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  1. Every case is different. You can use USCIS and the timelines on this site as reference points. We got to the US in 103 days in 2018 as a CR-1. Since you are going down the K1 route you need to be aware that driving will depend on where you live. You can't work until you get an EAD. You can't travel internationally with out AP. Get a SSN as soon as you can when entering the US. The whole AOS process doesn't even start until after you get married.
  2. I have help to file many petitions. I personally prefer online but when you file paper you can include a cover letter and include everything that you want in the order that you want. Send it via USPS and use return receipt.
  3. The key thing about obtaining a B visa is proving that he does not have immigrant intent. First it is hard to prove a negative. And the having a pending K1 or Spousal Visa Petition indicates that he has Immigrant Intent.
  4. The I-864 for spousal visas is done in the US with the NVC process with the Department of State except in the rare instances where a spousal visa can be filed out of the US via the DCF process.
  5. Nothing special to take. Of course Mary went with 5 inches of copies of everything we did in the US process and never opened it. Wait for her in the car, if it becomes a combo interview then they will want you there too. Chances are they will realize the need for the ROC interview right beforehand. Otherwise they usually schedule another one ASAP. I-751 interview was pretty easy . . .
  6. That would be for a spousal visa. For K1 AOS you send in the I-864 along with the I-485 package to USCIS. When in doubt use the USCIS fee calculator.
  7. You can not file for naturalization as a just a conditional green card holder. You must at least have filled for ROC. Get married and file the AOS and get the process started. The only control that you have in the immigration process is filing on time and correctly. Everything else is conjecture at this time.
  8. What matters is that the AOS was filed timely. The 2yr/10yr card depends on when it is approved and not the interview day. Approval can be the interview date or a later date.
  9. In normal times it's better to apply for the tourist before applying for the fiancé visa. But given the fact he is Nigerian and the soon to be father of an US Citizen, just apply for both now,
  10. I own a residence in Mexico (via an LLC since foreigners can't directly own property) and previously owned a business in Mexico. I'm also of Mexican accessory so I could have gone that route but the other way was easier for me. My guess your option would be via property ownership or investment. Your fiance's way is to be married to you as a Mexican Green Card holder. Immigration takes a lot of time and effort. It is best to have a plan thought out way before you file. Still not sure what country you are in but here is the consulate down my street. She would need at least a Temporary resident visa to interview for a US Visa.A path for yours would be: https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/phoenix/images/2020/Febrero/2020_Temporary_Resident.pdf For her as a student: https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/phoenix/images/2020/Febrero/2020_Student_Temporary_Residence_Visa.pdf
  11. You need to provide information from the court / arresting agency. it may be something as simple as letter, with a seal on it, that indicates that the charges were dropped. I had something similar and it was expunged. I got a letter from the Clerk of the Court stating that case was expunged and there were no longer any records. ( I have also had to use that same action in getting Global Entry)
  12. I know it can be a real pain. We talked at least once a day and I made trips to see her in the Philippines or met up in Hong Kong. Even after we were married we didn't live together full time until for almost 2 months until we went to Mexico.
  13. @cuongvt101 the best advice I can give you to be there when she interviews at HCMC
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