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  1. Too bad you didn't check out the spousal visa guide when you got married. DCF has been there for quite a long time. You don't have a timeline and aren't really answering questions so . . . If you filed in January, and you have a reason to return to the US with your child and wife, then you can ask USCIS to expedite, then ask the NVC to expedite to the consulate. If you need to relocate for a job or "can't afford to keep living in Germany" then you can withdraw your I-130 and seek the consulate's approval to file directly. You are still looking at 6 months minimum. Either way you may still need the waiver which is determined at the interview.
  2. If she is in the US and the VISA number is current then she can AOS.
  3. Her nationality can have a lot to do with it. If it is Nigeria, or another high fraud country, it is too bad she didn't renew with the dropbox. Did she have many visits prior to the visa expiring? Does she have significant travel history, requiring visas, in her passport? It does sound like she is appearing to be an overstay risk to the consulate. She should wait a significant amount of time before trying to renew again.
  4. This is a great family . . . there is also one that wants to be a nurse
  5. Come to the US and get married as planned. Unless you plan on staying there is no need to AOS unless you plan to stay past the 90 days. When you return to the Ukraine she can apply for a tourist visa but there is no guarantee that would be issued. She would need to show strong ties to the Ukraine and being married to a USC can be a negative factor, but your living there may offset that.
  6. Ask the consulate if they will allow your DCF before worrying about what address to put.
  7. Not to much before. The date of the medical determines the date you have to enter the US by. A medical is only good for 6 months. It is up to the panel physician to determine what vaccinations are needed. In many cases they redo all of them.
  8. I wish you had been a better student of the process. She can travel with you or after you. She can not travel before. You could have delayed the process at the NVC or consulate.
  9. Not sure what you are asking. If you are out of the country for a year or out of the country and the green card is expired, you no longer can enter the US.
  10. We use dochub.com online free version for all forms. Super easy.
  11. Printing of the green card has nothing to do with when you pay for it. Timing the entry for 2 years determines if it is a 2 year or 10 year card.
  12. If you have residency in Uganda you can contract the consulate with your exceptional circumstances and see if they will accept it.
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