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  1. Hello all, My fiance and I submitted out I-129F documents a few weeks ago. It's been our plan to live abroad for 6 months while awaiting approval, but with the corona virus growing and effecting world travel, we are getting concerned. I know that having your fiance visit you on a tourist visa is not the best idea, while awaiting K1 approval, but I am wondering if any of you have done this? After researching and talking to a few people it sounds like it can be done, but also opens up the possibility for visa fraud. Once again, I am simple looking to hear from anyone who has done this and what the journey was like. Thank you so much.
  2. My Thai girlfriend had applied a year ago for a Tourist visa, with plans to see Disneyland, San Francisco, etc (and me), but marked on the DS-160 that she didn't know anyone in the US. In the interview, they asked if she had a sponsor, she said 'no'. She was denied. Since then, we applied for a K1, and are at the stage where sends-in packet 3. The K1 application shows that we knew each other at the time of the Tourist DS-160 application. Is that going to be big deal with the Immigration officer? Anyone here that went through the same thing? Is it reasonable to say that she was given bad advice, that she really did want to see several places in the US (she had a trip itinerary)? Next question: Several years ago she had been arrested in another country, Malaysia, in a 'shake-down-foreigners for money', on suspicion of being on drugs. We have the court and police records certified by the embassy that she was not guilty and discharged. It took about 6 or 7 months for officials there to find any records. In the Tourist visa, she had said she had never been arrested. If we mark 'yes' for the K1 visa DS-160 for an arrest record and include the court judgement, but was 'no' on the Tourist visa, what happens? Would Immigration automatically put her file to the side and delay and reject it and I'd have to submit a waiver? Am I making a big concern out of something that is ok to an Immigration officer? How would Immigration even know, since it took us 6 months to find any records ourselves? Every agency files every arrest record with Interpol? Her old passport at that time showed her being in Malaysia for over 6 months, so that would look bad I suppose without the arrest record and story above? How would losing an old passport look to an Immigration officer? Are they going to bother to investigate all the countries immigration offices to see where you have been? I appreciate anyone's advice (hopefully based on experience)
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here. I would like to ask, last 2017, I was approved with a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa valid for 10 years. It was stamped under my old passport (expires on 2027). The visa was under my name when I was single and stamped on my old passport which is also under my name when I was single. My husband and I got married at 2018. and I applied for a change of name and status for my new passport. New passport is already under my married name. Since I changed my passport, I already traveled out of the country for 2 times using my new passport with my married name. by 2019, my husband filed for I-130 petition for me, which is still under processing up to this time. My question is, will I be able to enter to USA for my sister in law graduation using my Tourist Visa that was stamped in my old passport under my name when I was single? Even if I have a pending I-130 petition? Please enlighten me. Thank you so much.
  4. Good day everyone! I really need everyone's help here. My mom wanted to apply for tourist visa but here is the situation: My mom and dad got separated, filed for annulment 2006. "I think" my dad got married here in the US before the annulment got finalized. (PH is processing this too slow) My mom was with someone but never got married to this person. Technically she's been single but was still using my dad's last name. My mom just claimed the finality of their annulment in order for her to change all her IDs and passport BUT she needs to submit this to Philippine Statistics Authority to update her information. This will take 3-5 months. So my nephew (his mom is my sister) I-130 got approved and he's underage so obviously he needs to travel here with a guardian ASAP. My sister couldn't pick him up due to her busy work schedule. This is why we want to have my mom apply for tourist visa ASAP; she doesn't want to wait for the confirmation from PSA that her status got changed. She will still move forward with her passport with my dad's last name but will bring a copy of finality just to prove that she is no longer married to my dad. Now, the question is, are they going to dig down to my mom's background during her tourist visa interview? I mean is there a red flag here? Should we proceed with our plan? She will be very honest during the interview of course but will need to explain the situation. We just don't want our dad to get involve with this because they still hate each other, we don't want my dad's citizenship to be at risk, if any. Probably y'all asking why we can't just petition our mom, I know it will sound weird but our dad is not allowing us to do that. He will disown us if we do that. That is how he hates my mom so much. Please I would really appreciate your help on this!!
  5. Hello all, new here. I'm looking for any advice I can get. The Background My wife and I are in our mid-late 20's, I'm a USC and she's a Polish Citizen. We met while she was working here and dated long distance for a while. On one of her visits here (B2) we got sick of the way we were living and wanted to marry. The ceremony was a tad rushed as we decided this close to her authorized stay expiring. Unfortunately this was in vain, as we hugely underestimated how difficult it'd be to get her health records from Poland and our AOS application was not filed until several weeks after her would-be departure date. We applied and had a fairly normal timeline for NYC filers. She received her EAD a little over a year ago and has been working fulltime while we're establishing our life together. Our interview was just scheduled for two weeks from now. The Evidence: We're taking the proof of AOS very seriously given the overstay and the non-immigrant visa. We know for a fact we'll be examined under a microscope. Unfortunately, we paid a consultant to help us file i485+i130 who recommended we did NOT send evidence of a bona fide marriage so this is the only shot we've got. We have: A joint bank account. She's set up for direct deposit, lots of living expenses Car title in both our names Car insurance in both our names Life insurance beneficiaries for each other Apartment Lease in both our names Renters insurance in both our names Utility bills in both our names Internet bills in both our names Roughly 100 mailing labels addressed to both of us (I'm a shredder so I had these anyway) A photo album of about 60 pictures of us both from the last 2-3 years. A good portion are with family members, some from Poland Flight itinerary from my visit Her name and SSN are on my tax return documents The Ugly: Here's what I determine will definitely bother a USCIS Officer: No wedding photos besides one blurry shot (you can barely tell its us) There's a separate bank account in just my name (result of a big identity theft attack that hit us last year), my paychecks go here to split the money Separate health insurances (financially made sense given our employees) No rings (we were pretty deep in debt when we married, we're thankfully fully out now) B2 Visa implications Overstay (explained above) There is a second vehicle in JUST my name (I bought this in cash and we needed it registered asap for my new position, she was away at work so I rushed the DMV stuff myself) The tax returns have her name and SSN but aren't joint, they're "Married Filing Single" at the advice of my tax preparer. She had no income in 2018 as she'd only just gotten the EAD by year's end. Stokes Interview: We practice common Stokes Interview questions every night. I do everything with this woman and visa versa and have no fear about an inability to pass one of these. It's the evidence I'm worried about. The Plea for Help: She truly is my world and I want this life together so badly, but as you can see my case is far from anything to feel confident about. Please help critique my evidence, give me tips, anything I can do to strengthen this upcoming interview.
  6. My fiance had her k1 visa interview yesterday at the US embassy in Manila. I am active duty Navy and we are wanting to get married while I am on Chrismas leave in Denver. We want her mother to be able to attend. From the travel docs website the next available apointment for b2 visa interview is 23 January which is after our planned wedding. Is there any way around this. We wanted to apply for the B2 after her K1 was approved but it appears we are late. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi there! I've noticed that no one opened a discussion for July 2018 AOS filers, so I decided to do it. Since we're all going to be anxious, why not share and experience the anxiety with the online community? HA! Let me start by sharing a few things about me. I'm a veterinarian in my home country and my husband is a physician. One day my "then-fiance-now-husband" surprised me with a visit to the county office to get a marriage license! After a week we got married by a retired judge, it was a very simple and sweet ceremony and I've never been happier in my life. I'm currently a homemaker/housewife and I spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter when I'm not busy studying for my USA vet boards. I do reccomend finding something to during the wait, it will definitely help with the anxiety. Good luck to everyone!
  8. One of my Brazilian friends went to Brasilia to get her visa. Spent hundreds on a plane ticket, a hotel, and nicer clothes. She was wracked with stress about the whole thing. Having heard all the horror stories. She gets to the Consulate and the man asks literally 3 questions. Name, Destination, and Place of Employment. She answers, saying she works as a secretary and that she wants to go to Orlando. That's all the guy wanted to hear and he gave her the rejection letter. This makes no sense to me. What I have heard a lot is that the main reason that visa applicants get rejected is because "they say something suspicious". But she didn't have a chance to say anything suspicious because she didn't have a chance to say anything at all! Unless there's something suspicious about being a secretary for a lawyer, or going to Orlando? Everybody knows that lots of Brazilians go to Orlando. I know that the other reason applicants get rejected is that they "don't have strong enough ties to Brazil". But she didn't even get a chance to show how she's going to College in Brazil!!! How could she prove her ties are strong enough? She has worked for this for at least (Edit: almost) a year, and to be pushed away within seconds...I just cannot fathom what could have gone so wrong. I want an explanation. Of course, myself not being an applicant, I cannot contact the NVC. So I came here.....
  9. My wife was just granted a B2 visa to visit for Thanksgiving. We both live in Vietnam and teach English right now. I am a us citizen. We can not find any clear explanation for what will happen when she arrives at the JFK airport. We plan to see NYC then go to Boston to visit my family for the holiday. This is my family’s biggest holiday my siblings all return to my father’s house so my wife is excited to meet all of them. We will file our CR1 soon in hopes it will finish sometime after the current school year. Does she need to bring any evidence to the USA port of entry? Like our marriage certificate or photos of her and my dad and sister who came for the wedding here in Vietnam? Should we bring our work contacts and a letter from our employer granting us 2 weeks vacation? Will the fact we haven’t yet applied for immigration but were planning to during this 2 month period waiting for November make us look sneaky and not just slow to file? I am kinda nervous we will travel together she will separate from me at the CBP line and will get stuck without being able to contact me. Any help to alleviate nerves would be good. Thank you, this website has been a great resource for is to compile our CR1 paperwork.
  10. Hi There, I just sent in my package today and it should be received in the month of February so i decided to start a thread for February Filers! Good Luck Everyone and keep us posted! Arrived in USA (Tourist visa December 20th,2016) Married - September 12th, 2017 Filed (I-130, I-130A, I-131, I-485, I-765, I-864)
  11. Hello! My fiancé and I have been together for 7 years and I have been going back and forth in the US but now I entered with a j1 visa. He finally proposed and we plan to get married before my contract ends with the help of a lawyer. Can we invite my parents to attend the wedding if my fiancé will write the letter since he's the citizen? What are the chances of them getting approved or denied? Thank you!
  12. Hi. I would like to ask, what requirements did you provide for I-485? I got here as a tourist and met the love of my life. We don’t have joint bank accounts since a SSN is needed for that. All we have are pictures, notarized letters from friends and families stating that we have a bonafide relationship, and a few cards that we got from our wedding. Does anybody have the same case as mine? Replies would be highly appreciated.
  13. Questions asked by American consul: 1. Where are you traveling? We will travel to Los Angeles, California. 2. What’s the purpose of your visit? We will visit our daughter Apple21. 3. Is your daughter married? Yes. 4. How long has your daughter been in the US? She’s been in the US for 4 years already. 5. What’s your middle name for your single status? (This pertains to my mom’s maiden name.) 6. What’s the status of your daughter? She is a Lawful Permanent Resident. 7. What’s your occupation? I am retired now but previously I was a public school teacher (and my dad was an insurance underwriter). 8. How long will you stay in the US? We will stay there for 2 weeks only. My parents are both 71 years old. They were interviewed together (US Embassy Manila, Philippines). No additional documents needed at the embassy. They just brought their passports and DS160 confirmation sheets. On the DS160 question on WHO WILL SPONSOR YOUR TRIP, they wrote my brother’s name who is also traveling with them. He has a high paying job in the Philippines. He already has a valid B2 visa and he’s the one paying for the airline tickets. They didn’t include my name anymore coz my brother is really the one with the moolah! Lol. Tips: Be consistent. Whatever you wrote on the DS160 that should also be your answer during the interview. Be relaxed as much as possible. Be polite. Be presentable. Wear atleast smart casual as if you’re going to a job interview (yes even for parents!) Don’t stress/bother about additional docs like invitation letters or bank statements/affidavit of support/land or car titles....THEY ARE NOT NEEDED. THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED. Good luck! I hope you get approved as well! 😊
  14. I think we made a big mistake, my wife's daughter who is 20 now had plans in coming here before she turned 21, my wife came as a k1 visa holder and her daughter remained in Colombia until she finished school, soon after she finished school she got pregnant, now she and her boyfriend applied for tourist visa but visa was denied, Can my wife apply for her and her baby to come here before she turns 21? I had the chance to apply for her as American citizen but we were told since she has a baby I'm no longer elegible to do it, but my wife instead.
  15. This case is complicated, I'll try to be as especific as I can: 1: fiancé of American citizen was approved in 2015. Daughter of fiancé was 16 years old. 2 : fiancé of American citizen traveled to US in 2015, daughter of fiancé remained in Colombia due to attending school, we had plans to bring her into the US before she turn 21 3: daughter of fiancé got pregnant and had a baby in 2018, we were told I was no longer able to apply for her visa. 4: 2018 daughter of fiancé ( now wife of American citizen) and boyfriend, including baby applied for tourist visa. 5: 2018, tourist visa was denied because according to consular officer, daughter of former fiance had a pending fiance visa case in 2015! Daughter of fiance was 15 (underage). Daughter of former fiance tried o explain that she was not the fiance but the mother instead. 6: was a mistake to apply for tourist visa for daughter instead of wife Appling for her? 7: is there any way to know what is going on?
  16. Hi there! I want to know if applying for US tourist visa before applying for CR1 makes sense or not? Little bit about me: Indian citizen who studied and worked in US for 10 years. H1b visa (work visa) got rejected in summer 2018 and I returned to India immediately. Got married in India to my US citizen girfriend in December 2018. Own a home and car in US. Did not get any time to wrap up my assets in US as exiting after H1b visa rejection was time sensitive. My US citizen wife is now back in the US and we plan on getting married the American way with her family around. For this reason, I want to apply for tourist visa but I am not sure if I should wait until I file my CR1 visa or not. I understand that getting the tourist visa approved might be a difficult task but I want to take a chance and see if the visa goes through. If I get a tourist visa, I do not plan on staying back in US and file for AOS from there. I plan on fully following the legal channel and wait for CR1 approval from India. What do you guys suggest? Should I file for tourist first and then file for CR1? My parents already have valid US tourist visa and they plan on visiting US for my American wedding. What should be my pitch to consular officer regarding my need for tourist visa? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you!
  17. Hi all, I have a tourist visa valid until 2022. Later I applied for H4 spouse visa after getting married. Post divorce, H4 will be automatically cancelled. My question is - Is my tourist visa still valid? Thanks!
  18. I have an RN friend who is already 3 months here in the US and want to work legally. How can she do that? She is preparing for her NCLEX apparently, she is not working right now. She worked in UAE as an RN for 15 yrs. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  19. I recently just changed address. Im planning to file a change of address to the USCIS but i havent received my receipt number for form i-485. But They recently charged my husband’s card last Tuesday. How do I do this? I have not yet received a NOA.
  20. Hey guys! So last week i submitted my i-485 to Chicago office. I’m from CA btw. So according the USPS, my mail arrived last Monday. But i havent received any email or text from the USCIS confirming that they’ve received my mail. Is this normal? Thank you.
  21. Hello! I hot here in the US in a tourist visa and now im married to a USC. I was just wondering what should i put in this document regarding the INA. My tourist visa will expire next year. But my 6 month stay here in the US is over and we’re currently applying for the AOS since I got married to a USC. Thank youN
  22. Hello. I submitted my AOS and EAD last 1/29/2019 but havent received any updates from the USCIS yet. My mail was succesfully delivered but I think the USCIS has not opened my mail yet. Is this normal? I am not receiving any notice of action from the USCIS Chicago. Thank you.
  23. My aunt is in the US awaiting her green card. The tourist visa she arrived with has not expired. Is she able to leave the US and come back using that visa? Even if she’s waiting for her immigrant visa?
  24. Hi! What kind of medical do they require for i-485? Does that include papsmear?
  25. My wife's daughter is applying for tourist visa and needs birth certificate to be translated from Spanish to English, can I as Co sponsor translate her birth certificate from here, sign the translation, scan it and send it back to her? I'm worried about they really need the original signature.
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