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Found 158 results

  1. Hi There, I am planning on travelling outside of the US. I applied/renewed my Philippine passport. I gave them my birth certificate and they said that my Philippine passport will say: First: Green Red Middle: Orange Last: Yellow My Green Card shows: First: Green Middle: Red Last: Yellow Apparently my birth certificate shows that I have 2 first names and my middle was my mom's maiden name. I have always used Green Red Yellow but now my passport will say Green Red Orange Yellow. What should I do to make sure I don't have a problem entering the US after my trip?
  2. My fiancee has a Philippine passport but her son, who is 8 yrs old, does not have a passport. We have put her sons name in the 129f form. Still waiting for approval (received RFE 2-28 in the mail, sending the response Monday (took awhile to get the documents required)) My question is, since he is 8 years old, would he need a passport? If he does, what is the quickest way to get one in the Philippines? There is over a 3 month waiting period for an appointment to get a passport. She has never been married. Sole Custody of her son. Thank you for your time
  3. Hi - I would like to seek an advice. I am a B1/B2 10yr visa holder from the Philippines. I was married but separated when my visa was granted 2016 and will expire 2026. I was married to a Filipino citizen/visa-non holder. A year after my visa was granted, annullment papers was released - year 2017. My passport is about to expire. Should i renew it using my married name for the meantime to avoid change name issues at the US port of entry? Currently, my visa holds a married name. Or do i need to re-apply a new visa as single? In addition, i was petitioned year 2018 for L-130. Would it affect the status of my petition? Can i update my passport using maiden name before the visa expires or before my immigrant interview? I would greatly appreciate everyone’s response.
  4. Hello All - I entered U.S. at 15 years old in 2003 from Guatemala, assuming it was with IR-2 visa because that is what my permanent resident card says today. My father adopted me, a naturalized U.S. Citizen. My father (naturalized U.S. citizen) and mother (legal permanent residence) never received or applied to receive a certificate of citizenship. I am now 30 and want to get a U.S. passport. I've been given differing guidance from various lawyers, but my understanding after reading here and on state department & USCIS sites I became a US Citizen the day I entered the U.S. because I was under 18 and entered in as child of U.S. Citizen. (I also lived with my parents until I turned 18). I also infer that a certificate of citizenship is unnecessary. Am I correct? I do not have my original passport with my stamp of entry from when I was a child. I don't have a copy of the adoption decree as my parent's didn't do a good job of keeping records, but my dad is going to attempt to get a copy from the court here in the U.S. (The records are sealed, so I can not get it myself). Can I just apply for my U.S. Passport? Will an adoption decree, a copy of my birth certificate from Guatemala, a copy of my father's proof of citizenship and a copy of my permanent resident card work for documentation? If not, what other info may I need. I've traveled back and forth to Guatemala to visit my family that lives there, but used a Guatemalan passport and permanent residence card. I honestly only came across this information when I was going to apply for citizenship and was told I shouldn't apply for naturalization, as I should already have my citizenship. I began doing research and just want my U.S. Passport if that is true as I feel safer traveling abroad with U.S. documents and as a US citizen should anything happen during my travels. Also concerned under the current administration about having proof of citizenship. I really appreciate any guidance and know this is unusual as an adult to get clarification.
  5. Hello, My wife has been scheduled to have her interview for the Civics and English test in early April. We do not anticipate any issues as her English is great and she's been studying a lot for the Civics test, so she will more than likely pass. Our concern is that we are planning on traveling to celebrate some major accomplishments that came from years of hard work and we would like to buy plane tickets for some rest and relaxation in the Caribbean. She has an El Salvadoran passport that she's used for international travel in the past when she was a permanent resident. If she passes her interview as well as her English and Civics tests in April, will her El Salvadoran passport immediately be no longer valid for international travel upon passing the interview and the tests? We wanted to travel in May as we have the whole month off from work at that time. I would think that this must happen all of the time and there must be some type of extension or window that still allows international travel for immigrants that were previously permanent residents and have just recently passed their interview for citizenship. I assume as of now she cannot apply for a U.S. passport considering she's still a permanent resident and if she passes her interview in April, she would not receive a U.S. passport in time for international travel in May, so this creates an issue for us. We need to buy the plane tickets soon before the prices get any higher (and if there's no definitive answer on this, I suppose I should buy the plane tickets with a refundable option in case she will not be able to travel internationally). Could anyone please provide some advice in regards to this? Thank you!
  6. Hi Everyone We are filling out the DS-160 and we have been looking all over the place to know where to find the 'Passport Book Number" on my Fiance's Colombian's passwort, I see a 'AAXXX" number on her passport but it says "passport N" nowhere there is anything showing "Passport Book Number" can anyone that has done the DS-160 and have been approved let me know if the Colombian passport has anything call Passport book number? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  7. My wife is scheduled for a visa appointment next week. The issue is her DS160 has her current passport information but the appointment confirmation has her old passport information (I believe this happens when you start filling your application using an old profile). She was unable to update the passport info in her profile as it was greyed out and when she was filling her passport information she did indicate that she has a new passport so i do believe she did everything correctly. However, the appointment confirmation has her old passport number and DS160 has the new passport number. We tried contacting the service center via phone and email a few times but didnt get any concrete answers (they say things like they cannot change any information now but if you believe you have done everything correctly then go to the visa application center and they should be able to help you out ). Our two options are 1) we fill a new DS160 and pay fees again and take a new appointment (safer but more expensive option) 2) continue and take our chance at the visa center . If anybody has any insights or faced a similar situation - your experience will help us immensely.
  8. Hello VJ memebers i need a bit of help during my interview we missed a piece of paper and were instructed to send it in. we did that same morning of the interview, well when i try to track my passport i send in the email and it says delivered to post but when i check on http://www.ustraveldocs.com/do/do-niv-passporttrack.asp it says it has been at the consulate since the day of the interview but we sent the passport in with the missing paper i'm not sure whats going on can anyone help me i don't think it changes anything but the interview was at the Dominican consulate
  9. Hi There - My fiancee and I are applying for a K-1 visa. As the petitioner I have a question about what I need to submit to prove U.S. Citizenship. Is a photocopy of every page of my passport enough or do they prefer birth certificates? The reason I ask is, my first name is mis-spelled on my U.S. birth certificate (later corrected), and I worry submitting this document will only add confusion. What would you suggest? Thank you!
  10. So I just got my I-797C telling me I'm scheduled to have my interview late next month. However, it says I need to bring the passport I used to enter the US. I recently sent my passport in to be renewed, so I don't have it on me. Will this be a problem for my application? I have many other forms of ID, global entry, etc. so they shouldn't have any problems identifying me and verifying the dates that I have traveled to/from the US.
  11. Hello, My fiance's visa has been approved and issued in London. I was just wondering if there was anyway to track his passport? TIA.
  12. i have filed AOS but still waiting for interview. i'm thinking of getting a new passport in my married name now but i'm worried if that will be a problem while my AOS is pending. what USCIS obviously has is a copy of my current passport (with maiden name) from my AOS application and if i get a new one, then that will be invalidated. so, it is ok to get a new passport now? or should i wait until after i get my gc?
  13. Hi all. I'm an Aus citizen married to an US citizen and been living in North California since 2012. I have a green card. 15 months ago we had a baby. I want to get an Australian passport for her too. But I have a few questions: 1. Does it matter if she gets US or Aus passport first? 2. Should I get her Aus passport here, through the San Francisco consulate or should I just use her US passport to get to Australia then get her Aus passport there? Cost vs convenience... 3. What of I only get her Aus passport here to use for her first international travel? What should I put as her nationality on the custom forms? Or anything related to this would be appreciated. Thank you all.
  14. Visa Pickup

    Hi all, I was interviewed in Frankfurt. I've received the email that my visa is ready to pickup. However, I'm not able to pick it up by myself. Is it possible to send my passport and one my friends pick it up on my behalf? Has anybody experienced anything like this? Thanks for your response.
  15. So.. I'm a permanent resident and planning to go home (Philippines) this May and I just realized that I still haven't change my last name in my passport, since I got married. Question: 1. Do I really need to renew my passport to change my last name even though the expiration date of my passport is still in 2020? 2. If not will it be a problem when I return here in the US? 3. Also forgot to Register our Marriage to DFA, what is a good reason to put in the "reason for the delay in registering our/my marriage" section? Thank you very much in advance!
  16. Hi, me and my fiance who currently lives in Engalnd are just about done with our K1 visa Packet. I just have a question about the passport photos and the photos i printed out for proof of meeting in person. I have paper protectors on most of the pages in the packet but i was wondering if i should put our passport pics in a snack bag with our names on it, and use a paper clip to attach it to a piece of paper and put it inside the paper proector. Also the same thing for the pictures of meeting in person??? Thank you! This page has helped so much❤
  17. A question to the Dutch/American couples. I am in the process of obtaining a K1 visa and intend to marry my USC upon arrival around september/october. I intend to take his name upon marrying him. In the US, when you take your husbands name, your name officially changes. You no longer use your maiden name. In the Netherlands however your name does not officially change after marriage. You are allowed the use of your husbands name (even when dealing with the government and financial institutions), but you will always be officially registered by your maiden name. Your passport is in your maiden name. In the Netherlands you will have an addition on your passport saying 'wife of' to signify your marriage. My fiancé is worried that this will get me in trouble. I will have my Dutch passport as an identifying document in one name, and my greencard in another. Worse yet, when I apply for citizenship later on I will have two passports in two different names. He is worried officers will not understand and will arrest me for identity fraud. I understand there is a way that lets you change your official Dutch name to your married name based on a law of conflicting names(?) where one countries laws dictate a different use of name than another and you choose one law that the other country has to obide by. But if I do that it will also change my name on my birthcertificate. I do not want that. And yes, I understand that I can also choose to keep my maiden name to avoid all this trouble. I don't want that either. Me and my fiancé are pretty traditional in these matters. I want to take his name. I want to know: has anyone ever gotten in trouble for this? I understand a lot of people will just fly by without ever having to deal with this and tell me not to worry.
  18. April filer ‘17. Anyone knows whats going on?? My interview was on 21st December i didn’t get AP and i was supposed to get the visa in 10 days but still nothing. My IV visa says “application received” as of 23rd jan. But it’s been more then 2 working days and the status still hasn’t changed.
  19. April filer ‘17. Anyone knows whats going on?? My interview was on 21st December i was approved didn’t get AP and was supposed to get the visa in 10 days but still nothing. My IV visa says “application received” as of 23rd jan. But it’s been more then 2 working days and the status still hasn’t changed.
  20. Hello, I really hope someone would be able to share their experience with me. So I'm having my oath ceremony in mid February, and I plan to apply for my passport soon after. I have an upcoming international trip in late April, which leaves about 9-10 weeks from my oath ceremony to my travel date. What confuses me is that, I'm changing my name during naturalization. I'm originally from Taiwan, and my name is Yi-Wen Chang (this is an example not real), sometimes that hyphen in my name gets omitted. Now, I'm changing my name to Jessica Yiwen Chang Brown, the reason being I've been using my English name since a long time ago, and I changed my last name to my married name. My question is here, when I apply for my passport after oath, would it be a problem that my government ID still shows my old name? While the NC shows my new name. On passport application form, it asks you to list out all other names you've used, I listed my old one, is that enough? Thank you.
  21. My Canadian passport has expired, and I'm trying to renew it. Actually, I need a completely new one, since I changed my name when I got married. The biggest roadblock I'm hitting is getting new passport photos taken. When I lived in Canada, I could just go to a Walmart Photo Center, but the ones local to me do not have regular on-site photographers. Also, US passport requirements are different than those for Canadian passports. Any suggestions on how to solve this? I need to get it done soon, as I might need to fly home in the near future for a funeral
  22. Hi, I'm new here so please excuse if i did not follow any forum rules. Here's to my question: We are 2 US citizen parents living in canada (father is us born, mother has a CRBA) our child was born in canada in wedlock, now I know every us citizen should file for a CRBA however going to the embassy is no easy feat so if there's an alternative to getting a US passport & SSN without going for a CRBA we will definitely explore it, we will still be applying for a CRBA for several children together before our oldest will turn 18, going for several children at once makes it a lot less complicated. Now, quoting from this link: now if we were to visit the embassy for the passport application we can as well do the CRBA, but since we travel to the US often we can do a passport application at any local passport office, and a ssn app at the social security office (in the past the embassy would submit the ssn app together with the CRBA but that's no longer the case meaning I will always have to travel to a social security office to apply CMIIW) Quoting from this link that we can apply for a US passport for our child without a CRBA: Now, are all my assumptions correct? did I miss anything? what would the experts suggest? TIA
  23. Hi everyone! I am sorry we has to pass through this but I went to the local office and the IO didn't want to stamp my passport because she said its not proof of citizenship. I born in a country X and I got the dual citizenship with Italy. I have been traveling since 25 years now with my Italian passport and residing in Europe with my italian passport . I never used my X passport country and all the paperwork for inmigration I did with the italian passport. the IO said if I dont have a birth certificate from Italy she cant stamp my ITALIAN passport. my answer: I have dual citizenship I born in X country not in Italy but I am italian. she refused to stamp the I 551she said they dont have all my papers at the local office. DARN! can she make a phone call? what are my rights here?
  24. Hi everyone and Happy New 2018 I am a US citizen by birth, but I grew up in Sweden. After a 13 month IR1 process to get my Swedish wife and 11 year old son here to me in CA they finally got their IR1 approved and entered the US on May 11, 2017. My son did not qualify to be a US citizen at birth, because I had not spent enough time in the US. However, I knew about the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 and that as long as he was approved to immigrate, once he became an LPR he would also become a US citizen). By October I figured it would be good to have a passport for my son, and scheduled an appointment at local USPS office on November 3. I am now two months and three letters back and forth into the process (first I hadn't submitted my original proof of citizenship - I don't understand why the post office clerk didn't catch that, but no worries, I sent it in. Then I had to explain that I didn't need to fill out DS-5507 since I was claiming citizenship by the child citizenship act, not by birth for my son, etc etc). I'm now down to one final request from the passport administration, they are claiming that they either need "early public records issued at or near the time of birth" or a DNA test that proves that I am the father. I have provided them with the Swedish birth certificate (which clearly states that I am the father and that my wife is the mother) - but since all records in Sweden are kept electronically the date on it is the date of when it was printed (July 2017). It is really frustrating that the Dept of State already accepted me as the father by allowing my son to immigrate - and now I have to prove it again (by spending hundreds of dollars on a DNA test)?! Now I'm debating whether I should send them pretty much all the documentation provided to the USCIS/NVC (I had family photos etc) or just get the DNA test and be done with it. Has anyone run into the same issue? Any advice? Any recommendation on DNA testers in northern California / the Bay Area? Did anyone go the route of applying for a certificate of citizenship first - would that have been easier? Thanks, /S
  25. Hello, I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I'll be applying for a b2 visa soon. I have been to us in 1999 when I was only 4 years old. In that passport my date of birth was 04/08/1993. So my previous us visa was issued with that date. But later it was corrected to 04/08/1994. In my new passport, i have the corrected date. Now my question is should i inform the visa officer about this in my interview? I was a child then and it was not my fault. Should i be worried about getting rejected?