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  1. Hello. So i just got my letter saying im scheduled for a biometrics for case i485 and i-765. what do they do in biometrics? Also, is there an interview? Thank you
  2. Old thread info cleaned up. Copy/paste to a new post. Add your own info alphbetically. Keep it short. ALABAMA Birmingham - He give us a hard time. Successful. ARIZONA Phoenix- Gave no reason, no questions asked, Successful. Tucson - 12/28/15, I-751, gave no reason, no questions asked, successful. Tucson- 01/03/17, N-400. Successful. CALIFORNIA Buena Park - No reason, just gave security guard my appt letter. YES Chula Vista - 2 Walk-ins, Successful. Chula Vista - 06/27/16 No reason asked. Successful! El Monte - 13 days early. Work conflict. Sup wasn't nice about it, but biometrics got done! Fresno - 07/14/14 - Successful, no questions asked. After 2 pm walk-ins allowed. Fresno - 06/28/2016 - UNSUCCESSFUL. Guard advised to come back on actual appointment Gardena - 5/24/12 Los Angeles - (USCIS Fairfax on W. Pico). Successful with no questions asked. 01/11/2015 Los Angeles - (downtown) July 2012. NO Los Angeles - San Fernando valley (Chatsworth) Successful. 6/11/13. Modesto - SuccessfulWent in to try our luck and no questions asked. Oakland - Oct 2013 successful Oxnard - July 21st 2016 - Successful. Went first thing in the morning. Pomona - long wait. Successful Riverside - Nov 10, 2014 - Unsuccessful. Guard was firm and unfriendly. San Francisco - Feb 2014 - Successful, no questions asked. San Francisco - 05/19/2014 - No question asked for three weeks early walk-in. Santa Ana - Walked in 2 times in June 2012. No questions asked. Santa Ana - early walk-in successful, the day after I recieved the biometrics letter Santa Ana - 7/30/2014 Early walk-in successful (Original appt date is August 14, 2014). Santa Ana - 7/28/2014 Early walk-in successful. Really nice staff. Santa Rosa - Not happy, but didn't send us away. San Marcos - Walked in 2pm and we're 2nd in line. Successful San Marcos - Went 20 min before closing.Successful San Jose - 4/29/14 - Successful. West Sacramento - 4/28/14 - Unsuccessful Chula Vista, San Diego - Successful. 3 pm. COLORADO Aurora - Went 10 days early. Successful. 9:15. Denver - went in 2 days early. Had no issues FLORIDA Jacksonville - May 2013- Gave no reason, 2 weeks before appointment, successful in 25 minutes. Miami - June 2012 - Gave no reason. Showed up 2 weeks before - was in and out in 5 minutes. Oakland Park - Feb 2013 - Gave no reason, 2 weeks before appointment, succsessful in 10 minutes. Tampa - May 2014 - Said I would be out of town, 2.5 weeks before appointment, successful in under 30 minutes Tampa - 8/12/2014 - Appointment for 8/21/14 - Gave no reason, successful Tampa - 9/18/2015 - Appointment for 9/22/15 - Not successful, was told they were understaffed and there were no walk-ins allowed all day West Palm Beach 6/14/2016 Appointment for 6/24/2016. Successful, wasn't asked why. GEORGIA Atlanta - No reason Officer had us wait outside until the earliest appts went in (about 15 minutes). Yes. Atlanta - Successful with no questions. The office just wrote on our form Walk-in. Atlanta - Did a walk-in at 3PM 04/17/13 successfully. No question of reason. Atlanta -Did a walk-in at 3PM 10/01/13 as we are on vacation on appointment day. No problems. ILLINOIS Naperville -Went on 8/30 at 2pm but was unsuccessful - only one technician on duty. INDIANA Michigan City - January 2012 - No reason needed - Yes to successful walk-in(asked about it, I was there the same day as appointment) IOWA Des Moines - April 2010 - Successful Des Moines - March 2011 - To get it over with - Successful LOUISIANA Metairie - Unsuccessful. Must arrive on the correct day/exact time of your appointment.Two friends have also been refused. New Orleans - August 2018 - Successful. They gave me a hard time. MAINE Portland - Sept. 2, 2016 - Successful, early and at a different location. MARYLAND Baltimore - April/2013. Denied walk in. Wheaton - told Security guard I was not going to be in State on the day. Yes Wheaton - July 2012, asked why could not make appointment. Successful Wheaton - Dec 27, 2013 - Guard said he would allow it this time. MASSACHUSETTS Boston - I took my wife for her scheduled biometrics appointment on 1/14/14. Need reason. Boston - Tried to do early walk in for my appointment in Lawrence. - Not successful. Boston - I missed my 01/08/2016. Showed up a 01/12/2016 with letter and ID. No problem. Boston - 08/01/2016. Success! Stopped by at 2:30pm - 30 mins before closing, Lawrence - did an early walk in 3 weeks before my appointment. Lawrence - 05/08/14 - Went one day early. Successful. Should've tried there first instead of Boston. MICHIGAN Detroit 07/29/14 SUCESSFUL-We arrived about 245pm MINNESOTA Duluth - successful Minneapolis - May 2012- NO because one of the computers was down St Paul - No reason asked or given. Successful St Paul - April 14th, 2014. Guard noted we were kind of early. Successful St. Paul - No reason asked or given. Successful. They will let you in if it is a slow day at the office. MISSOURI St. Louis - No problems, no questions asked, Successful MONTANA Helena - family had appts on different days. Did all the same day. Friendly office. NEBRASKA Omaha - 3/22/2012- appointment was for Apr 5. No questions. Successful Omaha - 4/08/2014 - Appointment was for 4/18. No questions asked. Successful NEVADA Las Vegas- 9/30/2016- Successful. 1:30 pm. Original appointment Oct 13. NEW HAMPSHIRE Manchester - Lady gave me lecture on how to change appt. NEW JERSEY Hackensack - The guard asked me what I was doing. The walk-in attempt was SUCCESSFUL. Elizabeth - Early walk-in only in case of emergency and with proof in hand. NEW YORK Brooklyn (60th St) - 5/7/14 (9am Wednesday morning) - no reason asked or given - successful, but an hour or so wait Holtsville (Long Island) - 5/22/12 No reason asked. YES Holtsville (Long Island) - 4/11/16 Successful. Officer asked for a reason. No wait. We were the only ones there at 12:30PM. Long Island City, Queens 07/26/16 - Successful, though asked for reasons. Manhattan - Oct 2010 - Successful. I did a walk-in at Varick Street went at 8am, Manhattan - 11/22/2010 - Successful. Went at 7:45am this morning. Manhattan - 09/15/2011 - Successful. I arrived at 7:50 with 3 people ahead of me in line. Manhattan - 02/21/2012 - Successful. I Arrived at 8, 10 people in line before me. Manhattan - 08/08/2012 - Successful. I arrived at 7:50 and got into a long line to go through security which opened at 8 am. Manhattan - 01/15/2013, Couldn't get to Philadelphia, Walk in Successful Manhattan - 02/01/2013 - Successful. Walked into Varick ACS 2:00 PM Manhattan - 05/31/2013 - Successful. I walked into Varick offie at 10:10 am. Manhattan - 02/08/2016 - Successful. around 8.10. No questions. Manhattan - 03/04/2016 - Successful, no questions asked. Went at 08.00, Manhattan - 04/01/2016 - Successful. Friday afternoon at 3pm. Super fast and excellent service! Manhattan - 05/11/2016 - Successful. Manhattan - 06/13/2016 - Successful. No questions asked. Arrived at 9:00am. It was a busy Monday morning, Port Chester - 02/21/2013, No reasons asked, very friendly, successful. . Port Chester - 03/01/2016 - Successful. No questions asked, friendly guard smiled. NORTH CAROLINA Morrisville- 09/27/2016 - 3pm. Successful. Charlotte - 11/08/2016 - 1.45pm successful. No questions asked. OHIO Cincinnati - 01/27/2017 - Successful Cincinnati - 07/23/2014 - Successful. Cleveland - no questions. Successful. OREGON Portland- 07/2012 Unsuccessful, no walk-ins allowed. PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphia - Drummond Road -Successful. No questions asked. YES Philadelphia - Oct 2013 successful Philadelphia (May 12, 2014) - Drummond Road. SUCCESS. Pittsburgh - did this twice and no questions asked! YES York - Successful. Place was basically empty. Pittsburgh - 7/7/14: No issues, place was empty and they were happy to do it. TENNESSEE Nashville - 06/13/2016 - Success Nashville - 06/24/2016 - Success Nashville - Feb./2016 - Successful. Nashville - 10/03/2016 - Successful. Accepted only after noon, but ok at 10:45 because they were not busy. TEXAS Austin - We were in the area that day (we live an hour away) - Yes Austin - Feb 2014. Was initially told to come back after 12noon but then success. Dallas (Whitehurst) - Yes, had to give a reason, come early and they will take you Fort Worth (Landmark Lake) - Successful, but they were not happy about doing it early. Houston (Hwy 290 office) - Jan 2012 - gave no reason, only appt letter. Yes (3 times-AOS, ROC, Citizenship) Houston (Hwy 290 office) - June 2016 - Went first thing Monday. Told to come back in the afternoon Houston SW (Sugarland) - No questions. YES Houston SW (Sugarland) - Successful, but they were not happy about doing it early. VIRGINIA Alexandria - Successful Alexandria- 01/07/2014- A week early. No questions asked about date on letter. Successful. Alexandria- 02/27/2014- A week early. Gave no reason. Successful Alexandria- 05/16/2014- 3 weeks early.Gave no reason. SUCCESSFUL. Alexandria- 09/15/2015- A week early, work conflict. No questions asked. Successful. Alexandria- 06/13/2016- no questions asked. Crowded at 10 AM. Successful. Alexandria- 07/18/2016- Gave no reason. Took 45 minutes. 9:30 a.m. Successful. Alexandria - 5/30/18 - no questions asked. Successful. Noon Alexandria - 6/5/18- Walked in 1:45 pm, took 20 min. Successful. WASHINGTON Tukwila - 06/19/2014 - No reason necessary. In and out in 20 minutes. Successful. Tukwila - 06/21/2014 - No reason necesssary. In and out in 10 minutes. Successful. Tukwila - 10/12/2018 - In and out in 20 minutes. Successful.
  3. Hello, My husband has reached the two year mark on his conditional resident visa, and we sent in our paperwork (I-751). We never received a reminder of this, and did not send the paperwork in exactly 90 days before. We sent our paperwork in December 20th, which they sent back saying that there were problems with the packet. We fixed the problems and sent it back in. They received and accepted the packet, acknowledging this at the end of January, and sent us a letter stating that my husband was to attend an interview for his biometrics February 14th. We went to that interview and that was it. However, we never received a letter giving him the extension on his green card, which USCIS says was supposed to have arrive with the biometrics letter. His green card expires today and we are very confused as to what we need to do. We called USCIS two days ago and the person we spoke to said that we needed to make an appointment at a field office and request an "Aided Stamp". The nearest office was 6 hours away, so my husband drove there just for them to tell him that they would not give it to him and that he needed to just wait for a letter. Is this true? What should be done now? The person at the office said that he is not illegal because he started the process for the removal of conditions before his green card expired, but we are quite concerned. Any clarity on this would be helpful. Thank you, dhm2
  4. Hello everyone I have a quick question and I would lying if I say that I am not worried. I adjusting status from an F-1 Visa I am married to a USC and we have already filed for AOS I recently just did my biometrics and before that I thought I had paid off all my tickets. After I completed my biometrics I remembered that there was a speeding ticket that i did not pay off in 2011 which I do not think shows up as a warrant on my driving record and I have 1 unpaid parking ticket and 1 red light ticket. In total everything will cost me $400 to pay which I do not have at the moment because I spent a lot of money with the AOS and paying off other tickets I had. My question now is will these 3 unpaid tickets affect my AOS because I am scared that I may get denied and it will kill me if I do. It has almost been a month since I did my biometrics and I have not heard anything back from USCIS. I know it was irresponsible of me not to take care of the tickets but they were so long ago and i forgot about them until recently. Please has anyone gone through anything similar. I really look forward to the responses and Thank you for taking time to read my question I appreciate it.
  5. i submitted form I-90 to renew my green card. my mailing address is in CT but i am on a short-time assignment in La Vegas which is my physical address. Q where does USCIS send my NOA for Biometrics? and can i do it in Vegas instead of traveling back to CT?
  6. I know that the actual time it takes to actually get an interview date scheduled varies by local office etc but i am just curious: How long did it your status to change from "biometrics" to "ready to be scheduled for an interview"?
  7. Hello everyone! Need some answers to those who have experienced this. I just had my biometrics done and they put it under my maiden name cause I didn't get to bring my marriage certificate with me to my appointment. So now i'm assuming my ead/ap and gc will have my maiden name on it though I know I can still change my gc into my married name by the time of the interview. My question is, can I call USCIS now to change my name even before the interview? So that my ead/ap will already have my married name? cause when I filed for my aos I did included a copy of my marriage certificate anyway. TIA.
  8. Just wanted to post my experience at the Long Island City ASC office in case it's useful to anyone else in the Queens/NYC area! I got back from my appointment this morning. I received my biometrics appointment notice on 12/21/2018, with an appointment date of 01/02/2019 at 1:00pm for the Long Island City office. I had planned to try and do an earlier walk-in during the break, but never got around to it. I walked in this morning around 8:15am to try and do it earlier that my scheduled time, since I work down in Brooklyn and it would have been a hassle to come back for the appointment in the afternoon. I'm glad I did! The ASC is easy enough to get to -- about a five minute walk from the Queensboro Plaza and Court Square 7 train stops. When you first walk into the ASC, there's a small vestibule type area, with a security guard blocking the entrance to the main waiting area. There's a window to the main area so you can see how many people are inside/how fast lines are moving. There were already about a dozen people "in line" in the vestibule (more like crowded into the small space in something vaguely resembling a line). I showed my appointment notice to the guard, who said "WOW...WAY TOO EARLY! Get in line." He said this to a few people, some of whom had earlier appointments than I did. He was a bit gruff, but not unfriendly. I ended up waiting in that area for about 15 minutes, at which point the security guard told us to head inside and grab a clipboard off a desk. There's no formal security -- they didn't check my bag for my cellphone (which was on but silenced) or make note of my lunch bag, even though no food or drink is allowed. People were using phones in the vestibule, so as long as you don't take them out in the main waiting area or have any open containers of food, it seems like you're fine to have them on your person. The clipboards had a brief biographical info sheet that we were to fill out, then get into another line to hand the sheet over the to receptionist. Even though people had earlier appointment times, it really doesn't seem to matter once you're in the building, where it's more first-come-first-served. I filled in the paperwork quickly (it's just name, sex, hair/eye color, etc.) and hopped in line ASAP. The receptionist took my completed sheet, appointment notice, and Canadian passport. Since I'm waiting for the green card to change my name on my passport/drivers license, etc., I also brought my NY marriage certificate, which notes my new married surname. When the receptionist went to check my passport against my paperwork, she noted the different names, and I handed over the certificate, which she accepted without issue. She had me flash my hands quickly to be sure I had no visible cuts/injuries, then gave me a number and told me to wait until it was called. There were about 5 biometrics service areas in the back, with 3 people working. Sat down and waited about 10 minutes until my number was called. The man who took my fingerprints and photo was super friendly -- I wish I caught his name, but he instantly made me feel at ease. I handed over my papers, and we joked about the tough return to work after the holiday. He chuckled when he saw my passport, saying: "Why would anyone leave Canada? It's so nice!" and mentioned he had relatives there. He took the photo first, and showed it to me on the screen. We joked more about how nobody likes their "official" photos, and he said that he thinks it's weird when people DO like them. Then, he had me confirm that all the information he transposed from my papers was correct, sign my name and took my fingerprints on a digital touchpad. Once that was all settled, he had me fill out a quick customer service survey (a "how did we do today?" sort of thing) and sent me on my way. All in all, I was in and out in about an hour. I think it was a bit busier than usual today because of everyone getting notices over the holidays, but once things got moving, it was pretty seamless. By the time I left, there was a much longer line, so getting there as close to opening as possible was a good call. I don't know how it would have gone if I tried to walk in days before my appointment (I imagine it wouldn't have been a big deal if it wasn't busy) but even if the guard gives you grief for showing up early, they'll still let you in, after which point it's a free for all!
  9. We recently got our biometrics appointments and I want to say thank you to this site . Because of researching here I learned of the possibility of walking in. My eldest son had a trip booked he could not change and we did not want to delay further by rescheduling. I had immediately submitted his letter for rescheduling but based on what I read here, with no guarantees nor way to talk to the centre, I made a 7 hours round trip drive with my four children to the Sacramento APS. It could not have gone more smoothly. No issue whatsoever. We were simply given our slots and all of us seen and out with an hour . I realise this is not always so but am so glad we tried. Thank you all!
  10. Hi all, I filed for ROC earlier this month at the VSC. I received my NOA1 a couple of weeks ago which had an EAC number. This EAC number didn’t work on the USCIS Case Tracker as expected so I have been waiting for my biometrics appointment letter hoping that would have another number on it to plug in online. The biometrics ASC appointment notice arrived today’s it has Form I797C at the top - but the letter only has the same EAC number on it. There are no other numbers apart from the Alien number. The same EAC number is at the top of the form under “Applicstion/Petition/Request number” as it is at the bottom next to a bar code. Has this lack of a second number happened to others? Is that normal? P.S. I filed the I751 before the green card expired - and the EAC number still doesn’t work online.
  11. foreignnaijawife

    Nigeria Tourist VISA

    I just heard in my travel group that in order to receive a Nigerian tourist visa that you have to appear in person at OIS for biometrics. I’ve always submitted my application by mail? Is this true? Does the embassy really expect people to travel for all over the US to Atlanta for a tourist visa?
  12. Greeting, I am new to the forums, so I am not yet used to starting a topic. Anyway, I recently sent out the I-130 concurrent filing with I-485, I-864, I-131, and I-765 on July 31st and they received it and sent me the receipt notice in the mail. So, that is the stage I am currently in on the process, we are waiting for the mail in regards to the Biometrics Appointment. I have three questions. 1.) Is my husband still able to get an EAD combo card when I am not currently working? Does my current unemployment affect his chances of getting one? I am actively seeking work, and have pointed that out in my application I-864. (I am the United States citizen and my husband is from South Korea here working through OPT from his University.) 2.) Do we have to pay the fees again if we get rejected on the green card because I don't have a job if it comes down to that? 3.) For the Biometrics Exam, What exactly do they check, is that just photographs, and fingerprint? Or do they also do things like drug testing etc.? Sorry if these are amateur questions, but I trust the forums to let me know what they think. Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone on their journey.
  13. I really don’t know what to, my Greencard expires in 53 days and I send all the paperwork , form I-751 to remove condition and they didn’t even cash the check yet, I work as a Flight Attendant and I fly internationally every week, I am already having problems to go back to USA every time I leave the country. Any suggestions on what should I do ? I try to call USCIS but it seems impossible to talk to a person on the phone is always the machine, maybe I should schedule an appointment ? If someone is in a similar situation please let me know what did you do thank you
  14. My son was 13 years old when we filed for an i-485 and i-765. My two daughters and I received our biometrics appointment but my son didn’t. I thought it was normal because he’s a minor and he probably doesn’t require fingerprinting. However, I received a notice of approval for my son’s EAD case yesterday. I checked his online case status but it still says “Case was received.” I’m more than confused about this. Also, my two daughters and I already received our EAD while my son hasn’t. I only received a notice of approval for his case. He’s now 14 years old. He’s not a minor anymore so how will this work? He did not get his photo taken by the USCIS as well. I called USCIS today and they said that they see NO UPDATES in my son’s case. If they have no updates, WHY DID I RECEIVE A NOTICE OF APPROVAL? What about his green card? What’s going to happen if he never had his photo and fingerprints taken? I’m really worried about his case. Has anybody had the same experience?
  15. We are going to file in 1st week of Sept. 2018 and after online filing and choose Mt. Laurel in NJ (or Neward NJ) as USCIS center 1. How long will it take to get actual bio-metrics appointment (not just date but when will be actual physical biometrics at USCIS center?) 2. After biometrics is done how long does it take to get interview date (just a date via mail..not actual interview) 3. After biometrics is completed at center ..how long does it take to get interview?
  16. Hello, I am in the process of expediting my permission to work (I-765) under an adjustment of status (Green card) On June 9th, I went to a USCIS office to ask for expedite my permission to work. The officer told me that I would get a notification five days later (at that point I did not get any email confirming my request) Five days later I got the notification in the mail and it said that the request was on hold because I did not have my biometrics done (biometric appointment was for July 25th) I did my biometrics yesterday morning (07/25), and in the afternoon I called the USCIS to put an expedite request again. Then, I immediately I got an email saying that they put up a request for me but it was on hold because they did not have my biometrics. Questions: 1. How long does it take for USCIS to get my biometric's results? (I thought it was automatically) 2. Is there a way to check when the USCIS gets my biometrics? 3. Besides the biometrics, do I need to have my Physical's done before they decide to expedite my case or not? 4. Should I call the USCIS everyday, to ask if they got my Biometrics? (that is my husband's suggestion 5. Some people contact the local Congressman for help. Have that worked for any of you? Thanks in advance!,
  17. So I completed a I190 to replace my dad expired green-card on July 10th, by July 13th I received the receipt notice in mail and on the same day online I saw that his bio-metrics appointment was set for August 2nd. Wow......didn't know it would move this fast....anywho... We live in NY and my dad did not received his renewed new Jamaican passport as of yet, I was hoping to bring to the biometrics Appt. My question is which forms of ID is acceptable.... He has his old expired green-card along withe IDNYC ID which is municipal ID (IDNYC is the new, free identification card for all New York City residents, which gives all of us the opportunity to show who we are—New Yorkers. As a government-issued photo identification card) So basically the ID my dad as is a local city government issued ID. do you think this would be acceptable for biometrics appt. He does not have any other form of ID just this one and his expired Greencard.
  18. I have seen different responses regarding submission of checks for filing fee and biometrics. My attorney says to do two separate checks (one for filing fee, one for biometrics). Interested to see what others have done and get more of a group consensus.
  19. Hi all, I’m about to head out of town for 6 weeks (from this weekend) to Utah (I’m in California). Just received my one year extension notice - did you guys get your biometrics appointment scheduled within 6 weeks of your notice? I’m worried that I’m going to miss it, and as I’m not here I won’t get the letter to try to do a walk-in in Utah. Anyone have any advice to what I should do?
  20. I had an interesting experience at the Boston field office today. I filed my I-751/ ROC in early May (VSC) and got the first NOA last week. Today I had an infopass appointment to ask about my biometrics. I'll be traveling abroad for four months starting the end of June, and I was worried that I'd miss my notice/the appointment/lose status/the world would end. The guy I spoke to looked at my NOA for a long time, then at his computer, then he talked to his supervisor, and then he told me that I should go ahead and travel, because my biometrics wouldn't be scheduled for another couple of months. And even if I miss the appointment, I could just go when I get back to the country, he said, and I shouldn't worry about getting back into the States because I have my NOA extending my green card. It's not what I expected to hear, and it kinda contradicts a lot of the things I'd read about the ROC process, but I guess I'll trust him, and stop worrying so much about getting my biometrics notice before I leave. Sharing this here as a data point. I might still call the info line and ask a tier 2 person to confirm this for me next week... Has anyone had a similar experience? Good luck to everyone!
  21. Hi all - We have a letter on USPS Informed Delivery from the Department of Homeland Security National Benefits Center. Is that our biometrics letter? If so... one problem. We are moving from Maine to Washington state this Saturday. If I change our address with USCIS now, will that slow down our biometrics appointment? Does the appointment letter only let us make an appointment where we filed our case (Maine)?
  22. A family member is applying for N400 . 5 year anniversary is on Dec 07 2018. as per early filing rule, earliest accepted filing date is 09/08/2013 I have checked time line on Seattle filers ..usually after filing they get bio appo. in about a month. My question is if we file around that early filing date ...will she get biometric date in Seattle in about a month from filing date(or their receipt date) or they give bio appointment only after her actual 5 year anniversary date which is 12/07/2018 ?
  23. Hello! I filled my I751 in January and yesterday I got in the mail Notice of Action I 757C which says: "US Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS) has received your form and is currently processing your application, petition or request. This notice informs you that USCIS is able to reuse your previously captured fingerprints and other biometrics. USCIS will run the same security checks and use your biometrics data as in the past, however, it is not necessary for you to appear at a USCIS Application Support Center for a biometric appointment. The biometric fee will not be refunded." Just want to make sure that I don't need to go for an appointment. Anyone else got a notice like this? Thanks
  24. I have googled but can't find any current information about the latest USCIS computer glitch and my optimism for CSC to speed up I-751 approvals is diminishing. While I haven't researched all ROC filers, just June 2017, July 2017 and August 2017, it appears that USCIS recently did a mass mailing of biometrics appts sending people to the wrong field office. For example one filer says they live in Alaska and has an appt in Florida. Some have already gone for biometrics and have received the notice. There is some talk from tier 1 that it is a glitch and to disregard the notices.....but seriously.....this can't be good!! So what do we make of the this latest glitch? Is this another set back in processing? Is this a sign that major progress awaits? Again, losing hope that there is light at the end of this long, long tunnel.
  25. We just had our AOS biometrics on May 7th, 2018 in the washington D.C. field office (actual biometrics location is in Alexandria, VA). Has anyone else recently had interviews in the fairfax field office? If so, how long did it take from AOS biometrics to AOS interview notice? According to other posts and from the USCIS processing time, it appears to be over 10 months, but I was just curious what the most current processing time is for the fairfax office. I want to try to make sure our vacation plans don't fall on the interview date. Thanks