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Found 19 results

  1. I did not see a new thread yet for November 2019, so I guess I will start it! 😁 I actually have NOT filed my I-130 yet 😩 but I am committed to doing so by November 15, 2019! That is my personal deadline! We have been married almost a year and due to some laziness on both our parts we haven't moved on this but we have made so much progress with it now it makes sense NOT to put it off any longer. So WELCOME all other Nov 2019 brethren! I need your support to get this DONE! 🖐️
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes from NVC case approval to appointment at the Embassy in Argentina? I filed for my husband and we have a priority date of 6/12/2020 and NVC approved our case on 12/27/20. Thanks!
  3. My wife had her interview on 9/7/2020 in the Colombo, Sri Lanka Embassy. Everything went well but she was missing an original copy of the translation of the marriage certificate. She got an original copy and submitted it the same day. The embassy kept her passport and original birth certificate. On 9/17/2020 on the CEAC website case status was updated to "Refused." My lawyer said he hasn't seen a refused status before so we wrote an email to the embassy and NVC. Got the following generic reply from the embassy: "Your file has been submitted to the Visa Officer with the updated documents. We will contact the applicant as soon as the officer completes his review. We are unable to inform on the time frame." This was on 10/8/2020. Since then we have not heard back. The embassy website says most administrative processing is done within 60 days. I understand things being slower because of Covid but it's been 105 days now. I just feel like our file has just gotten lost in the shuffle. Does anyone have any idea on the next course of action we can take? I read on the website an inquiry can be made after 180 days.
  4. Please direct me to a Thread for People Waiting on Green Card after Arrival. Thanks
  5. My husband did his interview on december 4th. The counselor told him that he needed a joint sponsor to get the visa. We were not denied , we just need to either show our assets are above the poverty guideline or we need to get an affidavit of support. I was told by the embassy in Trinidad to download the assets information and then I needed to send them an email once it is completed. Any advice? My assets are above the poverty quidelines. for 3 people I meet all the requirements because my assets are above it
  6. Hi all - My fiance lives in Brazil and we are trying to figure out whether a US Fíancee Visa or a Spouse visa process is faster. We consulted with an attorney who is advising spousal visa due to US embassy closures. Does anyone have thoughts or feedback? Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys, I just need some question about part of filling out file 130, one part there about address at which you physically lived together. If you never lived together, type or print, “never lived together” in item 59.a My question about this part is, when he was here in Philippines we lived in the same house for almost 4 months. He was here from Nov. 2, 2016- February 26, 2017! Is that considered even it’s only for few months? Anyone who can give me some advice pls?
  8. My husband and I just finished the CR-1 process, and it was 11 months from filing to visa issuance, I just wanted to post our experience for the benefit of others. This site has been so useful in the last year, I read relevant threads almost every day and the experiences of others were very informative in our process so I feel like it's time to post what we learned and our experience in getting approved. I am the USC, older by 27 years, with other big differences like culture, language, education, income, many "red flags," so based on everything we read here we got married in Brazil and filed for a CR-1 spousal visa in July of 2018. My husband wanted to work right away on arrival without the long wait for EAD which would have driven him crazy. The entire process went smoothly, with no RFEs or other delays, we got assigned to TSC and the petition was approved after 7 months, then another 4 months to visa issuance for NVC and consulate stages. Because of the big age gap we front-loaded with evidence of four visits and financial co-mingling, also a sample of our daily communications, email log, Facebook friendship, receipts, boarding passes, a few visit and wedding photos... Then at the NVC stage we side-loaded more evidence of our three additional trips together since filing the petition. I was concerned that because of the age gap, we would get more questions at the visa interview (I traveled to Brazil to be with my husband for his interview), but it was clear from the quick interview and very basic questions (when did you meet, how many visits to spend time together) that the CO had made a decision to approve his visa before the interview based on all the evidence submitted at both USCIS and NVC stages. So the lesson learned that I would like to pass on to others who have concerns about an age gap or red flags in general, is to front-load and side-load lots of evidence of visits in person--we had a total of nine visits in an 18-month period, an average of one visit of about a week long every two months. I was also concerned that the CO might ask about our language difference--I have learned a lot of Portuguese since we first met in November of 2017 but I'm far from fluent. My husband's English is not good at all. This was not even an issue at the interview. The CO asked my husband questions in Portuguese and me in English, but the questions were not difficult, very easy. So good luck to all of the other couples here on VJ who have a big age gap like ours--you can do it with no unusual delays and get approved in less than a year with evidence of visits to spend time together, at least it worked for us. I'm not sure if Brazil is considered a high-fraud country like some are, but our experience overall was very positive. The hardest part was the 7 month wait for the petition to be approved, and we made it work with visits to be together every two months. Good luck everyone--whatever your situation I hope you will be together soon. All the best to the Visa Journey family! Reading your threads has been very very helpful.
  9. Hi guys, I'm a newbie and just trying to wrap my head around this process and hoping to get some insight from a few people further along in the process. Some quick background, I'm a US citizen living in New Zealand with my kiwi partner. I've been here 3 years on a partnership based residency visa. We are hoping to move over to the US in about 12 months. We currently aren't married but planning on it. My main question as of now is if there's any thoughts about if it'd be quicker to apply in the US or overseas (in NZ)? Tossing up between moving home and getting married right away (Can my partner come over on a tourist visa waiver and lawfully wed or would we have to get a K-1 first?) and apply for a spousal visa in the U.S. OR if we should get married and apply for a spousal visa from NZ? Really unsure the best route here, my main priority right now is getting back to the U.S. as quickly as possible so worried if we apply here we won't be allowed to leave NZ until the green card comes through (Unsure if we can go early with my partner on a tourist visa waiver while it's processing - thoughts?) Alternatively, if we apply from the U.S. is my partner allowed to remain there while the visa is processing? Assuming he'd have no working rights which we can afford but it's not ideal. Also, what's the difference between IR1 or CR1? Any thoughts or advice welcomed.
  10. Hello everyone, I will be filing for my current fiancé when we do get married hopefully at the end of the year. I have been married before, and I sponsored my ex-husband, but I don’t remember date that we submitted the adjustment of status (AOS) application. There is a question on I-130 that asks whether you have sponsored someone before and asks to provide the date. I remember the month and year, but not the exact day. I have pleaded with my ex husband to provide it to me, but he denies having it which I think is a lie. Our marriage ended bad because he didn’t want the divorce even though he was unwilling to make the marriage work for me. Has anyone been through a similar situation? If yes, what did you do to overcome the issue?
  11. Immigrants: When Jobs and Schools ask you for a High School Diploma or GED, What Do you use as an immigrant or Greencard Holder at 30 years old I'm planning to start Nursing School After arriving and Settling.
  12. I needed 3 Police Certificate, I got DQ With two only. I needed the the other One from MEXICO, I stayed there 10 years ago on a Student visa, would a Lawyers Letter work In time for the Interview expressing that it's impossible due to COVID-19.
  13. I would like everyone to give me their honest opinion. Please Judge my Situation before my Interview. CR1•Waiting on Interview Letter•(1Beneficiary) Petitioner (Male) - Age 29 - No kids - Income $21,000 - Never Used Government Benefits - No health Issues or Disabilities - Has Health Insurance (Wife will be added when in USA) - High School Education - Working at the Same Job 3years - Not Specialized in any skilled (Maybe Customer Service) Current Savings in bank ($10,000) - No Credit Score (applied for a Credit Card to build Score) Household Member (Petitioner Mom) - Income $26,000 - 2 years with Current Job - No Dependants - No health Issues or Disabilities - Never Used Government Benefits - Has health Insurance - No assets (One Car) - Age 62 - Good Credit Score Beneficiary (only one) - Age 30 - No kids - No health Issues or Disabilities - University Diploma
  14. Good evening, My husband and I dated in June, got engaged in December, and got married in February. I know it was a "short" but it is what it is and I love him to death. I am on the evidence portion of the I-130. So far, I uploaded our pictures, 3 affidavit letters, joint bank account from the bank, our chat history, paper work showing he's on my life insurance, social media posts, and airline tickets. Is there anything else I can add to prove that our marriage is real? Is what I have enough? I know an eyebrow will be raised because of the timing.
  15. I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully requested to join their spouse during an interview at the embassy In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I heard that the embassy in Manila will let you so I’m wondering if Ethiopia would. Anyway if anyone has I’m just wondering what the request process would be? Like do I submit written request or call them or just show up at the embassy with her?
  16. Hello and hope everyone is well. Has anyone has seen any updates on their I-130 Petitions in February, March or April? Last update on our petition was February 24 saying "In Process" and still "Under Review" so I was wondering if USCIS is completing petitions during these challenging times. Our priority date is November 5, 2019 and we're hopeful the I-130 is approved before July 2020 within the 7-8 month time frame. All the best.
  17. Anyone needed a letter from NVC when requesting a police certificate from Mexico?
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