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  1. Hey everyone! Any July 2018 filers around? We sent ours on July 5th, waiting for NOA1 Good like and happy waiting!
  2. Hello All, Since I know all Embassys don't all ask the same questions, in reference to the K1 petition, does anyone have a list of questions Amman Jordan Embassy asks?
  3. Hello! I was just wondering of what exactly to do after our K1 visa is approved? 🙂 what forms to work on, what processes to follow, my fiancé’s work visa, maybe if there is a master list on visajourney I could refer to, to start from? I just don’t want to miss a thing and I want to do this entire process properly for the both of us. I just want to stay with my love. I know there are a bunch of tiny little details and stipulations, and I really want to make sure everything goes smoothly. He lives in Ireland if that helps any. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi guys! We emailed the petition last Tuesday (02/27) and it is supposed to be delivered today. Good luck to everyone starting this process
  5. Hi everyone! So, my fiancé and I sent off our I-129f around December 10th, 2018. And unfortunately I am just about to get my passport for the first time in my life (my fiancé visited me from Ireland so he has his passport) I’m about to get mine on February 4th, 2019. My fiancé’s passport expires around summer, but he’s just about to get his renewed as well about the same time (February 4th, 2019). My question would be, would they be able to see this about our passports when they look up our info on us? Or does it even matter? Could it even be grounds for denial? I sent in my birth certificate as proof of citizenship, and along with his just for extra proof for him, along with absolutely everything else necessary, checking definitely 10+ times. Thank you so much for your help! >~< 🙂
  6. Hi everyone! So, my fiancé and I sent off our i129f around December 10, 2018. We are now looking to update our passports this week as my fiance’s is older and well, I honestly don’t have one yet, but of course I sent in my birth certificate. I checked the i129f about 10 times before sending it in and that is truly no exaggeration. We are looking to update any needed vaccinations too of course for my fiancé before the NOA2, hopefully to god an approval. I know that I must do thorough research on the embassy we will have our interview at, amongst other things. Well. While my fiancé was here with me, he actually lived with me for 2 months, he lived with me and my family, which I know is unconventional, but I and my family have never been happier than that time actually. They could see how in love we are and he instantly became part of the family. In our i129f, I included pictures of just him and I and also some with us and the family, and letters from my parents stating how they love him as well, and how they’re more than willing for him to live with us until we get steady financially. I basically let the USCIS know we have a plan already financially as well, and included an affidavit of support from both of my parents and all the requirements too (even though I know it’s not necessary yet) and we’re already saving money up as I write this. And my parents meet the financial requirements as well thankfully, very well. My question is, with this info I provided which was even more thorough in the i129f than I just stated, what do you think the chances are of getting approved with the NOA2? Because sometimes I’m crawling up the wall with nerves, and other days I’m fine. Thank you so much for your feedback if you choose to and for reading this 🙂 you are helping me so much more than you know ;~;
  7. Hi all! So, we sent off our I-129f earlier this December of 2018. We are now just waiting and doing a bit of further research. But as we wait, I can’t help but have a nagging feeling and question; if we were to get the godforsaken denial, or very welcome approval, would we get either answer in 6+ months time? Or if it were a denial, would it come sooner? I know my fiancé and I built an extremely strong case for the both of us, but I can’t help but follow the philosophy of hope for the best but expect the worst. If I may ask, others who have been approved recently, how long did your NOA2 take? We’ve already gotten our NOA1 🙂 thankfully. Thank you all so much for your help!
  8. hello everyone. My fiance and i is filling up the i-129f and we have some questions, i hope someone here can help us. i am from the Philippines but currently in UAE as an ofw. but will be going home to the PH on April 2019 for good 1. in the mailing address question we put my address in the Philippines. Is is okay to do so even if im in the UAE? 2. Should we write in the Physical Address my address here in UAE or just write my address in the Philippines? 3. what should we put in the beneficiary's address abroad ? is it my address here in UAE or in the PH? 4. Last question, will the USCIS send all necessary documents and or the packet on my mailing address? or to my current physical address? because i watched a vlog on youtube saying that what you write down on the Beneficiary's address abroad will serve as the mailing address?
  9. I'm a naturalized US Citizen looking to bring my fiancee from Dubai to the US. I am brand new on this forum. Currently filling out the I-129f and checking out the K1 Fiance Visa Step By Step Guide (super helpful) Question regarding items 49a to 50f (I tried searching through the forum for the past 2 hours and I'm sorry if this question has been asked already...). My fiancee, although an India Passport holder, was born in Dubai and has lived there her entire life. I'm assuming she will go to the US Embassy in Abu Dhabi for the next step. Her parents are from Karnataka (but also currently residing in Dubai). Is her native language Konkani (India) or Arabic (UAE)? She knows English and considers it her first language but I'm guessing that doesn't matter. What language should I put her name and address in? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. So we sent off our i129f, and got back our entire packet (original docs, intent forms, travel docs, everything etc.) with the notice that we must resubmit our forms with the correct fee. I sent in 540$, just in case anything went wrong with the payment. “I don’t know, extra money couldn’t hurt” was what was going through my mind, but it seems they want EXACTLY $535. It says in the notice to send the correct fee, everything else seems to be perfectly fine with the forms thankfully, except they wrote on the bottom of every single document of what I sent in, even our supporting documentation. My question: Am I supposed to redo this entire i129f, with original signatures (i.e., signatures from my fiancé across the world for the letter of intent), or just redo and resubmit the i129f forms since they wrote on them with the correct payment? Thank you for reading this far if you did! I’m so sorry, could never be too safe. Thank you again everyone.
  11. So yes, I just sent off our I-129f forms, and I’m actually feeling pretty confident about it. I’m actually feeling extremely excited to finally be able to start the process of marrying my incredible Sean, and to be done with this stressful and tedious portion. I was so careful. We were so careful. Now, is there anything else between now and awaiting the NOA 1 and 2 and interview process that I should know about or do? Perhaps gather? Or my fiancé? Thank you so much for the help! I can’t explain how grateful I am for this visajourney community, thank you all so much for your help.
  12. Hi! My fiancé just got done sending me his signed US sized passport-like photos all the way from Ireland, and unfortunately, we both made a mistake and he only signed them in cursive. He didn’t sign them in print, only cursive. His first and last name of course, but just cursive. If I were to send these to the USCIS, does anyone think this would warrant an RFE or denial? Or must it be in print? This most likely sounds like overthinking, but can never be too safe I’d assume. Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Here’s a brief summary of our situation. We met online in 2015 playing Xbox live together. I’m in the U.K and he’s in the USA. After flirting and talking about long distance relationships for a while, we knew we wanted a life together. so we committed to a long distance relationship with the intent to marry in June 2017. I’m not rich and neither is he. So after scraping together enough money (about $2000) for a visit to the USA we spent time together and did everything we needed for the I-129f (take pictures together, written statements etc.) We spend hours together each day, on Xbox, FaceTiming, messaging because that’s the best we can do. Would there be any reason to deny us based on only meeting in person once? Thank you in advance for any help.
  14. Hi everyone hope you all doing good I'm statred doing my I-129F package ( K1 VISA ) now , so i was worried about two things , the first one is : my USC fiance change his place alot in the last 5 years he changed it 10 times or maybe more so how we should file the forum exactly because there's only two places in the adress section the second one is when i did a screeshots of our whatsapp i wrote in his name " MY HUSBAND " is that can make a problem for us ? i'm worried what if they can think that we are already married but i'm trying to avoid that by sending my certificate of no marriage !! is that gonna be ok ? thank you everybody , and i wish to everyone the best of luck in their visa journey 😃
  15. After reading a mildly confusing thread here on visajourney from April, and giving it a few months time, has anyone had any experience still sending in g-325a forms with their I-129f forms or not sending them in and still getting accepted?(: thank you! I’m just not sure still if they’re no longer required. But thank you for your feedback if you reply!
  16. Hello! So I’m very close to sending off our I-129f, but I stopped for a minute before going through the evidence we’re providing (birth cert, travel docs, gift receipts and messages) wouldn’t it be okay to write on them or highlight on them to give them context for the USCIS? For example, I think I read on their website to highlight stuff in travel docs to make it easier on them, such as where and when my fiancé traveled etc. but I’m not sure. I’ll double check though, but does anyone else have any experiences to share, send them in blank with no writing or what?(: thank you for reading this and helping if you do, very much!
  17. Hi, i filed my I129f I'm just wondering how long does it take to get NOA1 from the time you get the receipt (i797c) I filed July 2018 and got the i797c on the 30th of the same month. It's been almost 3 months now and I haven't recieved anything yet. I tried calling the USCIS number but it only gives the same result as the one in the website where you check the case status. Please guys need help. Thanks.
  18. Can I file I129f petition to apply for K4 visa for the child of my CPR husband? I am USC and must file I130 for his 3 kids. They live abroad in Mexico. Husband is already in the USA with me and we have adjusted status, and been married less than two years. The children weren't included in the original petition for my husbands K1 visa on the I129f. I have read on the I129F instructions that the petition is only for alien fiances or alien spouses about to file I130. We didn't file I130 for my spouse, he is CPR after AOS from K1. Could I still apply for a Visa for his kids abroad?
  19. Hello everyone, I'd like to send an expedite request letter (and evidence) via mail to the California Service Center in support of my I-129F. I believe that I can demonstrate my request meets two of the criteria. I called the USCIS Contact Center to make the request but the call was disconnected in the middle of the discussion. When I called back to restart the process of submitting the request, the USCIS agent notified me that a service request had already been submitted on my behalf (the agent whom I was disconnected from went ahead and submitted the request after we got disconnected). Although I'm sure she was well intended, she only documented and submitted half of my request and with the stakes being so high, I don't think it's fair to make such a submission without confirming all the information is accurate. I asked if the request could be modified or cancelled and was informed that it couldn't. As a result, I'd like to send a letter and evidence directly to the service center. Does anyone have any idea what the correct address would be for something like this? Finding an address online has been difficult because the California Service Center has a few different mailing addresses. Thanks!
  20. So I’ve heard that the i129f expires after a certain amount of time after sending it off or it getting approved, perhaps every four months? I haven’t read that anywhere on the USCIS website, can anyone please help as to how often it may expire and what to do? I assume I contact USCIS with intent to still marry? Thank you so much for helping, anyone who does. This website is incredible with settling my and my fiancé’s nerves :b.
  21. On the I129f forms, question 41, it asks “Have you obtained a certificate of naturalization or a certificate of citizenship in your own name?” And I was born in the US, making me a US citizen, the petitioner. My lovely fiancé knows how to kickstart my overthinking xD. But help me, should I leave this one blank, as I intended, or answer “no”? Thank you so much!
  22. My fiancé is having trouble and worried about if our sponsors (my parents) would be enough for the USCIS to approve our I129f packet. He is in Ireland, and unable to get a job in the small village where he lives. There are literally zero job opportunities there, as for me, I can’t make enough to support us both just yet, so I’m living with my parents and they both are more than happy to sponsor him, they love him to death. That aside, my Dad’s income is in the neighborhood of $90,000-100,000 a year. My mom’s is 80,000 and up a year. Would you guys say that this could possibly be enough to support my fiancé until we move out? Or at least for the USCIS to see fit? The only other person living with us is my younger brother. Thank you all so much (:.
  23. Hello. My fiance and I were gathering all the necessary documents and getting ready to file the i129f packet Last Aug to officially start our K1 journey but we have read somewhere that you need to use the latest i129f form when filing. The latest one they have on the uscis website expired last Aug 31, 2018 and so we thought we should just wait for the new edition of i129f form to be released and just focus more on working on the intent letter and other docs. But it's been more than a month now and they haven't released anything yet. I was reading through the forums earlier and I saw people posting about how they are about to file for the i129f packet this week so I'm kinda confused now, how come they're filing this week when the new i129f form hasn't been released? Please help!
  24. My fiancé and I are about to send off the i129f packet, and he is currently in Ireland and I in America, and we are miserable apart. If we send off the packet, then apply for a b2 visa for him to stay with me for the duration of waiting for the NOA etc., would the B2 interfere with anything, if anyone knows? Would it interfere with anything on the i129f? Would we go somewhere in America instead for the interview and medical process? Thank you so much for your help in advance! I apologize for so many questions.
  25. Mistakes at the interview