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Found 14 results

  1. I have the flexibility of working remotely and was wondering whether I could move to a city/state that has the shortest wait times for N-400 approvals? I can apply for naturalization end of July 2021. Is this something possible to do? Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, Below is the timeline for the N-400 (Citizenship) timeline for the Long Island, NY service center. February 20, 2020 We received your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, and mailed you a receipt notice. It is being processed at our E-Filed February 22, 2020 We scheduled you for a biometrics appointment March 9, 2020 We are actively reviewing your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. Our records showed nothing is outstanding at this time. February 19, 2021 We scheduled an interview for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. March 22, 2021 Your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, was placed in line for oath ceremony scheduling. March 22, 2021 We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review. April 6, 2021 Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed May 14, 2021 Oath Ceremony Scheduled Took super long but looks like its almost over. Hope this helps. Thanks, Rudraksh
  3. I am an LPR and for the past 4.5 years have been working for a foreign company online and was getting paid in my US bank account. While I was an employee of the foreign company working online, but for tax purposes my income was reported in schedule C to IRS. I am filing N-400 now and I am confused how to report my employment history. Should list the 4.5 years as self employed? or should I list the foreign company as my employer? I would appreciate to have your feedbacks and advice. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am currently having a PR and waiting for the Naturalization but due to the cursed 2020 its all delayed. So, the question is, if I do get married on Green Card can I apply for CR1 visa as soon as I get the Citizenship? So this is getting married before getting the citizenship and hold the paperwork till I get the citizenship and then applying. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance, Rudy
  5. Hello Everyone, As we all know ASC are finally opening this month, that being said, many of us who are currently waiting on Biometric Notice, I would like to have this thread open so we can all track the Biometric status depending on the ASC location, that way it helps those within the same community sort of get an update or have expectations on the timeline of each office. I know is not all the same and we will have different process depending on your situation, but it helps. Thanks. I myself will post on here as soon as I see something moving in the NY Long Island (ASC)
  6. Hi, Due to Covid and airport closure overseas my elderly parent spent more than 1year out of the US this year. In the naturalization eligibility chart he is not eligible to get the citizenship . I was wondering if there are any exceptions for such situations when the applicant is elderly and there is verifiable info / severe conditions that prevented his adherence to the rule. Please advise. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Hello everyone. I applied for naturalization in MA, and still waiting for some information from USCIS. Can you share your COVID naturalization situation, please? My timeline: Boston, MA - January 2020 applied - February 2020 got biometrics And now is still waiting for interview. I hope everyone is healthy and safe! I know, that in some states waiting time a year or so, but in general in New England it took about 5 months before COVID.
  8. Btw, the only thing I have received after submit yesterday is an email stating that "Your payment has been submitted to Pay.gov... ". When I go to my account, I don't see the "Documents" tab which supposed to show which documents have been submitted. Is this normal? How long does it take to get to this stage?
  9. Hi guys, please advise. I will have N400 interview soon hopefully. I answered N/A to the question "N-400: other names used?" on n400 form. Name on n400 and on my Green card is like this: John Edward Smith. Name on driver license is like this: John Smith (without middle name) I am sure I mentioned my middle name when I applied to DL many years ago, for some reason they didn't include it. Now I am confused and don't know what to do. Is this gonna be a problem? I am worried because I though they run background check using my name, so I hope they don't have to re-run BC again, since it could cause even more delays.
  10. Hello, On 2013, when I was 24, I was on F1 visa, I was accidentally registered for Selective Service when I applied for my drivers license. On 2015 I got my Green Card and now I applying for my citizenship at age 31. I am having confusion how to answer the question 44 A on N400, that says: Are you male who lived in US between 18th and 26th Birthday? (this does not include time as non-immigrant). The answer should be NO given I was beyond 26 when I got my green card but I am concerned if I get trouble if they find out that I registered for Selective Service when I should not have as a non-immigrant. Am I worrying for nothing? My wife and daugter are US citizens and I dont have any criminal history or anything.
  11. I just became a us citizen through naturalization. I know that I can register to vote and uscis officers told us about that during the oath ceremony. Do I have to register to vote? Is it mandatory for all new us citizens to register to vote and vote after that? I am not really into politics, don’t get involved and don’t really know much. At this point I do not want to register to vote and vote in any kind of elections. I am wondering if me not registering to vote and not voting going to create any problems? Like the government and uscis going to think that I am not a good citizen and possibly question my newly acquired citizenship or denaturalize me? Anyone on this forum naturalized and did not register to vote? Any personal experience? Thank you
  12. Hello I am a green card holder and due to my business I have to travel a lot outside the states I am considering filing for N400, before that I want to make sure that I meet the minimum USA stay criteria How can I know how many days I stayed inside USA before filing for N400? Are there any links or so?
  13. Hi I am about to file for naturalization. I got my green card in 2013 - but did not move here permanently till 2016. I have over 32 months of stay (over 1000 days) in the US. and have filed 3 tax returns till now. I am missing 2 tax returns because I was in my home country because I had to wait for my wife to get the permanent visa. I wasn't working in the US as well. Should I write "YES" and explain why I didn't file the 2 tax returns or just file it now before filing for naturalization on zero income?
  14. I validly obtained my adjustment of status and greencard under the Cuban Adjustment Act in 2015 (dated 2014) with a consular registration of birth (perfectly and validly acceptable at the time under "matter of Vazquez·). I completed my 5-year residency. What can I do if for naturalization USCIS asks for more Cuban documents (which I view as retroactively and arbitrarily applying the rescission of "matter of Vazquez) that happened in 2017?
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