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  1. They should issue an IR1 but it really does not matter. The green card will be issued as IR-1 since the entrance to the US occurs after 2 years of marriage.
  2. Consulates can extend the validity for upto a year. Await the consulate to re-open.
  3. All that matters is that you got married before the I-94 expired and that you subsequently filed your AOS. There is no extension.
  4. You can work right away. It can take a week to a few months to get the SSN. You just can't get paid without a SSN.
  5. One copy - you upload a copy to the NVC and take the original to the interview. How would you upload an original to the NVC?
  6. One copy - you upload a copy to the NVC and take the original to the interview.
  7. Definitely the transcript is the best way to go. No W2s or 1099s or anything else needed. My 2016 return was almost 200 pages. The transcript was like 4 pages. If you were not required to file a tax return for a year write a letter explaining that and upload it for that tax year. For a I-130 it is a joint sponsor. If the joint sponsor is married their spouse will need to do an I-864a.
  8. Then the co-sponsor needs to provide some additional proof. Having a driver's license shows nothing about how long someone has had domicile. My wife still has an unexpired Filipino and a Mexican Drivers License. It doesn't prove she lives there now.
  9. Then she shouldn't be asked about domicile. That typically comes up only is she is not in the US. Who is asking for proof of domicile?
  10. What else do you have? Taxes, car registration, pay stubs, insurance policies, rent receipts, utility bills? Domicile for what period of time?
  11. The only real exception is that if it is an arranged marriage subject to cultural or religious circumstances. The minimum is to meet once to fulfill the USCIS requirement. You can be sure that for the beneficiary's country the consulate will want to see more face to face time. This isn't a fast or cheap process. I'm not sure what the rush is. You haven't met this person yet and you are 100% sure you want to marry them? Spend a few days together with no power and no internet and see how you feel afterwards.
  12. Qatar, Egypt Air, Ethiopian and SAA all are operating today at Johannesburg.
  13. Correct - and if there is less than 18 months remaining it will only be good for that time. If she has less than 12 months remaining don't bother the expense.
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