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  1. Ok I am engaged with my Fiance which lives in Poland but is Vietnamese. She has work permission to work in Poland legally which she has been doing for 2.5 years. She has a B1/B2 visa which expires end of May and she is coming at the end of April to visit me. Question is, if we were to get married while she was here visiting can she stay and we can file for change of status to obtain green card? She was in New York in July 2018 for business for two weeks so she has been to USA in past with no issues. I was told that this could be done without issues but I have read it can risky. I just want to know if anyone has done this without any problems. Any help and info would help.I talk to an immigration specialist and he said he has done this many times and no issues. My fiance and I have met several times last year as well as two times this year already and I have met her family in Vietnam as well recently. I have I think plenty of proof of our relationship. Thank you for your help in advance. Doug
  2. Hi all! Im a new member here. I have a lot of questions about applying for spousal visa. Ive been married to a US citizen for 10years. He was born in California but they stayed here in the Philippines. We have a 16mos old son and i am pregnant with our 2nd baby due is on October just in time for his us army graduation. He joined the army last March 18,2019 and currently on his basic training at Fort Jackson. My question is after his training can we apply a spousal visa? If not how soon can we apply for it? And is there any way that we can have it expedited because i heard theres an option for us since he is in the military. Im really hoping for a response. That would be much appreciated 😊
  3. carmel34

    Crazy Story Heard at Lunch today

    I had lunch today with a friend and shared the current stage of my husband's CR-1 visa application (NOA2 recently received, waiting for NVC case number). Our journey is pretty straightforward stuff, just waiting and hoping that we can be together soon, maybe later this year as we are very much in love and I have visited him in Brazil 7 times... Then she shared her story and it blew me away! She is from the Philippines, and came to the US 20 years ago on a tourist visa, met a USC and married him. They divorced before filing AOS as he was abusive and threatened to call USCIS to report her for visa fraud. She stayed illegally after the divorce and met another USC and married him, this time filing AOS and she eventually got her green card, but later that marriage ended in divorce as well. About 15 years later, she currently has her US citizenship and is dating another guy, this time he's from the Philippines as well, an LPR who is married to a USC but doesn't live with his wife and came right out and admitted that he just got married for a green card. And now he's after her. I told her to run from this guy as fast as she can! I've known this friend for a few years but had no idea what she had been through with US immigration. Some people never learn... Crazy story!
  4. Hello everyone. My fiance and I are getting married soon in my home country(Nigeria) after which we would file for CR-1. We both talked about it and I don't want to change my last name to my husband's last name. I want to retain my maiden name as it has been on all my documents(Birth cert, passport, etc) Would this be a red flag for a CR-1 visa? Especially since I am from a 'high fraud country'? Would the consular officer suspect we are genuine because I don't bear my husband's last name? Does this have any effect on the approval? Thank you! 🇳🇬
  5. Hello all! I'm so excited to have come across this wonderful community! I was wondering if anyone could offer me any personal experience on getting married in Algeria? I'm from the USA and my husband is from Algeria. Me and my husband finished the process of getting approved by the Algerian government/police to get married, so I will be returning to Algeria in March, inshaAllah to sign the official marriage papers with him. Does have any experiences on how this process works? Once we sign the papers, do we get a copy of our marriage certificate right away? I know I will need a translation of the marriage certificate in order to file for the Cr1 visa but I want to know if I will be able to take the marriage certificate home with me on that trip or do I have to wait to receive that copy in the mail when I return to the USA? (I will only be able to stay 5 days because I have to return to my job in the USA). Also, are there any papers that I should start preparing with my husband while I'm there for the Cr1 application before I return back to the USA? We want to start the Cr1 application as soon as possible so I just want to know how to do this as efficiently as possible. Thanks in advance for any help!!
  6. I am USA Citizen and a widow of 7 years. My South African partner of 5 years (2.5 dating and 2.5 living together) are currently working all over Africa, but mainly in Nigeria where he will shortly have a Temporary Residence Permit. We will be ready to retire in about 3 years. We have known each other for almost 40 years. We recently became engaged. I have several questions: 1. Should we get married in the USA went visiting next July? Pros and Cons please? 2. Should we apply before we know when we are wanting to retire? 3. Is there an age limit to moving as a spouse to the USA? 4. Is there anything we should be doing now to make life easier later on? 5. Where should we apply for visa? He currently has a 10 year USA visa expiring in 5 years time. I have used this website before when my Mother came to live with me in the USA and it was the most amazing experience. I was advised ahead of time what forms would need to be filled in and was able to get the process done in a minimum amount of time. All advice will be gratefully received.
  7. My husband’s interview is coming up on 8/21 in the capital of Honduras. We have been married for five years and have a one year old daughter. He currently has DACA but we are trying to get his “green card”. He has no criminal record, he is currently going to school, we pay taxes, he has never received welfare or any cash assistance but he does have Medicaid the only reason we have it was because of the penalty we use to have in our taxes if we didn’t have health insurance. But now with all the talk about the Trump Adminstration using this as an obstacle for citizenship. I am getting super nervous, has anyone had this be the cause for getting their visa denied?!
  8. Hi! New here and patiently waiting on our interview notification. I am eager to hear from those who have completed successfully their spousal consulate interview, especially those in the Dominican Republic. My husband and I have just celebrated our first year wedding anniversary, June 3rd. Since we met in September of 2016 I have traveled to the island almost every other month and stayed on average 30 days at a time. I do have photos from my first visit, the visit where we met while both were on vacation but I do not have my travel documents. Year One: Feb '17, June 17, Aug 17, Oct 17 and Dec 17-Jan 18 Year Two: Feb '18, Apr 18-June 18 My question is how much proof of relationship do I need to bring? I have photos from each visit with my husbands family and friends in addition to photos with my friends who traveled with me to the island. Our wedding was there on the island and we have photos, resort contract and communication. I did not print our conversations from the beginning and I am worried I will not be able to download them via IMO. We speak daily, throughout the day and I wonder how much of our conversation via WhatsApp do I need to print? What am I missing?????
  9. Hello, Currently me and my wife have our case at the National Visa Center. As with every application, We need to get police certificates from every country she has lived ( Greece , USA, and UK). Unfortunately, the process to get the penal certificate for judicial use from Greece is EXTREMELY complicated. She tried to get it from Greece ( to send to the US Embassy in Athens) but was told she had to apply through an Embassy. I called the Greek Embassy in the US and they told me it had to be done through Greece ( but also said it was able to be done online) I am confused and unsure how to proceed being that our NVC application cannot proceed without this important document , but we cannot seem to be able to get our hands on it. I called the NVC three times and got two different answers; 1. You dont need the document until the interview, the US gov knows about the circumstances in Greece, 2. You need a receipt saying that you applied for the penal record to be sent to the US Embassy in order to apply. Being that my wife currently resides in London and not Athens it makes things much more complicated. Looking for some help from anyone who has been through this before. Thanks
  10. Captain Ewok

    Deron Smallcomb US Immigration Law

    Since 2009, our law offices have served over 8,000 clients and received well over 10,000 approvals with a focus on Family Based Immigration. Our goal is to provide excellent service and get approvals for our clients. Our staff speaks multiple languages: Tagalog / Filipino, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and more. We've seen almost every type of case and can likely help you with yours. Give us a shot, you have nothing to lose with a Confidential Consultation.
  11. Hi everyone. I am a december 2017 filer. I created a thread for potomac . Has anyone of their papers been routed to potomac service center? Is the processing time shorter than any other service centers? Good luck to all of us here.
  12. Hi I just received notice (I-797) that my CR1 was approved and is being sent to the NVC in NH. For reasons I wont mention I would like to cancel this petition. What methods could I use to cancel? I know the formal method I believe is to send a letter to the NVC with the case number to cancel it however if i was not pay any of the fees wouldn't this essentially cause it to die as well? Please let me know. I just want to know my options. Thanks
  13. I had overstayed my F-1 student visa after the end of my OPT for 107 days or 47 days if you count the grace period. It happened 1 year ago. I am going to my CR1 interview married to a US citizen. There has been 0 hiccup so far. I was honest and stated it clearly in my application to NVCthat I had an overstay. Has anyone experienced this before? What should I be prepare for the interview?
  14. Hi everyone, Please take a look at the attached image. My wife and I moved back to the States in Dec '17. She received her Immigrant Visa on Nov 21, 2017. We have a planned trip out of the country next week and have already bought the tickets. We just realized today her Visa says: "IV expires on Apr 18, 2018". However, at the bottom of the Visa, it says "upon endorsement serves as a temporary I -551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year". We consulted with a lawyer friend we know and he told us that the "Expires on" only means that that's the last date she can enter the US for the first time. As long as she has already entered the country, she can now come and go as many times as she pleases until 1 year has passed (Nov 21, 2018). Before we get on the plane, I would just like to confirm that this is true. Can anyone either confirm or deny what the lawyer told us? Thanks so much for your help.
  15. So I got my NOA1 on February, according to the uscis page there's an average of 7.5-9.5 months of waiting for I-130 to be approved. What do you guys suggest do to get ready in the meantime? I'm getting my vaccines done during my medical evaluation, but anything else I am not sure what to do.
  16. I have a friend that got married in 2013 to her husband in Nigeria. But she had just got divorced 2 weeks before hand. She filed the C1/R1 petition in April of 2015. The USCIS denied her petition because she didn't wait 30days between marriages. They told her to file the K1 visa instead. During the time of her waiting to file the K1. She found out her ex-husband didn't file the divorce papers. Which mean they was still married in the USA. So she processed the divorce papers herself in October of 2015. After all the confusion was fixed and settled she filed for the K1 visa in 2017. Everything went through good with just one RFE (Copy of her BC). Her husband went to the Interview for the K1 visa monday and got denied. The embassy of Nigeria told him that they need to file the I-130 because they are married (Which is true). So now she is stuck in the middle of 2 visa processes. Because in the USA eyes they not married. But in Nigeria eyes they are married. Can someone point us in the right direction to get help on what to do plz?
  17. hello, on the ceac page. there is PASSPORT BIOGRAPHIC PAGE PHOTOGRAPHS Ok, so i get the passport biographic page. its the side where her information is. What are the photographs they want? are these passport photos, and does it want 2 in one file? Also, for the birth certificate it says they want "Vukuatli Nufus Kagit Ornegi" on the https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Turkey.html ... so anything else besides that for proof or birth? thank you,
  18. Hi! Just wondering what our best course of action is. My boyfriend has dual citizenship (Canadian and US). We have been together for a year and half and live together here in Canada. His dad lives in the US (Florida) and my boyfriend has always wanted to move there. Meeting me held him back but now he wants to make the move and wants Me to go with him. I just have my c anadian citizenship. Would getting married and filing the CR1 visa be our best option? We would both be finding jobs once we get there .. would this affect the Affiditiv of support (as we both won’t have an income until we find a job) which we plan on doing as soon as we get there
  19. so, i have seen questions asking if visiting while the petition is pending is fine if you can prove you aren't intending to stay if they ask for proof. my question is, what if your petition has been approved? my situation is that NVC is taking extremely long and it's been two months and i don't even have a case number yet and they say they haven't even received my papers yet (which is a whole different topic) our one year anniversary is quite soon and so i am just asking if my husband would be able to visit from south korea (a VWP country) for ten days although we are approved but technically not at nvc yet?
  20. I'm a 29 year old Filipina, married to a 27 year old, American born Taiwanese. We got married 2015, and i was able to join him in the US April of 2016. I am a greencard holder, although since we were only married for less than 2 years when i went to the US, i am supposed to apply for an adjustment of status or removal of conditions (from conditional legal resident to legal resident) before the 2nd anniversary of my arrival which would be (before april of 2018). However, i left the US October of 2017. To make the story short, our marriage didn't work out. So i rushed home to the Philippines. Initially planned to just take a break, and be in my comfort zone again. But after constantly exchanging emails with my husband i realized that we really couldn't get along anymore. On top of that, my dad's health condition is getting worse (he's now on his final stage of liver cirrhosis) and i couldn't, even for a second, think of being away from my family again especially with my dad's current situation. I haven't acquired any properties or anything there, I have nobody and no house to go back to, and also zero funds to start anew. So to me, there's no more reason to go back to the US. My concerns: 1. I want to know what happens to my residency status since i won't be able to apply for the removal of conditions this April. Will they just automatically void my visa? Not that I plan to go back but is there anything i need to do? to complete? or to submit? 2. My husband and I already agreed to separate, and get divorced but he is preoccupied as of the moment. He's got no time to find out what needs to be done. There's no rush, but is there anything i can/need to do on my end? Thanks in advance for your advice! Have a good day!
  21. I see that I need to send in my (the petitioner's) birth certificate copy with the petition. Can I just use my scanner at home, make a copy front and back? Or does it need to be something more official?
  22. Hello, here are some screen shots of my completed NVC Package I'll be Shipping off soon , i side loaded stuff for more proofs any tips and Suggestion would be good ,
  23. Hey guys, I just need some question about part of filling out file 130, one part there about address at which you physically lived together. If you never lived together, type or print, “never lived together” in item 59.a My question about this part is, when he was here in Philippines we lived in the same house for almost 4 months. He was here from Nov. 2, 2016- February 26, 2017! Is that considered even it’s only for few months? Anyone who can give me some advice pls?
  24. Hello. I am a muslim US citizen going to morocco soon to marry and then comeback to USA to file the i130 . I would like to know if anyone has gone thru Morocco for their fiance or spousal visa. What documents should I take with myself for getting married over there...Is there any documents I need to bring with me related to my future wife? Any input and quidance would be much appreciated...
  25. I need help. My husband's case is CR1 DCF US Embassy Manila. We had our interview today and I, wife and petitioner, received a 221g for proof of domicile. The proofs I submitted was insufficient, credit card statements from Sears and Chase, NJ Driver's License expiring in 2020, and the Balikbayan Stamp on my US Passport expiring on November 1, 2017. Can someone tell me what other proofs I can submit? Letter from my mother stating that there are 3 bedrooms, 1 mine, 1 my brother's and the other my parents and my stuff are still there in my room, show my flight itinerary back to US and receipt, conversation with my sister asking her for permission if we, my husband and I, can visit her first in California before we fly to New Jersey, conversation with my friends that I will arrive around October, bank account that is open with little amount of money? Would that suffice? Your input is truly appreciated, thanks in advance!