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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, I'm about to file ROC on my conditional Green Card that was based on Marriage, though I filed for divorce this year and plan on utilizing the divorce waiver to file alone. The marriage fell apart due to my citizen-spouse's substance use and mental/emotional/physical abusive behavior toward me; I had to utilize the services of a local domestic abuse non-profit to leave the situation, move out, seek extensive counseling, and file the divorce. I'm choosing the divorce waiver route due to a lack of physical evidence of abuse for VAWA, and because I successfully reached a judgement in the divorce case this month. Question is: I've read that the grounds of the separation must make it clear that the breakup wasn't the fault of the immigrant, otherwise they could face rejection; am I at fault for being the petitioner in the divorce? Should I be concerned about my application for ROC being rejected simply because I'm no longer married to the citizen spouse, or because I initiated the divorce? •••••• I have every piece of evidence in hand I could possibly acquire highlighting that we had co-mingled our finances, shared a life, and were married in good faith to be with one another. My Ex continues to work toward sobriety and seems to want to reconcile somewhere down the line if he can get himself back in shape. These kinds of changes take a lot of time, and the recovery from abuse is an exceptionally delicate subject; reform is unlikely, but possible. I really don't want to be forced to leave the country when it may be that he and I could reconcile at a healthier point in the future. All of the work we put in to be together, and the subsequent separation, are heart-breaking -- and it's a really challenging emotional space to be in while also having to file for ROC! Thanks for any and all help and advice. Xx
  2. I submitted AOS, EAD and AP for me and my son on 8 may 2019, we got notice of rejection 14 may 2019, my son and I are from K1 and K2 visa and i have been married on April 20, 2019. I read on the Notice they asked for my son's copy of NOA2 form I-797 of I 130 ( petition of alien relative), they are mistakes on that makes my application been rejected - USCIS think my son is from Alien Relative I130 and asked me to provide evidence of NoA of I130, meanwhile my son is a K2 and a dependent from a K1 and we were applying together. I called USCIS representative and explained about the application was rejected but actually my son is a K2 visa holder, he said i need to resent all the application again and add the proof of NOA2 I129F, (even though I actually already submitted all in my AOS, EAD, AP bundles of my son and my application) I got all my paper returned to me and there's marked on the bottom of it printed, i called the USCIS and explained my situation, and he advised me to resent all my documents along with a copy of my approved NOA2 of my fiance I129F petition. What should i do? do i need to reprint the new forms and also all supporting documents ? or just send all these paper again and add explamation that i am a K1 and K2 visa not from spouse visa? thank you
  3. So, last April 10th I sent an AOS packet. Today I got the packet back from USCIS Chicago. My applications got rejected due to insufficient information of the my G-1450. I sent two forms for I-130 ($535.00) and I-485 ($1,225.00). Since I still have the filed form in my computer, I checked everything it was correct except for the signature because you can't just sign the form electronically. I made sure before sending that all of the forms, cover letters, etc are all signed but I don't really know what went wrong. 🤷‍♀️ For those who experienced this, Here's my questions: 1. Did you guys still use the g-1450 or paid with check or money order instead? 2. Did you guys sent all of the original forms back? or did you print new set of forms again? I was planning to send it all back, since they were just asking for the form G-1450 or other means of payment. But they marked something on the bottom of the every form's first page, just like the images below: 3. Did you guys arranged it again? or did you sent it back as how they sent it back to you? Thanks so much for your help guys. If this topic already existed, kindly attach the link, I can't find anything as of right now. thanks thanks thank again!
  4. Hi Everyone, I applied two weeks ago for the renewal of my EDA (category C9) and travel permit. I have a pending I-485. I just got a rejection notice for my I-765 because I didn't pay the fee but at the same time, my travel permit (I-131) has been accepted. I will send the documentation again but I have a couple of questions: - Do I need to pay for the renewal? The instructions are not clear. - In case, I have to pay 410$, correct? Biometric fee (85$) not required. - On the USCIS website, they say that the form I-765 and I-131 (I haven't receipt yet the I-797 only the email) must file together, but now I don't know if I have to send only the I-765 (given that the I-131 has been accepted or again both together? Can someone help me? Thank you in advance. Best, Andrea
  5. Hi, I am a US citizen. I had filed Permanent Residency petition for my parents. My father is 81 and my mother is 72. They had an interview last week. My mother got approved but my father got rejected. Meaning. They asked us to give them 3 things for them to reconsider his case. 1. Long term Medical Insurance quote that will cover him in US 2. A written statement from sponsor that he/she will cover all medical expenses of the beneficiary 3. Evidance of the ability to pay such medical insurance premium and medical cost. I had submitted all my financial document along with I864. I am way above the poverty limit. I am not sure why they need more information. Has anyone faced this situation? How did you handle it? Should we hire an immigration lawyer? Is it worth it? What kind of additional information to be sent? My Brother is also a US Citizen. But he didn't co-sponsor since I was above the poverty limit. Should We include his financial documents when we reply? Any information will be very helpful? more the better. Thanks in advance S
  6. Hi everyone I am really shocked to receive news my petition to renew my EAD was rejected due to missing fees and outdated form. The form I understand I used mostly the one I sent long ago with my original AOS package. But it is to my understanding I do not have to pay a fee if my AOS is pending. Three days ago I received an e-mail that my interview was scheduled. But I haven't received anything in the mail. My renewal AP was approved and is now in processing and I didn't send any fees for it. My questions are: is a c9 category still valid for renewal of EAD? I sent the proof my AOS was pending. What else do they need to show I don't have to pay for it. Would it be wise not to send it and wait for the AOS interview and just wait for the GC ? Please help!
  7. Hello! I submitted an AOS concurrent filing for myself and my husband (I am a citizen and he is the one in AOS). We submitted I-130, 485, 765, & 864, as well as all the supporting documentation and evidence, and the g-1450 form for credit card transactions to pay. I got a bank statement this morning for the approved 485 fee, and realized something was wrong when I didnt see a bank transaction for my 130. I went back and checked my records and realized in a very boneheaded moment, I accidentally wrote the expiration date incorrectly for my credit card on the form. STUPID. I tried to call the bank and have them approve the transaction anyways, no luck. Tried calling USCIS to give them the correct date, nope. So now I've accepted that application will be rejected and returned for refiling. Based on that, I have three questions for anyone who has been in similar situations. 1. How long will it take USCIS to return my application to me? It is June 6th today and my husbands visa will expire on July 3, so I am worried I will not get it back in time if the process takes forever. (sub question- if it does take to long and his visa does expire, does that change his eligibility? He is in the states on an OPT extension of an F1 student visa) 2. Will they return my entire package, or just my 130 that had the incorrect payment? 3. If they DO send the entire package back, will we be refunded the money they took out for the 485, will we have to pay for the 485 AGAIN when we resubmit it, or do I just send it back WITHOUT an additional payment since they took the payment for the 485 the first time? REALLY STRESSED HERE! Any information is so helpful. Like many of you, I love the family member I am petitioning for and just want this all to be taken care of.
  8. I am a foreigner, who is married to a US citizen. We have applied for AOS from my F1 status to permanent residency status. I over-worry about everything, and I am very stressed out and scared of my case getting rejected even though I haven't even gone to the interview yet. My spouse and I were together for more than 3 years before our marriage, and we both are the first spouses to each other. We are close in age, and I have many photos of us from the relationship. We texted each other almost every day throughout our relationship, which I am planning to take screenshots of to bring to the interview. We got married over a year ago, so we have been together for more than 4-5 years now, and I just got my fingerprints taken for the AOS. However, as time went on, we have seen more differences between us after living together, and we fight or argue more than when we were just an unmarried couple. Although we are not thinking about a divorce, we are not a very "lovey-dovey" couple like we used to. But we still live together, have a life together under the same roof, and we always sleep together and so on. Of course we got married truthfully in love. Could this "us being not really lovey-dovey" or "us seeming not very very close" affect our interview result? We are of course trying to get things better, but there is no guarantee that we can go back to our "honeymoon period" when we were loveydovey when we were just dating. Also, does anyone know where I can see the statistics of marriage-based green card rejection/approval rate? I know it won't help anything, but I want to know if the AOS through marriage is more often approved in general, than rejected.
  9. Respected Sir/ Madam, I applied for visitor visa on 15-93-2018 as my father ( age 76 yrs.) is seriously ill in North Carolina U.S.A. My visa was rejected u/s 214(b). He underwent two major Brain surgeries in Duke and UNC health care hospitals in N.C. after he accidentally fell there and had head injuries. Now his brain is damaged and is paralized and getting down day by day.after second brain surgery. First surgery was done in Jan 2017 and the second opinion Aug.2018. My both parents are are green card holders and are living in USA. They are living with my brother who is a US citizen and residing there from past 20 yrs. In 2001 I went USA on visitor visa with my parents and with my daughter. After 6 months I extended it for 6 more months. Thus I stayed there for one year. In between I tried for H1 visa to work as teacher and got an offer letter from N.C. School. I did all this as I was living separate from my husband due to domestic violence there. I wanted to settle in US by working there with my 1 yr. old daughter. For separation I don't have any legal document as it was not taken from court. H1 visa was approved there in USA. Then I returned India for H1 stamping. But it was rejected in India without mentioning any reason. My daughters ( minor 17 yrs. old) visa was also rejected along with me. I then dropped the idea to go to U.S. But Second time I was called by a lady from Visa office that the officer Cope Aren Bell is calling me to take an appointment for H1 visa. I was confused. I asked for what? She said just come. I again asked for what purpose will he provide me visa? She said he is calling you to provide you visa please tell me on which date will you come. She called me three times. Ultimately I took appointment as I was told that I will be provided visa. But when I went there the officer asked me where are the documents of other employees of your employer? I said I don't have them. I have all documents related to me. He said you didn't bring any of the documents and also you are not qualified to work as a teacher as I was not B.Ed then. I said I was called by Cope Aren Bell. He said I am Cope Aren Bell and I called you. He rejected my H1. I was not informed on phone to bring the other employees documents. But was misguided that I will be provided H1 visa. So I really felt cheated. I wanted my money and hopes. Later I did B.Ed in India and worked for 2 yrs in India as a teacher. Later I stopped working. I think the rejection on 15 March 2018 was due my earlier visitor visa extension done and as I tried for H1 later. But this was done legally as per US laws only. If it was not legal then my extension would have been denied as it was my first visit. And H1 would also have not been approved. But in US this is legal but as per U.S. Visa offices in Indai this is illegal. Whatever may be this, but at present I am living with my husband in A.P. At that time I lived in M.P with my parents and my address in passport was also same as in Bhopal and now of A.P. At present I am a home maker and I want to visit just only to see my seriously ill father as we don't know how long will he survive. He can't return India. I told this also that I may not be able to see him. Then also the consulate officer didn't see any of my father's hospital documents and said no no. Now I want to try again. My brother said that he will try to take a letter from some minister in U.S. That may work. But actually they are not willing to see any of our documents. Just rejected seeing my past history. Please guide me how to convince them. My brother is saying that if my visa will be rejected again then he will bring my father to India else I may not be able to see him ever. But this will be very risky for my father's life as he is seriously ill and is very week and paralized. Please guide me how to try to get visa eat time. My daughter is studying High school Finished first yr. And we took a letter from her college that her Inter is of two yrs. course and has to join on 14 June 2018. My husband is not coming with me. We don't have any house on our name bug np,y husband own business under which educational institutes run. His income is from agriculture and business From business around 7 Lakhs. And from agriculture around 2 Lakhs. I have mutual fund investments on my name where I am second of third holder whaixh is more that 50 Lakhs. Please guide me what to do to get my visa to see my father. What to reply for their questions specially for return etc will the letter from minister be helpful? From which minister? Or please any thing which will help me. Your guidance will definitely help me to see my father. I will be very thankful and grateful to you. Thanking you with Regards! Rashmi
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