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  1. Hello to everyone, I'm going to expose my case and i hope someone could help me in some way. I'm having a little bit of trouble in the family part of the DS-160 , where they ask the name of my biological father. My 'dad', for, me is my uncle and also the one that figures on my birth certificate, i have his surname and the one from my mom's. My uncle took care of me since my birth and in all my documents he's the one one that appears as my dad. With my biological father i don't have a close relationship, he added me on facebook in the past but we don't talk at all and i haven't seem him since i left Ecuador when i was 11 years old. The fact is that now i'm thinking to put my uncle in the father's part because legally, he is and i also put him in the form i-129f. Anyways, i'm kinda worried because, on the other hand, he is an american citizen and he didn't include me, as her daughter, when he applied to be citizen. I'm scared that the CO may can see it, in the system, and this could be a risk for a denial visa. You guys have any advise in what could i do or if i should ask for help to a lawyer? Me and my fiancee are so close to achieve our goal and if something bad could happen would be devastating. By the way, i wish good luck to everyone that are waiting for the interview and going through this hard process!
  2. Hello, So we have already sent our packet 3 and are now waiting on receiving the authorization to schedule our interview date and medical appointment. I was just wondering how did those who did the process through the US Embassy in Madrid receive that authorization? Was it through mail or electronically through email? Would appreciate any type of info on that! Thanks 🤗
  3. Hello My name is Ramiro, On August 29, 2019 my fiance she had her interview in the embassy everything was good. but i do have a criminal record. my lawyer told me it would not be an issue. because its not DV, or any type of spousal abuse charges. so they put our case in AP just sais waiting further review. so what do i need to know if anyone can help i would appreciate it. lawyer tells me we will be fine just need to be patient. well any support you can give will be appreciated. thank you Godbless
  4. Hi, I'm currently living and working in Canada on a work permit which expires in November. My case has left for the Montreal consulate and I have only recently discovered that I will need to prove my status in Canada in order to proceed. In order to keep status in Canada I have applied for PR which gives me the right to apply for a work extension, both of which will take 4 months to process. Once my current work permit is up I will be on implied status which allows me to keep my current status however this is just implied and I dont have an actual document or new work permit that explains / states this. My question is: - has anybody been in this situation before where you have had to prove implied status and if so how have you done this? - would I be better off requesting a transfer to my home country and proceeding that way? If so, what are the delays involved? Thanks so much!
  5. Anybody have any difficulty with proof of status in their country of residence. I am currently in between work permits (original expired and new one is still pending) where I can still work while waiting on decision on new one in Canada. If I bring the old work permit, my application receipt for the new permit and recent pay stubs, will I be asked anything further on my status or go into AP until my new work permit comes through?
  6. I'm close to sending in my I-139F but I have a few answers that I hope this community can clarify for me. Part 2, Question 37-38.h: On the I-129F form it says to do 38.a-38.h if the beneficiary is currently in the US. On the I-139F directions, it says to provide the information regarding the beneficiary's most recent entry. My fiance is not currently in the US but had recently visited. Am I supposed to answer this question or not? Part 3 Criminal information 4a-4b: I have two alcohol related incidents. One I was cited for, the other I was arrested for. These have both been expunged. I have court certified documents stating that these records no longer exist. I also have the expungement document with all the appropriate signatures. The only problem is that they wrote my social security # wrong. Should I still send the expungement document? Will this cause problems for me?Also, should I explain the entire situation of how I was arrested? Or would just listing the charges and dates be enough? Last question - other names used: My nickname is a shortened form of my name (think Matthew-Matt). I sign my signature with this nickname and have it on some travel documents I'm including as proof. The same goes for my fiance. So for other names used, should we put out nicknames? Or is this only for a legal name? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Hello...we have FINALLY arrived at the point where we can schedule my finale's interview in Montreal for the K-1 France Visa...and there are no appointments available. It is still on the payment page...but I don't see where I can actually go to pay the fee. When I click home it says to "pay fee" but when I click there it takes be back to the page that shows there are no appointment date available. How long do you think we will have to wait/how far out will the interview be scheduled? Thanks for your help!!
  8. Hello Everyone, I am currently here at US, Florida for J1 Internship, I have a boyfriend and I really need to stay here thinking about our future. I know that I just need a green card to stay, but we don't want to get married yet. Is there any other way we can do so that I can get to stay here aside from marriage? Thank You
  9. Hi, i'm a foreign student in the Philippines. I have my NBI clearance but i'm trying to get my police clearance from the police station in Manila but they keep telling me i couldn't get it because it's not related to Philippines. I'm so confused why they wouldnt let me get it.
  10. Hello all, I was curious about applying for an SSN as a K1 visa holder because it seems a lot of people rush into it. I've been in the US for a month now, wedding is on October 4th, haven't submitted any other paperwork since I got it. Should I also be working on getting an SSN before I get married? What's the rush, as opposed to getting it after marriage?
  11. Hello, I am new to the forum and i just wanted to ask a couple of questions about k1-process and if i am a bit too soon to file the application I met my girlfriend through her family, a niece of hers. We started talking early of March 2019 and i met her in person in Can Tho, Vietnam in July 2019. I stayed there for 2 weeks. I fell in love with her and decided to marry her. Question i have for you all is is it too soon for me to start the paper work process in September 2019 after 6 months of dating her and only met her once. I am flying back there again in December, meeting her parents and all. In addition, i have met her family here in states, especially her uncle. He told me he will represents her family as he is the oldest in the family. He approves of me and her. He also met my family as well. Another thing is she has applied for Student visa in the US but has failed. Would this be a red flag for her in the application? You know like oh the girl failed the student visa, now she will do everything she can to go here, like finding a fake husband and all. I love her very much and i know she does love me as well. I am planning to propose in December, which she is aware of ( she has to since i was too scared of picking up a wrong ring size).
  12. My (now) wife is here on a K1 visa. She arrived in the US in July. Her 90 days ends October 2nd. We got married last Thursday. We are waiting for the marriage certificate now. Does our paperwork need to be sent out by the end of the 90 days, or do we just need to be married before the 90 days are up? thank you!
  13. Hello, question...Im a Philippine citizen who did her K1 FIANCE VISA PROCESS in Saudi Arabia (because I work there) and then came to the US directly from there just recently after my K1 VISA has been approved. Now after marriage we are doing the adjustment of status. Now one of the requirements is a medical exam- DS 3025 thing. I arrived here in the US with the sealed packet and of course the immigration officer will take it right? I dont have any other records of that DS 3025 THING, that OLAYA MEDICAL COMPLEX( where I did my medical exam in Saudi Arabia) ONLY GAVE ME A PIECE OF PAPER THAT SAYS VACCINATION SHEET but i dont know if this is acceptable...PLEASE HELP ME IM EFFIN Stressed lol I mean why should i DO another medical exam when I just did it recently not even a year yet. march 2019???
  14. Hello, I just want to ask you guys about K1 visa. My fiance applied for student visa in Vietnam like a year ago and she was denied. Now we met through a mutual friend and i am thinking of doing k1. Would the rejection to student visa impact her chances of approval? Would CR1 be a better path here?
  15. Hi everyone. I've posted a few times about my fiance's K1 Visa case being in Administrative Processing at the US Embassy in Colombo, and unfortunately it's been over 1 year now. He was placed on AP under 221G and no other information was requested, so we assumed background checks, etc. Anyway, I checked the CEAC about 2 weeks ago and noticed that the status had been updated to "Expired." It has been the same since. Since we were put on AP, I checked nearly every day and noticed that we never got "Expiring Soon" or anything like that, and other than vague email responses from the embassy, neither I or my senator's office have not received any meaningful letter, request, or notification at all. I, along with my senator's office, emailed them right after I realized the status change, and neither of us have received any reply or notification of any sort. Calling is pointless because they will only tell me to send an email to the embassy, which we have already done. Is that it? is our petition cancelled? I thought that AP cases were renewed until completed and would not expire, but now we are worried and confused. Might anyone know what's going on or what our next course of action should be? Thank you
  16. Hello! Im getting married in December. so ive been reading post related to the marriage licence and certificate. - some of then shows the maiden name, so I decided to take my husband’s last name. I wonder how this works when and where should i go ? In getting married in Palm Beach, FL. Im afraid of having problems later when i get my gc - other question related about taking my husbands last name: once i get my gc (with my new married last name) if we want to travel abroad, how should we buy the tickets? Because my passport will have my maiden last name thanks in advance
  17. Hello! Petitioner speaking. My British fiance and I will be interviewing at the Seoul, Korea embassy where we both currently live and work legally. Question about the co-sponsor for the K1-visa. Because my fiance and I have been teaching in Seoul, South Korea, I will probably not have a job lined up by the time we move back to America with the K1 visa. Obviously I will be applying for jobs, but I am a certified teacher and school jobs hire between March-June where I am from and its looking like our K1 interview will probably be in January or February 2020. Because of this, we will be using my aunt as a co-sponsor. My aunt (co sponsor) has no dependents and lives alone. She is 58 years old and has recently quit her job to take care of some aging family members. While she is unemployed, she does have hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets including savings, bank account, and stocks. I also currently make above the minimum requirement, but obviously my job will end here in Korea when we move to America. Will my aunt be an adequate co sponsor for the interview with all of her assets even though she is currently unemployed? Furthermore, we plan to live with my grandmother for a while to help take care of her before we get our own apartment. i have been using my grandmothers residence for years as my permanent address in America and my license and mailing address are linked to that. My aunt (co sponsor) lives in another apartment but in the same city, is that okay? Should I try to arrange our own apartment before we move back? That would be quite the hassle but is possible. The other option is to use my cousin as a co sponsor. However, my cousin is my age (25), doesn't have near as much money or assets as my aunt, doesn't live in the same state as we will, but does have a current job and income of about $45,000 annually. Any thoughts or advice about which route we should go (aunt or cousin as co sponsor) would be highly appreciated, thanks!
  18. Hi, So I applied for my replacement Social Security Card. I previously had a Social Number and Card from my previous J1 Visa, however I lost that card. I applied for a new card at the Social Security office. I was initially told it would take one month. I returned to the office after the first month to be told that the information on my I-94 doesn't match the information with Social Security. I contacted USCIS and they told me their was no immigration hold on my card and their was no issue with my I-94. Eventually, it became a blame game between Social Security and USCIS. I returned a second time to Social Security after the first month and they told me I'd done all on my part and that they are waiting on immigration to SAVE verify me. They said that immigration have been dragging their feet as of late. They told me to return in two weeks if I hadn't received it in the mail by then. I returned to the Social office to the same response, their is still an immigration hold on my card. It's now been six weeks and still no card. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I've filed for my AOS, so do I have to wait for that to clear before I get my new card? Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I have a question, if my fiancé changes address ( if he moves to another state) what if this happens when im about to get the embassy interview, i mean i have to bring a nee i129f page of the current address? Or when the k1 is approved (visa stamp in the passport) , does he just need to update the address by calling the USCIS ?
  20. Hello I have a question about Security checks done by the Department of Defense. First of all I want to thank everyone here at Visa Journey. This forum has kept my head high feeling that tomorrow might be the day me and my fiancé receive our NOA2. I’ve read through many forums and have learned a lot, hopefully when I get approved I can participate and help someone else out from my own experience. Here is my quick timeline: Met online in September 2014 Traveled and visited her from 1/29/2015 to 2/18/2015 Submitted I-129F on 8/3/2015 Texas Drop Box Rcvd and transfer on 8/8/2015 California Service Center received ppwk on 8/11/2015, NOA1 received and status online updated. Nothing since then I’ve called multiple times and they’ve came back with the “Pending security checks” generic email with no real timeframe. It has been more than 233 days since the NOA1, does anyone know how long it usually takes for the Security Checks. I’ve already contacted my congressman. From what I’ve read in the forums contacting USCIS is useless as they cannot control these security checks and a tier two officer is also not so helpful. I have a theory of why my security checks might be taking a bit longer, I was actually under investigation for a Felony in early 2015 but the investigation has since been declined by the DA. I had called to confirm this in February of 2016. I’ve called the DA’s office and they said that this shouldn’t affect my Visa Process because no real case was taken, they said they will only send a letter to USCIS if I can show them that I need them to send that letter (For example a rejection letter from the USCIS NOA2). During a background check would Homeland Securities or Department of Defense request these items from the DA or the local Police? How long would that take? Or will this hold up due to the Statute of Limitations? I know many may say “Get a Lawyer” or “Just wait” but I was just wondering if anyone was in this situation before or know anyone in this situation. I’ll just keep praying tomorrow will be the day, it’s been a long struggle but we are hoping and praying every day. Sometimes we argue about this process and why it takes so long but I always try to reassure her that the USCIS will not let us down at the end and that we’ll be together, some people have waited longer. Thanks for any suggestions or comments.
  21. I had my k1 visa interview yesterday, and it seemingly went well. I gave all the answers confidently as I had prepared for the all possible questions before hand & had sufficient proof of relationship evidence to support my case. After the interview the CO stated that they had 'everything they need' and just needed to do some 'additional processing' and they will contact me once they are done. At this time I did not receive a letter stating that my VISA had been denied under some section or I wasn't told that I was ineligible for the VISA. I also did not receive a slip (221g) stating that I had incomplete documents. I was fine with them doing additional processing or checks as it seemed normal in a K1 case. I would like to point out that the CO asked for my 'nikkah nama' (marriage contract) to which I reconfirmed that we are engaged and not married so there is no 'nikkah nama'. I don't know if she was trying to throw me off or she genuinely believed that we were married because of my engagement pictures (i did clarify that was not the case). The same day while checking my VISA status on the CEAC website my status changed from 'ready' to 'refused' and it is mentioned at the bottom that I need to review the letter handed to me after the interview to understand the reason for the 'refused' status. My issue with this abrupt and unexpected status change on the same day as my interview is that I did not receive any letter or incomplete document slip or any indication that my case would be refused. I want to know if this has happened before or if this is normal or if there is a possibility that this might be an error and my status is likely to change. I heard in a few cases that 'refused' means temporarily refused until they do some further investigating and the status might change. Also they kept my passport (it is still with the embassy).
  22. I and my fiance (petitioner) had our interview on 30th of August 2019 in Mumbai. The interviewer asked a few questions and after that started asking about our previously refused k1 Visa application. Before I and my fiance had met in person, we had applied for k1 because he was in US army flight school and was not allowed to travel or leave the country and I didn't have a travel visa to the US. So they refused our request for waiver and denied us. We filed again after we had met (and got engaged with the ring and stuff) and within 3 months we had got accepted. Did everything else which we were asked to do and then this happened at the interview. My morale is at an all time low. I am heartbroken. My fiancee even went to the interview with me. The interviewer asked me to send him our Whatsapp correspondence before we had met in person so I will do that now. I also think he asked me to send my passport along with it. Now I am not sure about that. Everything feels like a haze to me so I am pretty sure that he asked me to send the passport along with the proof but my brain is raising doubts. So do they ask you to send your passport with the proof?
  23. Hi Folks, I'm curious if anyone has had any experience with this situation. Our current status is that the K1/K2 visa packages are at the US Embassy in the Philippines. DS160 has been completed. Interview has not been scheduled and the Medical Exams have not been completed. Sadly we're waiting on some documents from the DSWD (4+ months now) for her adopted son (she's had him since he was 1 day old. He's 14 now. The original paperwork wasn't completed correctly) so that we can complete the K1/K2 visa process. So the question - has anyone had any luck receiving a tourist visa for a fiance under these circumstances? My 22 year old daughter is getting married in November and we'd really like for my K1 fiance to be able to come to the wedding even if it's on a single entry tourist visa. Thanks in advance for your help!
  24. Hello, I am the applicant and I have a query. In the packet I received from Mumbai it mentioned that I need to carry my birth certificate with me but I don't have one. I don't think my parents even collected that from the hospital, ever. So in this case what should I do? Can this be a problem at the interview? Is there anything else I can carry at its place? Can this affect our case and get us denied? Please help, I am freaking out.
  25. Hey, I have a query and I am an applicant. My birth certificate and my passport say different names for my mother. Her maiden name (Prem) was unofficially changed after marriage (common practice back then in India) but by mistake she used her old name at the hospital (habit). Now I have a notarized document which says that her old name (Prem) and new name (Preeti) belongs to the same person and all that. Is that enough? All my school documents mention her post marriage name (Preeti) which is why passport has that name. Should I do something else? Is that going to be a problem?
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