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  1. Hi all! My fiance and I's case is currently in transit to Manila. (YAY!) I'm currently preparing the affidavit of support (AOS) to send/email to him. My worry is that since I was only hired at my current job in November 2018, my W2 only shows I made a few grand in 2018. I was a full time student for two years before that and had no income. I currently make above 125% of the federal poverty guideline. I can only provide a letter from my employer and my paystubs (which I plan to give at least 6 months worth). Maybe bank statements or letter from my bank. Are those acceptable at USEM in Manila for financial documents? I'm really nervous that that's all I can provide. I hope the helpful people of VJ can put my mind at ease. Thank you! Z.
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a repost, but I am preparing for the K1 Visa interview in a month from now and I have been trying to figure out how much supporting documentation/evidence I need to submit with my i-134 (Affidavit of Support) for the interview. I am fully employed and make an income >$200,000/yr. From what I've read online, this seems to indicate that my income is high enough and I would only need to provide proof of this (letter from my employer on company letterhead) and I do not need to provide any bank information or other items. The i-134 instructions document states: This not seem to indicate it is mandatory, and so I want to know if I really need to go through the process of having my financial institutions prepare and send that documentation to me, or if I am good to just provide the letter from my employer. I was thinking I'd provide the letter, plus copies of my past 3 years of W2's to show that my income has consistently been at that level. Can anyone comment who is familiar with my situation or knows for certain? Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone, my case is at nvc since around 2 months cuz we couldn’t find a way. Please help us, as per my husband’s last year income he wasn’t eligible to sponsor me, but this year he’s making enough to sponsor me but we don’t have tax records of this year and this is why my case been delaying. We cannot find a joint sponsor as I heard there are some liabilities. What else we could do?? Please help me. I need it. Thanks in advance!!
  4. So I submitted my affidavit of support after months of corrections currently NVC Is reviewing cases submitted on September 12 I resubmitted my affidavit of support from on September 13 anyways I realize that I still missed out one part where should tick yes if mailing address is same as physical address I completely forgot to hit yes does anybody think that will be a problem for me???? I’m so over this and the long wait
  5. hello, will the original affidavit of support be required during the interview in the embassy or a copy will be sufficient?
  6. I am having an issue with form I-134, Affidavit of Support. I work two jobs, the first one I am a self-employed hairstylist and I rent a chair in salon. The second job is also a hairstylist but I am an employee working for a national chain. I was told by Rapid Visa, yes I paid for their services before I knew Visa Journey existed, that I can not list that I am both employed and self employed in the section that covers my employment but I could list it on the supplemental page? This does not make sense to me but it is the government. What do all of you think?
  7. Six months after filing our I-129F, my fiancee and I are almost at the finish line. K1 interview is next week at the Consulate in Guangzhou, China. As I gather all docs for her to take to the interview with her (in China, I'm not allowed to accompany her), I realize I have a significant process question. My understanding is that the process looks something like this (I assume this applies to more than just the Consulate in Guangzhou, which is why I'm posting in the K1 forum and not the China regional forum): 1. Immigrant arrives at Consulate 2. Immigrant waits, then is called to submit a stack of documents at a specified window, including police certificate, birth certificate, unopened Medical exam report, and Affidavit of Support (along with related documents such as tax returns, 1040, etc) 3. Immigrant waits again, then is called for the actual interview So my question is, when my fiancee submits my Affidavit of Support (and related tax returns, etc) at the window in Step 2, does the consulate worker keep those documents, or return them to my fiancee after reviewing that they are complete? If the consulate worker DOES keep them, then how is my fiancee supposed to show evidence of my income, ability to support her without becoming a public charge, etc to the interviewer during Step 3? Is she supposed to bring TWO copies of the Affidavit of Support (and all related documents, tax returns, etc), one for the window in Step 2, and another for the interview in Step 3?
  8. Hi everyone. So I have a questions. My fiancé (sponsor), has trouble with filling out the affidavit of support form. The problem she has is because her incomes do not reach the required 20,000 -30,000 dollars a year. My question is, can she have someone from her family sign some paper or something that would say that they will help with it. (I do plan on working asap when I get my status adjusted there). Thank you to all that answer and I hope all your visa journeys are successful
  9. I'm working on updating my I-864 because I changed jobs about 2 months ago and we just found out that USCIS has scheduled our interview in Orlando. I'm not sure what to put for Part 4, #3: "Is your current mailing address the same as your physical address?". My wife and I are renting part of a townhouse from another couple during the workweek for a few months, while our house is under construction. Our mailing address is in a condo which is nearly an hour from my workplace and about an hour and a half from my wife's. We spend weekends there and collect our mail there. The townhouse rental is not officially a lease. (Neither is the condo, which my parents own.) We are just giving the owners checks every month. We had looked for a month-to-month lease when my wife was getting ready to start her job. The arrangement with this townhouse was a lot better for us. Do I need to mention this townhouse in our forms for USCIS or bring any evidence for it to our interview?
  10. I need some help understanding if I qualify to be my husband's sole sponsor, or if I would need a co-sponsor. I was employed for many years earning well above the minimum income requirements for the Affidavit of Support. I left my job last year and moved to Brazil to live with my husband. I left in March, so for the effect of 2018's taxes I only made around 9k. I move back to the US this year and got a job three months ago. Considering my yearly income, I would meet the minimum income requirement. However, if I count the total amount that I will make this year alone (until Dec 31st), since I only started working recently, I won't get there. I've read some contrasting opinions so far about it. For some people it seems that all that matters to the people at NVC and the embassy is my yearly income, meaning that if I have a job that pays, say 30k per year, that is sufficient for a household of two. For some other people it seems that I would need to be able to earn in total this year more than the minimum income of $21,137 set by the Poverty Guidelines, which I won't. What do you think? Can I be my husband's sponsor, or do I need to find a co-sponsor, which won't be very easy for us? Thank you for your thoughts!
  11. Hello everyone I have just received our NOA 2 (K1 petition approved) and are getting prepared for when the time comes to head to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico for my fiancee's interview. I seem to have a decent grasp on most of the things that are needed however, I need some clarification as to how the Consulate determines income eligibility. I currently reside in a family home with 8 people (including myself) which puts me BELOW the poverty guidelines (based on 2019 Poverty Guidelines). Please keep in mind, when i say household, i am talking about a physical home that 7 people (family) reside together. I do not care financially for all 7 people (only my two grandparents) My job pays very well, I do not have to pay rent, or in any sort of debt, i have enough money saved in my bank and i know I can provide for my fiancee. It is not very clear as to how USCIS determines whether or not I meet the poverty guidelines for caring for my fiancee given that I KNOW, i can take care of my fiancee Has anyone every had a similar situation? Did you meet the income requirements having a large "household"/family that lives together? Thank you !!! *p.s This is the Poverty Guideline I am referring to https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines Also anything else I should know about Cuidad Juarez? Did they ask for anything in particular from you guys?
  12. My fiancé just sent me our paperwork but I noticed that he put in the wrong address for the beneficiary section , can that be changed or will that be a problem at my consular interview?
  13. So I am preparing to do the I-864 for my parents and I have to upload it online. Both of my parents are principal immigrants. I filed an I-130 separately but at the same time. Do I have to upload TWO separate affidavit of support? Or do I just do one? I am planning to just combine it all into 1 pdf file if I have to do two I-864. Let me know so i can get everything ready. I am stuck on this part and I want to get it all done by weekend. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, my noa2 expires august 4th. My fiancee (the petitioner) sent me all the documents i need for the interview which should arrive in two weeks. I still havent done the medical or booked the interview. I wanted to wait to have the documents in hand before booking interview but im concerned about how close the expiry date is. How do i extend the noa2 expiry date? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi all, my fiancee (the petitioner) has just posted the supporting documents for the interview (which will be in london later this month/early next month. The bank stuff she posted for herself and the joint sponsor is from almost two months ago, will it be considered out of date as it will likely be 2 months old when i receive it, and would i therefore get a request for up to date bank information at the interview? Thanks in advance
  16. Hello everyone, when trying to prove a Bona Fide Marriage through affidavit of support letters Do the people who write the letters need to sign it physically or can they just write their name on the document and call it a day? Thanks for the help
  17. Hi, I have a question about he affidavit of support. I am going to visit my girlfriend this summer and start the process for K-1 visa when I get back in August. I have been a student for the past three years and show very little income on my tax returns. I graduate in two weeks and already have a job that will give me an annual salary of $58,000US. This job begins in the middle of August, thus by the 2019 tax year I will not have enough to show that I am above the poverty level. Will a letter from my employer stating my income level and pay stubs be enough to satisfy the affidavit of support or will I need to have a co-sponsor. Thanks
  18. First time posting so please forgive if I'm not doing it correctly lol 1.) I recently received an e-mail that says i should schedule my interview (IR-2)! It also included a checklist of documents to bring/scan. Am I supposed to bring only those with Xs? 2.) If my mother (petitioner) got her citizenship through marriage, am I still required to bring her CENOMAR (from PSA) and annulment documents even though they weren't marked in the checklist? 3.) Can ALL AOS documents be photocopies? My mother mailed the originals to me but they still haven't arrived, I'm worried that they won't get here on time because I plan on scheduling an interview as early as possible. Additional tips are also appreciated, especially regarding the documents because I'm very nervous and I really want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Thanks!!
  19. How could this policy, a law since Clinton in 1996, realistically be enforced? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/05/23/donald-trump-green-card-holders-should-pay-back-welfare-benefits/1211711001/
  20. Hi, Regarding I-134,....on page 2, part 2, item 4, the A- number Im assuming I must fill the same A number above his name of the NOA2 form or does this remain blank? Thanks!
  21. My spouse did not make enough last year to meet the income cutoff. I believe we can make the shortfall with a combination of our assets. The assets would be: spouses car, fully paid off (we have a second car we co-own). My savings and investments, most of which are held in my home country. My question is - do we need to show 5x the shortfall or 3x? I have seen different requirements. (Spouse is US Citizen.) Also, is there any issue with combining assets to meet the financial requirements? This our preferred option rather than a co-sponsor or me trying to prove my income will continue from the same source after adjusting my status.
  22. Hi, I have some questions about how to fill out the I-134: 1. Page 1, Other Information Do we wait for a response from USCIS after we send our packet so that we can fill out "USCIS Online Account Number"? 2. Page 2, Part 1, no. 12 "I am ___ years of age and have resided in the United States since ___" If my fiancé was born in the U.S. and hasn't lived anywhere else since, do we simply put his age and date of birth? 3. Page 2, Part 2, no. 7 Relationship (of the beneficiary) to sponsor: is this item asking for familial relationship like the I-129F or should we put "fiancée" or "None"? 4. Page 3, Part 3, no. 3 "My annual income is:" - we can enter the current pay my fiancé is getting, but what if he gets a raise or is promoted between now and the interview? Should we simply enter the info that matches the employment info we already put in the I-129F? 5. In relation to previous question re financial information: How early on may we fill out the affidavit and can it have the same date as the packet? Should the pay stubs be dated no earlier than 3 months before interview date or can they be from anytime within the year? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  23. Hello, for k1 visa, my fiancee (the petitioner) is unable to get her transcript online as she doesnt know what address the irs hold for her most recent tax return (issues with prev employer not updating her address). She requested them by post but it says its been posted to her address on her recent tax return - she doesnt live there (previous address) anymore. My question is, how can she get her tax returns sent to her current address? Its for the i134 affidavit of support.
  24. Hi everyone! My Fiancee and me are planning to apply for the K1 visa so we can get married in the US and then apply for AOS and immigrate to the US. She is from Virginia and is been living in Paris for the past 5 years. I'm french and we've been living together for two years now. I've seen that the sponsor (Her) has to meet the Federal minimum income requirement which is almost $17,000 per year. I've also seen that this income has to be US-based. Can we still apply for the K1 visa since we BOTH live and work outside the US? Thanks a lot!
  25. Hi, I’m the petitioner’s beneficiary, and I’m really confused with the affidavit of support forms. Here’s our situation: The petitioner (my husband), recently moved back in the US (he used to live here in the PH & is a dual citizen). He has never been employed, thus haven’t been filing taxes. He moved in with his father in the US. We’re planning to have his father as our co-sponsor/joint sponsor. Now here is where we got confused, should we go thru the Household member route or the Joint sponsor route? Also the following items must be noted: - his father has been filing joint tax returns with his mom, but his mom is not a USC and is not working in the states - his father has 10 in his household size based on his ITR last 2015 (but I double checked his income, and it can still accommodate me given the poverty guidelines of 2019 - my husband is listed as his dependent in his tax returns Option 1: Household combining their incomes: my husband, the USC petitioner and the principal sponsor shall submit an i-864 indicating $0.00 income, and providing a letter explaining non filing of taxes. His father will submit an i-864A, and must submit his IRS tax transcript including his W2s, and employment verification( question: what other docs does he need to submit that are income related?). And to support this route, he must submit proof showing that he and my husband lives in the same residence (IDs, and bills addressed to him), and show their relationship (birth certificate!! What other docs do we need to submit to prove this?). — Question for this, do we need to add my mother in law’s i-864A since they(my father in law and her) file their taxes together? Will it be valid even if she’s not a us citizen, and technically she doesn’t live with them? (She’ll be retiring soon as a flight attendant, and she’s based in HK) — i’m also a bit iffy with this route as I feel like it’s cheating since we won’t be declaring the household size of the household member (it is indicated in the itr, but not being asked for in the i-864A), and my husband has $0.00 income, so we’ll be relying solely on his father’s income for this AOS. Option 2: Joint sponsor route wherein my husband will submit i-864 as principal sponsor, and my father in law will submit i-864 as the joint sponsor. This means I will be added to his household size of 10– (upon checking it is still allowed for his income). For this one, do we need to submit i-864A for his mom, and for the other dependents listed in his tax returns (as far as I know non of them are working, and the other one has moved out from his house recently)? Same conditions as above, his mom is not a USC and does not live with them. Please help us out, we really don’t know which forms to prepare. Should I prepare both? Just in case, we filed via DCF in manila so we’ll be bringing these docs for the interview.
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