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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all, my beneficiary went through the process of obtaining his police certificate from a municipal branch in his city. He asked for the "excepcion de articulo 51" to be added when he appeared in person and two days later, received the certificate to print through his email. He took the printed certificate to the same police branch he held the appointment at and asked where exactly the annotation was added or how would he know it was added and all they had to answer was that they did not know. Now, I know that the "con excepción al artículo 51 del código penal" is very important to this document but I wanted to ask those who have obtained this document, how do you know the above annotation is added to the police certificate you obtained? I am in dire need of assistance since the municipal branch seems to be of no help.
  2. Hi, I just received copies of my marriage certificate and it says that they expire after 3 months (Basically April). Is that something I should keep in mind before mailing it to USCIS? I'm adjusting status from F1. Thanks.
  3. My wife's daughter is applying for tourist visa and needs birth certificate to be translated from Spanish to English, can I as Co sponsor translate her birth certificate from here, sign the translation, scan it and send it back to her? I'm worried about they really need the original signature.
  4. This may be a bit of a weird one, but I am at a loss as to where to go. I am a UK citizen and when I was between 5 - 8 years old my parents changed my name by deed poll. I have misplaced the original 80's document and need to get a replacement but the UK does not have a central database of name changes!!! So I am not sure where to go to get a legally binding copy of the certificate, for my K1 interview at the Embassy in London. Has anyone else ever had to show a childhood name change? What paperwork was required? All my documentation is in my current name, apart from my original birth certificate which has my mothers maiden name on. Anyone had a similar experience?
  5. Hello all, for the k-1 visa interview, I have requested two UK police certificates but both were lost on the way. I think it very strange and am wondering if it has happened to anyone else. I requested the first one about two months ago, and because the certificate itself was very expensive (over 45 pounds), I opted for free delivery -- Royal Mail standard airmail that usually takes 7-10 days. But it didn't come after I waited for a month. Then I requested a free replacement copy, but it still hasn't come after three weeks it was dispatched. Out of urgency, I eventually had to pay another 54 pounds for an additional copy to be sent by international courier. Is it super bad luck of me or is there any problem or fraud in their mailing system? Has anyone ever received copies sent by ACRO's free delivery option?
  6. Hi all. Ir-1 Visa application at NVC, after 55 days I received a checklist asking for Police certificate. We are both living in the US and have approved i601a. I used a lawyer to fill documents and believed he sent all the correct info. Apparently not? Is there a way to get a "case closed" from NVC and allowance to get police certificate before interview? I haven't contacted lawyer as email came on weekend..... Also, the first page of checklist was blank. Hope there are not more items.... CEAC has not been updated, still has "request for doc", same since June..... NVC list below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE NOTE: No interview will be scheduled until ALL of the information requested has been returned to the National Visa Center. ______10 - MEXICO POLICE CERTIFICATE:______________________________ Available in most states for applicants 18 and over. Immigrant visa applicants who have resided in Mexico for six months or more since the age of 18 are required to provide a police certificate. The state police (Fiscalia General del Estado) of each state in Mexico can provide a police record (Carta or Certificado de No Antecedentes Penales). The process and the cost of obtaining these records vary by state. Contact the state police for instructions. If the state police record is unavailable, visa applicants must provide a federal record called a "Carta de No Antecedentes Penales" from the Direccion General de Ejecucion de Sanciones, Comision Nacional de Seguridad. To make the request, applicants must provide the following documentation: For Mexican Nationals:  Mexican voter ID cards from the Instituto Federal Electoral (original and a copy)  Birth certificate (original and a copy)  Proof of residence in Mexico (original and a copy) For Foreign Nationals:  FM2, now called the "tarjeta migratoria", or passport (original and a copy)  Birth certificate translated into Spanish (original and a copy)  Proof of residence in Mexico (original and a copy) The process is free of charge and normally is completed in person by the applicant. However, if the applicant is not able to make the request in person, a family member can do so in the applicant's name by taking a power of attorney signed by the interested party to: Direccion General de Ejecucion de Sanciones, Comision Nacional de Seguridad Calzada de Tlalpan No. 2962 Col. Espartaco, Deleg. Coyoacan, C.P. 04870 Mexico City, Mexico The office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For inquiries about the process,
  7. I need some guidance please. We just received notice that the NVC has accepted all of our application except one document, it has rejected our police/criminal record report (completely clean), though our lawyer and anything I can find online told us to go to go to the Federal Ministry of Justice and Human Rights under the auspices of the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia. We did that and received a clean record report from them. Now for some reason NVC is saying its invalid. (though, my spouse did pay for it to be expedited and they gave him a digitally signed document), but they don't say why it is invalid or whether its the wrong agency . Could someone please tell us if this is NOT the agency we need to go to or if they have had a similar situation that was resolved? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello Everyone, My spouse submitted her application for her AOS a month or so ago. Last week we received a request for initial evidence for her i-485 application. It states the following: "This office is unable to complete the processing of your Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status (form I-485) without initial information. Submit all information requested below at one time....." (Blah blah mailing address stuff) "You have submitted secondary evidence and/or a birth affidavit as proof of the applicants birth record. However, the information you have submitted is insufficient. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence may include, but is not limited to, church or school records listing your parents' names and your date of birth, hospital records of your birth, or other official records indicating a country and record of birth" We are quite unsure why USCIS is asking for this as we submitted a photocopy of her birth certificate. She is from the UK and so there are no issues with translation and is perfectly legible. From what I have researched on this issue, an official birth certificate counts as primary evidence. Why are they saying she submitted secondary evidence? I have a copy of everything we submitted and nothing we submitted, as far as I can tell, could be misconstrued as secondary evidence. Do they perhaps want the original copy rather than a photocopy? That seemed odd to me as the i-485 instructions state that a photocopy is acceptable. Thank you for all your time and I appreciate any feedback!
  9. This may be a bit of a weird one, but I am at a loss as to where to go. I am a UK citizen and when I was between 5 - 8 years old my parents changed my name by deed poll. I have misplaced the original 80's document and need to get a replacement but the UK does not have a central database of name changes!!! So I am not sure where to go to get a legally binding copy of the certificate, for my K1 interview at the Embassy in London. Has anyone else ever had to show a childhood name change? What paperwork was required? All my documentation is in my current name, apart from my original birth certificate which has my mothers maiden name on. Anyone had a similar experience?
  10. My husband and I have nearly everything compiled for our I-130 application. All we were waiting on to send it off was a copy of our marriage certificate to come in the mail. We had previously moved to Ireland, and in the move, we somehow misplaced our original certificate. We know it's lying around somewhere at my husband's house in the UK, but we cannot locate it. I ordered a copy of our certificate from the website VitalChek. What I just received in the mail is a "Certified Statement Relating to Marriage." It states our Report Number, both of our names (including my maiden name), our marriage date, the recording county, and the date this document was issued. There is a raised seal on the bottom from the Bureau of Vital Records in Missouri. I've attached a picture of the document here. My question is, does this suffice as a copy of our marriage certificate? Or do I need to go through the lengthy process of getting it from the issuing county office? I was trying to save us time by ordering it through the Bureau online. Thanks very much for your feedback and advice.
  11. Background: We both are originally from Nepal and I am currently permanent resident in USA. My wife is still in Nepal. I have applied i130 for her and is in process since march 2017 at California center. We have been in relationship since 2012 and officially married in 2017. We married under Hindu Marriage Act in India instead of Nepal and got our marriage certificate issued by Indian government. We submitted the same on our i130 application. Will the consular raise any issue about that as to why did I not go Nepal and married there instead of India? Will that be a red flag? The marriage was carried under Hindu act with witnessed signing the marriage certificate. We also had our parents and relatives. Pictures of wedding submitted. I would appreciate if anyone with similar situation could share their experience. Thank you...
  12. Hello everyone, My husband and I just received a yellow RIE/RFE(?) in the mail and I feel very anxious about what this means. Excerpt from the letter: "Request for Initial Evidence Submit a copy of the applicant's foreign birth certificate issued by the appropriate civil authority. If the document is in a language other than English, you must submit a copy of the foreign language document and an English translation. If the birth certificate is not available, you must submit acceptable secondary evidence and a letter from the government or other authority". I don't understand if it means that they don't like the birth cert we provided or if they lost it?? We sent a black and white scanned one with the AoS packet in January 2018 with a self translation by my husband as he is fluent in English (In hindsight, I realize that was probably not a great idea and we will get a certified translation this time around. If anyone one has suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it). Two other things concern me about this letter, it was mailed March 29 but it says" remailed" at the top and we got it April 12th. Does that mean we missed it before? I don't know when the 87 day window to reply actually started. They also misspelled my husbands first name incorrectly by one letter off. Should I mention the misspelling in the cover letter? Other letters that we have received have his name spelled correctly. My husband has an official, color copy of his El Salvador birth certificate and receipt when he got it that we can send this time around. Should I provide other secondary evidence just in case to be safe? He also has his country ID card that lists his info including both his parents names. He also has a driver's license, but it does not list his parents there. They state that we have 87 days to reply, but there is no date included?? Does that mean from March 29th the clock starts? I was going to call USCIS today and see if we can get any more info about what they want exactly. I'm really scared because you can only do this once! I saw people saying to schedule an InfoPass, but my nearest office is 3 hrs away and I don't want to schedule for something that may be a minor issue. Had anyone else had experience with this? Is there a good template for replying to an RFE/RIE? Also, there are two addresses listed and I don't know which one to write to...! Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any replies!
  13. Lampshade

    Police certificate

    Hi, I was wondering where I am to go for a Canadian Police Certificate. Local police station are acceptable (Ottawa)? Or does it need to be done by the RCMP.
  14. Hey there im worried i dont have the right police check and as many on here i am antsy to get everything perfect. What police certs do they want? I attached the top of the one I currently have but I'm worried it's not good enough. Thanks for your time Bellow are examples....
  15. On April 26, I have oath ceremony, and I also made US passport appointment online as well the same day after ceremony. I am applying for Passport book and the passport card, my question is should I make 1 check to "US department of State" or 2 separate checks ? 1 for Passport and 1 for passport card? I am taking my Certificate, my DL, passport photos, and passport form with me. Anything else I am missing?
  16. Hi all, This question has been bugging me for some time. I'm collecting my police certificates right now. I've lived in several countries throughout my life. Its clear that I have to collect all police certificates for any country I've lived in after the age of 16. I left my country of birth / country of nationality at the age of 3. Do I still need to get a police certificate from there?
  17. butanding

    NSO Birth Cert. (PH)

    folks, anyone tried getting (ordering) Philippine birth certificate and sending it to US? can you suggest a website where to get? how much would it cost and how long is the shipment? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.
  18. So I made a copy of my birth certificate a while ago and I just read that i need the front and back. So now I have just realized ive lost my birth certificate, but I know the back is blank because my parents are from the same state. What do i do?
  19. My friend’s husband lived in Two different countries for like 18 months but he is currently living in his home country(he has the police clearance for this). But he no longer lives in those countries and it’s almost impossible for him for get police clearance since he’s not even from those countries. Is there something he can do? Write a letter to the NVC???
  20. Hello, Question re: Police Certificates: I am Canadian and my American wife has petitioned for me to come to the USA under a CR1 visa. My interview is scheduled in Montreal in two weeks (mid March). We received an email today requesting that I bring the following item to the interview (among other standard items you must bring): "Original Canada Police Certificate (Canadian Police Certificates have a validity of 12 months from the date they were issued) and Police Certificate from countries where you resided for more than 12 months after the age of 16. " I have lived in the US twice under two separate TN Visas after the age of 16. California for approx. 16 months. Colorado for approx. 11 months. To date we have not been required to provide a Police Certificate for the USA, only for Canada (provided to the NVC through CEAC). Does anyone know if I need to bring a Police Certificate from the USA (ie. California), if I am applying to enter the USA? It seems redundant, and am surprised they are only notifying us now, if it truly is needed (ie. why not at the NVC stage of the application?). If anyone has any experiences/insight with this, I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm not sure I could even get a police check for California in time for the interview. Cheers B&W
  21. Hi All! This is my first time posting so, please forgive me if I’m not doing this properly! My husband and I filed for our marriage visa (Form l-130) on June 27th, 2017. A couple weeks later in July 2017, we received confirmation that our case had been received. NOW, about a week ago, we received an email from our attorney requesting our marriage license. This has been the first time in 9 months that we’ve heard anything regarding the visa. It’s encouraging to know there’s been at least SOME progression ( I think) - we see this as a good sign. I’m probably just getting my hopes up but, I was wondering if any of you had any similar experiences to this, while going through the marriage visa process? Could this mean that we may hear something soon? What was your process like? Thank you!
  22. Hi, I’m getting ready to file the I-129f but have hit a roadblock on question 41 of part 1. I became a US citizen through naturalization many years ago and I can’t find my certificate. The form asks for the certificate of naturalization’s certificate number along with the place ansndate of issuance. I don’t mind paying for a replacement but I don’t want to wait up to a year for the certificate number. I have my A number, a valid passport book , passport card, know the city where and date when I became a citizen. Would it be any issue filing the application without the certificate number? Has anybody here done this? Thank you in advance
  23. I got separated from my ex-wife back in March 2017, filed for divorce in June 2017 but on my divorce decree, it says the marriage officially ended in December 2017. I started seeing my fiancee in August 2017, which is earlier than the final divorce date on my decree, but by that time I'd already been long separated from my ex-wife. I'm getting ready to send my K-1 Visa application to bring my fiancee but will they deny our application since I began my relationship with my fiancee before the date my previous marriage ended according to the divorce decree?
  24. Hello Guys, I have a question regarding validity/expiration on the Police Certificates. I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada and my wife who is a US Citizen and living in US has sponsored me in IR1 category. Now we are putting together the Affidavit of Support and Immigrant Visa package. I obtained the Police Certificate from RCMP in April 2017 and due to some complications I wasn't able to send the package until now. My question is that is it ok that I send this Police Certificate from April 2017 (around 7 months old) or do you guys recommend that I obtain a new one ? I just don't want to risk RFE of any other unnecessary delays. Apprecaited
  25. Hello everyone, I'm Ecuadorian and my husband (petitioner) Dominican. We got married in Dominican Republic but now I'm living in Ecuador so my interview will be here. I was wondering if my marriage certificate issued in Dominican Republic will be valid to bring to the interview? I was reading the interview instructions and they say the acceptable documents are the ones issued here in my country. Does anyone have the same situation?