. I am 28 years old and my husband is 29 years old. He is from Karachi, Pakistan. We have known each other for four years and finally got married in May 2016. We met at the end of December of 2013 in a chatroom called parachat. That chatroom had many other rooms in it as well, and one of them was called "Bollywood Chat". I was the one who messaged him first on there. After that I moved to Skype and we both video called each other and ever since then we communicate through Skype And Facebook Messenger everyday. I have so much evidence (screenshots) of our video chats from skype and our messages on facebook that date back to January 2014 on Skype. I know this part is very important for evidence. The only thing I didn't save was our chat from that chatroom on the first day I met him. My journey with my husband hasn't been an easy one, as I'm sure many of you on here have faced situations similar to this. We have been through so much with eachother. God only knows how much I love him and how much he loves me The officers at the embassy felt that both me and my husband coached each other and made a story up about our relationship. He felt as if it was scripted. What confused me the most was, he said our answers matched as if we scripted it. Of course our answers matched because we both knew the answers to what they're asking us. I don't want to lie about anything. My husband and I have been honest from the start about our relationship. Another thing he was asking was why both of us didn't have relationships before. He thought it was strange for an american girl not to have a boyfriend in the past. This really bothered me. Our lives are not scripted, this isn't a movie for us. We went through all the possible questions the officer could ask us, not because we are fake but because we wanted to be prepared and make sure everything was correct. This is the advice that is given to couples who are about to be interviewed. My husband took an oath and answered each question honestly. This is what they want. Just be honest and do not hide anything. We have nothing to hide. Our families know this too. The officer issued a Section 221 G white slip to my husband and kept his passport. The only thing he requested was the chat history/record of that day we met on that chatroom. I do not have that. I contacted the website today and they told me I cannot obtain chat records from their website because I was just a visitor unless I own a chatroom myself. I know that it is not uncommon to receive an AP in Pakistan but what I want to know is what can I do next? If the company/chatroom doesn't provide chat records for that day will the officer still not believe our relationship isn't legit? That's the only thing they wrote down for "general requirements". We provided them with every important document they needed. Nothing was missing. Is this just apart of Administrative Processing or is this something else? Our lives are not scripted. Neither are our families, and people who are close to us and know us. That's what really hurts me when he says this. I cannot be with him today if I didn't find him on this website. That website is the reason what brought us together. My heart is pounding. I am a very sensitive person. I want to be strong. I've been strong for the both of us for so long and I will continue to do so. He is my backbone. I know that we're both from difference countries and cultures but that doesn't matter to me. I can't change my love or feelings for him. Maybe this means red flags for others but it's not for us Can anyone please give me advice on what to do? I will keep in touch with the embassy and explain this all to them. What I'm worried about is the chatroom history log if the website does not have that. Please tell me what this means. I hope it can be corrected. Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. -Diana
  17. Good evening all, I am wanting to get a jump on vaccines because I was told that they are pretty expensive when it comes time to take the medical. Can anyone tell me what vaccines are needed. My husband said that he's had all his vaccines since a child but was not sure if there's more that he needs now that he's an adult. I have searched the web and found a super long list of vaccines and just wanting to know if there are certain ones he will need to have before hand. Thank you!!!
  18. Hello fellow members please I need help I waited close to one year 3 months to hear from USCIS since the embassy set my case back this is what I received in the mail today can anyone advise me on what to do or how to go about it by the way these statements are not true at all these were simple questions that could have been but we're not ask except for why my family did not attend but my husband explain to them but the other question was never even asked he was only ask 3 questionsm 1 the beneficiary had difficulties explaining how he proposed to petitioner 2 the beneficiary was unable to provide information about the wedding reception or wedding planning 3 the beneficiary say that you and the beneficiary attendance 6 months of marriage counseling but he was unable to provide information about the counseling 4 the beneficiary did not provide a reason for why your family and friends when able to attend your wedding 5 the beneficiary was unable to provide any substantial details about your life in the US with relating to friends work colleagues Hobbies or employment
  19. Hi everyone. If u read my old post (well its not old old) you will see tht i asked about K-1 visa. And since it seems like it will not get accepted so i want to ask u guys about CR-1 visa. So lets say i get married with my fiance (US Citizen) and that means he has to come back here first and then get married with me right? And since my husband is allowed to file the petition from here (my country), my question is can my husband stay here in my country while we wait for the CR-1 visa? Or my husband has to go back to the US and work there while we wait? Because to be honest we dont wanna be apart for so long 😕
  20. Hi, can I contact the DOS of Washington about my spousal visa case for travel ban reasons, or do I have to contact my congressman to contact them?. Will they reply to my inquiry ?
  21. Hello Everyone, My step-father is American and my mother is Filipino. My step-father married my mother in 2005, soon after he tried applying for a tourist visa for her. She got denied because they found out that her previous marriage was never annulled. My parents hired a lawyer in the Philippines to settle annulment once and for all. It took them 10 years to finalize the annulment and now my mother is finally free from her previous marriage! Now, my father would like to bring her in the states. What would be the best approach/route to take for them? Asking for advice because these situations are rare! Thank you.
  22. valentinasc

    Medicals Bogota

    Hola! For those of you who have been dealing with the US embassy in Bogota.. I'd like to know which doctor you've been to, how much did the whole exams ended up costing you, what did you get done and how long did it take you for you to go collect your results I'm deciding between Rodolfo Jose Dennis and Jairo H. Roa Thank you in advice!
  23. Hi, We haven't actually started on our visa application yet so my question is, my husband is currently a Navy reservist and is being called back for active duty but he's planning to do that next year. However, I want us to begin with the submission of our I-130 already this year. If we file through normal processing right now, Is there a way for the Navy to help our case once he's back? I have read that deployed military may request for expedited processing but he's only about to go back so there really isn't any deployment order just yet. Hope anyone has advise? Thank you in advance!
  24. I am a US citizen and my wife is an Indian citizen. I got married last year in India and lived with my wife for a few months after marriage (I am on a multi entry tourist visa to India), returned to the US, then came back have been in India for the last few months again (since late Jan of this year). Now I believe my physical address is still my US residence address, based on a previous question .. so is the answer to this still "Have Never Lived Together" ? Do I need to add any explanatory notes in part 9 about my visits and that we stayed together when I was visiting?
  25. I have been going here in the US for 3 consecutive years now. The longest is this year, and I am maximizing my allowable stay which is 6 months and I have a fiancé who wants to get married soon. However, I have a return ticket dated October 3rd. My questions are: 1. What is the process of changing my status from B1 visa to spouse visa (correct me if I'm wrong here, I am not really familiar with these things) 2. What forms should be filled out? 3. Can I apply immediately the next day after our wedding? 4. What is the timeline for all of this? Thank you in advance.