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  1. For those that have K1 Visa approvals in the Philippines and have not left yet: What are your plans? If the shut down continues for a few more months, my fiancee K1 visa will expire. Can we ask the US Embassy to extend the visa due to the corona virus? Do we reapply and start the process again? Just wondering what options we have. Thanks in advance for any replies and stay safe.
  2. I received the I-797C NOA 1 for my K1 VISA application around March 7, way before this madness with the COVID-19. I want to know if they'll still process applications normally or did they stop due to offices being closed.
  3. Hello Everyone, I hope there is someone out there who has been in the same situation as me. I am a former au pair in the US. I came back to my home country end of July 2019. I am currently applying for a K1 Visa with my boyfriend and I am trying to do everything right, so I won't ruin our chances. My question is about taxes in the US. I worked as an au pair for six months during 2019 and I assume I have to pay taxes for those six months right? I obviously don't want to pay the money if it's not what I have to do but on the other hand, I don't want to not pay, if it will affect any decisions regarding our petition. Anyone who knows anything about this? Thank you :-)
  4. Iam slowly starting to freak out because i cant find answers anywhere, and the CBP updates really dont give me a good answer. Anybody here crossed by land or air with a k1 visa? Thank you
  5. My case was ready been a week and i dont receive any email from the ambassy yet. And now due to the covid19 the ambassy cancel all schedules, my question is will i still receive the package 3? Or will they wait until everything’s fine to email me the packages 3? Some advice please
  6. My fiancee, was issued a K1 visa on March 6, but because of the lockdowns and provincial quarantine, she got stuck in Pangasinan. My question is has someone travelled coming from the north Luzon to the NAIA airport? Will she be allowed to pass provincial checkpoints and enter NCR if she shows her ticket? Her visa wil expire next month I just want to know if anyone was able to travel from Northern Luzon to NAIA recently. Thanks.
  7. Interviewed in Manila on 18 February 2020, problems began during initial document screening at window 37 . They lost all paperwork from St. Lukes. After a 2 and 1/2 hour search was called back to window and told all paperwork was complete and go to fingerprinting. After fingerprinting went in for interview took oath and he asked just two questions. During this time he seemed upset and fumbling through the paperwork. I gave him my 2019 tax return and he said we were approved. I gave him my thanks and asked if it would be possible to have visa issued by February 27th. He responded he would try his best. On February 27 Visa was issued and mailed to wrong location. Finally recovered package only to find no Visa. Denied until additional information was provided. Tried to call Embassy, could not get past call center firewall. Issue seemed to be with NBI documentation. They wanted NBI from previous marriage 20 years ago. Went to get NBI and they would not issue because she just had an updated NBI issued in January 2020. Showed them letter from Embassy and they issued NBI information as requested by Embassy and I forwarded information and passport back to Embassy through 2GO at Mall of Asia. All attempts to talk to anyone was just a mess. Finally got a working Email address after being sent to Mumbai India by call center. Embassy responded to Email by sending a computer generated Visa application form. Total communication break-down. I was to the Philippines to assist my Fiancee who has an orthopedic disability and glad that I was there but it did not help with this paperwork mess. Made it out of Manila on the last flight from the airport and now we are stuck in this Corona mess. This should have never happened. Seems as if the ball was dropped at every procedure of paper processing. I have contacted Senator Cruz, of Texas and he has requested information from me to help with this mess but the damage has been done.
  8. Hi! I’m moving to us soon on a K1 visa and i’m wondering how did you guys deal with your banks? i’m not sure how to go about transferring my money to a us account? did you do cross border banking? if so what bank did you use
  9. Hey guys, I have my K1 visa medical in Knightsbridge on Wednesday and I am starting to feel really anxious and under prepared! I have a history of depression and was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 in 2016. That was probably my lowest point and since then I have got my life back on track through a mix of medication, counselling and taking responsibility for managing my symptoms. Ideally I would have more paperwork to prove this though. I moved city and GP in October 2019 and it has taken until now for my new GP practice to receive my medical records. I have my patient summary which has a decent amount of info but ideally I would have a letter from a GP that knows me well and also the psychiatrist who I was meeting regularly with for around 2 years up until the end of last year. I am going to prepare a timeline of my mental health, periods of counselling I have undertaken, groups I have attended etc to communicate the responsibility I have taken to manage my condition. I have read a lot on here about the benefit of having a letter from a medical professional attesting that you are “no longer a threat to yourself or others, now will be in the future”. How concerned should I be that I don’t have this? Also, If I am referred for a psychological assessment how long does that take to organise and would it need to be in London? Any help with this would be much appreciated! Cheers Stuart
  10. Hello everyone I just wanted to see if I can get others experience and results in this process, so I had my k1 visa interview in london two weeks ago and was told there may be an ineligibility on my visa based on two cautions in 2008 for shoplifting on the same day but has been stepped down, they hadn't spoken to acro at that point to confirm or had my medical results which they did 5 days later, he did tell me the quicker the response of them it wouldn't be good and gave me a green form which said I was refused under 221g pending admin processing, which I assume it's because they didn't have all the information yet, even though I walked away as though I had been denied already, the waiting game is killing me and I'm wondering if anyone else got accepted or denied based on two cautions or petty crimes,and if so did you appeal? any responses or insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Hi all! It’s been 5 days since my case change from in transit to ready, and haven’t received the package 3. Anyone have an idea how many days to get the package 3 ?
  12. Hello I am new to this website so I am a little nervous but here is my past two weeks in a nutshell. I had my interview on the 26th of February at the Montreal Consulate and I was given a 221g to submit a new passport. I submitted my new passport on the 2nd of March and it got to the consulate on the 4th. On the ceac website it says that my case has been refused since the 26th of February. On Monday March the 9th my case has been updated to still say refused. I have emailed the Montreal consulate for clarification on what to do next. I'm very open to see if anyone would like to share their advice on what this means or if I should panic.
  13. Hello, my fiance had her interview in the casablanca us consulate in January 10. She was approved. That same day, they called her saying she is missing a document. She sent it through aramex. Until now she still did not receive her passport and visa. When looking at the CEAC website, it still says "ready". On the ustraveldocs website, when she puts her passport number to track it, nothing shows up, it just says "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted" Please can we get some advice or help on whats going on. Thanks.
  14. i have been searching and looking everywhere on steps to concerning the I-129F petition, i found so much info that I'm overwhelmed now, i need the steps and all the documents needed for the filling of the package by order, thank you very much.
  15. Hey everyone, I just got done researching a lot of things and preparing myself for the rest of this k1 journey. I noticed that several sites including uscis stated that if the beneficiary has or had any mental illness associated with harmful behavior will not be issued a visa. A brief explanation of my fiance's medical history: diagnosed at age 11 with Psychosis, had been treated up until age 18, stopped for a while and has been stable for 2 years. However, the past 2 years he hasn't sought treatment and is not taking meds. What do we need to prepare for this? Will he be rejected because of this?
  16. Hi. May I know the average processing time of AOS in New Jersey. Also, if I receive my 2yr green card, can i file re-entry permit to finish my nursing school in the Philippines? I have 3 semesters left and due to the change of curriculum I might stay for another semester. I need some advice. I’d rather go back to the Ph than getting in debt with student loans here in the US.
  17. Hi everybody! I am sorry if I'm making a duplicate thread - I tried searching for an answer but could not find one. Therefore I am reaching out to you :) So, I am one of those people who are sending in my AOS package after February 24th. I have heard rumors and read on the USCIS website that there might be a change in fees regarding the AOS process. As of now the fee for AOS is $1,225 and the I-765 and I-131 for free if you send them in along with the AOS. I have read what the USCIS are saying about this on their website, but it seems like the fees are still the same as before. Are they though? Or have I misunderstood something here? Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend.
  18. Dear god I hope someone can respond to me I am so worried. I have my embassy interview on Friday my medical was last Monday, now even though there was a history of depression in my care summary, I said it was never serious depression and never no thoughts on harming myself. I didn't think it was necessary to disclose this as I've been fine for over three year now, big mistake because they asked for a GP report which has to include the fact I had suicidal thoughts at the time of the depression even though it was never acted on and no other history of harming myself or others, my GP will be shining a good light on my mental health state now but I'm worried the medical team will think I deliberately lied to them, can anybody give me any reassurance as to what they think will happen based on your experience, If I will get a chance to explain at the embassy should they ask me? Don't think the GP report will be done in time for my interview though so I may not get that chance, do you think this is reasons for denial on a k1 visa?
  19. Hi. I just found out that I am HBsAg reactive. I have been taking liverAid and other liver vitamins and supplements but I really have not been to any doctor for official diagnoses and stuff. Before I met my fiancé, I asked him to have himself vaccinated and stuff and he did. But I haven't been really open to him about it. So nw, my questions are: 1. Will I be denied for k1 visa? 2. If I don't have records to show that I am getting medication, will they still deny me? I have read that some were allowed after presenting records and all. 3. will he be informed or something? Cause I have been planning to tell him in person, the next time we meet. But I don't want him to find out thru this or get notified that "hey your girl is sick!" My medical and interview is scheduled in 2 weeks. I really need your help and opinion in this matter guys!
  20. Hi, My CEAC status Is Ready. For Case Last Updated first it was February 6th but today it Is changed to February 12th. What does this change of dates acctualy means?
  21. Hello all, I just recently submitted the I-129f ( Jan 05, 2020) and got the NOA1 in the mail (Jan 14th, 2020). I had a help from a friend of my grandpa that does all the immigration paper works. I was very happy that I got NOA1. Now the waiting game begins. I am planning to go back in May 2020 to do a quick visit my fiance for like a week, ( this will be the third visit. First one was back in July 2019, after 4 months of communication, second one was in Dec 2019, it was when i proposed). The third trip, we are planning to do a wedding photo shoot. My questions are 1. Would this wedding photo shoot gonna affect the interview? I read on the forum saying Engagment ceremonies can make it looks " too married" for k1 applications, but this is just a photo shoot. 2. I read on the forum that so many horror stories where many get rejected ever since the Houston scandal. I am not sure about the chances of us getting approved after that. 3. Would it be ideal after we get our NOA2, my fiance can go to one of those services that helps with paperwork to get her schedule for medical exam, appointment and paperworks ready for the interview? A little background about us. I was born in Vietnam, moved to US when i was 12. Met my fiance through a mutual friend of ours back in late Feb 2019. I am 25 M and my fiance is 22 FM. Thank you.
  22. Anyone has any ideas on what to do to in this situation? My J1 Waiver Approved August 21 2017... didn't receive any kind of notices because they were being sent to Dominican Republic... on October 4th I managed to update my address (to an US address) and request them to send another approval notice... It is October 18 and still haven't received the letter on the mail.. I need to have this letter by November 15 as I need to bring it to the embassy for my visa interview.. And just so you know my K1 visa was approved October 10th and I received the approval letter October 13.. So I do get mail from USCIS.. just not THIS ONE!!! Could I bring a print screen of the uscis case tracker as proof to the embassy in case I never get the notice? I think that if I request another notice they will tell me to wait 30 days until I can request it and they mail it again..
  23. Hi guys I had my interview on 28th of august consular gave 221g form he just asked for police certificate from England I provided them on 8th of September now it says application received since 15th of September but now I can't tack my passport either can u guide me is it normal?
  24. My fiancée will be filing a K1 visa petition very soon and we're having some confusion with her household income. So she had 3 kids from her previous marriage and I have one with her ( 7 months old). her parents have claimed her kids on their taxes but they live with her and they did that because she was schooling, but she began working about 7 months ago. 1. I'd like to know when she's calculating her household, will she have to add the kids even though her parents have claimed them? 2. also does she have to add our new born to the household? 3. Now she's going to file her taxes pretty soon now she's working. Does she have to put the kids on her taxes?
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