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  1. Are you sure you can't find a joint sponsor? Here is how I would do this: 1) Take care of the CRBA 2) File the last 3 years of tax returns (You are asked about it on the I-130s) 3) File the I-130/I-130a for your wife and the two I-130s for the step kids 4) I would wait to go back to the US until USCIS approves the petitions. Once they are approved you can leave knowing the petitions are headed to the consulate.
  2. Yes, File the I-130 at the London USCIS office. No, you can also get a job in the US and move back. You need neither to file the I-130. When it comes time to do the I-864 you need assets, current earning (projectred for the year) or a joint sponsor. (a co sponsor is a different thing in immigration and does not apply for a spousal visa. If she has ESTA or a tourist VISA she can visit during the process. She can not move until getting the spousal VISA. Last year it took us 103 day in Mexico from filing to getting the VISA. Are you current on you US tax return filings? Do your kids have US passports or are you doing CRBA?
  3. If you are in the UK with valid residency you do not need to use "Exceptional Circumstances" You may still need a joint sponsor since you do not has US based income unless you have sufficient savings.
  4. DCF is much easier, overall, and we got to the US from Mexico in a little over 100 days. She was able to travel internationally and work right away.
  5. Consulate in Guyana: https://www.embassypages.com/missions/embassy22289/ When we dealt with the consulate in Hong Kong they were VERY helpful.
  6. Maybe compared to the time it takes to get USCIS petition approval
  7. My wife was asked for hers during a LEO traffic stop in Illinois. My fault as the driver. We live near the border, actually go to Mexico often, so she just has it in her purse. . . and a copy on her phone.
  8. He will need to interview in a country where he has residency. My Filipina interviewed in Mexico since she had permanent residency in Mexico.
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