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  1. Hi All, first post here. I though it might be a good idea to have an "announcement watch" tracker to try and accurately track what the officials are saying via news media and elsewhere. Whilst this site is incredibly informative there are a lot of opinion based updates which are misleading and I thought it might be good to have a section whereby updates are shared eradicating all false hope by cutting rumor-mill discussion. The U.S. embassy here in Dublin has not yet opened - so trying to keep my finger on the pulse on when we may actually get an interview date.. There is no material update since the 2nd June: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ie/niv/information/announcements#571-urgent_information_for_visa_applicants_regarding_novel_coronavirus_20200526162555
  2. Hi everyone I am preparing for my K1 interview in Sydney next month. I’ve noticed that, for some embassies, it is best to bring additional proof of your relationship to the interview. The Sydney consulate has a check list, which doesn’t request for additional proof, but I was just wondering whether I should prepare evidence anyways. If anyone has had a recent interview in Australia, could you please share your experience on this issue? Thank you.
  3. Hi! For those doing their K1 (Fiancé Visa) interview at the US Embassy in Manila, what were the documents asked from the applicant with an existing US B1/B2 Tourist Visa?
  4. Hello Everyone, I had a K1 Interview with Mumbai Consulate on 04th October, 2019. I was told that my visa is approved, and that I would be intimated via Email or SMS within the next 3 to 5 business days. However for the 10 days post interview, the status on the consular website was Non Immigrant Visa Application - "Application Received". On 15th Oct, the status date was updated to 15th Oct, yet the status was application received. I checked with the US Travel Docs, it says the passport is still with the US Consulate/Embassy. On 14th Oct, 2019 however, the status changed to "There is no status update available for the passport number submitted." There has been no change in the status post that. When I call the customer care, I usually get the update as"Your documents are with the post". Should I be really concerned about this situation. Has anyone who has gone through the similar thing tell me how long did it take for you to receive the Passport back?
  5. Hello! Petitioner speaking. My British fiance and I will be interviewing at the Seoul, Korea embassy where we both currently live and work legally. Question about the co-sponsor for the K1-visa. Because my fiance and I have been teaching in Seoul, South Korea, I will probably not have a job lined up by the time we move back to America with the K1 visa. Obviously I will be applying for jobs, but I am a certified teacher and school jobs hire between March-June where I am from and its looking like our K1 interview will probably be in January or February 2020. Because of this, we will be using my aunt as a co-sponsor. My aunt (co sponsor) has no dependents and lives alone. She is 58 years old and has recently quit her job to take care of some aging family members. While she is unemployed, she does have hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets including savings, bank account, and stocks. I also currently make above the minimum requirement, but obviously my job will end here in Korea when we move to America. Will my aunt be an adequate co sponsor for the interview with all of her assets even though she is currently unemployed? Furthermore, we plan to live with my grandmother for a while to help take care of her before we get our own apartment. i have been using my grandmothers residence for years as my permanent address in America and my license and mailing address are linked to that. My aunt (co sponsor) lives in another apartment but in the same city, is that okay? Should I try to arrange our own apartment before we move back? That would be quite the hassle but is possible. The other option is to use my cousin as a co sponsor. However, my cousin is my age (25), doesn't have near as much money or assets as my aunt, doesn't live in the same state as we will, but does have a current job and income of about $45,000 annually. Any thoughts or advice about which route we should go (aunt or cousin as co sponsor) would be highly appreciated, thanks!
  6. I had my k1 visa interview yesterday, and it seemingly went well. I gave all the answers confidently as I had prepared for the all possible questions before hand & had sufficient proof of relationship evidence to support my case. After the interview the CO stated that they had 'everything they need' and just needed to do some 'additional processing' and they will contact me once they are done. At this time I did not receive a letter stating that my VISA had been denied under some section or I wasn't told that I was ineligible for the VISA. I also did not receive a slip (221g) stating that I had incomplete documents. I was fine with them doing additional processing or checks as it seemed normal in a K1 case. I would like to point out that the CO asked for my 'nikkah nama' (marriage contract) to which I reconfirmed that we are engaged and not married so there is no 'nikkah nama'. I don't know if she was trying to throw me off or she genuinely believed that we were married because of my engagement pictures (i did clarify that was not the case). The same day while checking my VISA status on the CEAC website my status changed from 'ready' to 'refused' and it is mentioned at the bottom that I need to review the letter handed to me after the interview to understand the reason for the 'refused' status. My issue with this abrupt and unexpected status change on the same day as my interview is that I did not receive any letter or incomplete document slip or any indication that my case would be refused. I want to know if this has happened before or if this is normal or if there is a possibility that this might be an error and my status is likely to change. I heard in a few cases that 'refused' means temporarily refused until they do some further investigating and the status might change. Also they kept my passport (it is still with the embassy).
  7. I received my NOA 2 mid May, and my status changed to "ready" on 6/27. I have scheduled my interview on 7/22 but I haven't received any email from the Embassy... Would I have to reschedule??
  8. I have sent my beneficiary modest amounts of money over time to pay for internet / phone connection, so he can see the dentist, buy a shirt, etc. Records of these are not requested for the interview. Some people say having them strengthens the case, others say they make the case look fraudulent. Does anyone have insight or advice on this?
  9. Hello everyone, After receiving case number from NVC, I completed my DS-160, Medical exam, I-134, paid the fee, Scheduled the Interview on 17th October. As few days left, I heard about Packet 3 (which is a set of Instruction from Embassy to follow). My attorney already gave that set of instructions to follow after getting the case number. The only missing document is that embassy declare that they have received your case from NVC. (My case on CEAC shows "Ready" from In transit). I am super concerned that the embassy will send me back without attending the interview. If you guys have any info kindly guide me. I will be thankful. Regards
  10. Hi everyone, I'm applying for a K1 visa for my fiancee in Russia and I'll appreciate a bit of clarity. After, we received our packet 3 on 19 Feb , I went ahead and completed DS-160, paid the $265 fee and went online to complete the interview scheduling process but had to wait for our request for interview appointment to be approved. I sent an email to the Moscow embassy to inquire about our status and I just received 2 responses from ustraveldocs.com that the Embassy has received our visa petition and that the case is ready for processing, and other details about scheduling an interview; i immediately received another email that the request to schedule an interview has been approved also. My question are: 1.Are we going to receive a separate e-mail (packet IV) from the Moscow Embassy(rather than ustraveldocs.com ) with details about the medical examination process and other stuff? Or the response we got from ustraveldocs.com is what we'll use to schedule the medical exam? 3. There are currently no interview appointments available at the Moscow embassy. anyone in the same boat and how you dealing with it? Thanks very much
  11. Hi Guys, Its been 2 weeks since the Mumbai consulate has received case from NVC and the status shows Ready. My fiancee has not received a notification or packet 4 from the Consulate. I reached out to Ustraveldocs support email and US phone number but they insist on me providing a UID, email address of the Profile that I created. The problem is that creation of the profile is only relevant when I need to submit the DS-160 and book an appointment. Can anyone who has reached out to the mumbai consulate when they did not receive a packet or notification, guide me on what I need to do? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys I've been using VisaJourney for advice all throughout my K1 process, but this is the first time I've needed to actually post something. I hope you can help. So me and my Fiancee have been going through the process since February last year. Yesterday (Friday 25th of Jan) was my interview date at the new US Embassy in London. I arrived half hour earlier than my appointment slot and was let in earlier too. I was given a number and sent upstairs. After sitting down for a few minutes I was called up to give in my official documents and answer some questions, I was then told to sit back down and that they'd call my number one more time. Another half hour passes and I'm called back to a different window with a lady who asks me some more questions pertaining to our relationship. She then says that they "should be able to approve that." I'm taken aback by how quick this was but I did clarify by asking "Did you say I was approved?" to which she responds "Yes." I then ask if that's it and if I can leave and she says I can. I leave the embassy probably about 50 minutes, maybe less, after entering. I get anxious sometimes and now I'm terrified I've done something wrong and that I was meant to stay in there or something, especially since they say you should expect to be in there for 1.5 hours on the embassy website. I've checked the visa status on CEAC using my case number on the IV section and it just says "Ready" Am I overreacting or is this a common occurance
  13. Hello, I have looked for this specific case everywhere with no luck. My situation is that my fiancé who's petitioner doesn't have a stable job (she gets her income with being a food vendor at events) but I, on the other hand, have a well-paid job in the UK. I will be able to continue to work (legally) for them if and when in the US remotely. My savings+income would be far beyond what's required for the poverty line. All the places i've been researching on always talks about petitioner's ability to support, but nowhere it considers that some beneficiaries could be well off with the money. P.S. we're still gonna have a joint sponsor. My question is: Does anyone have any experience in a similar situation when the beneficiary is not exactly broke and could single-handedly support both partners? Does it help in the interview or exact opposite? Thanks, Art
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