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  1. Paul & Mary


    For our CR-1 they keep the NSO birth certificate. We ordered four copies and still have two.
  2. Paul & Mary

    Abandoned K1 Concequences

    If you don't intend to live in the US just use a tourist visa. If you need to leave the US within the first 6 months don't get a K1.
  3. Odd if your husband is a US Citizen. Was he born in the outside the continental US? 6 pictures, a lease and employment letter doesn't show much. You should provide more pictures and a proof that you have your finances like a married couple would. Commingled assets, kiefe insurance etc.
  4. What age were you in the US? If you were over 18 while in the US what was your legal status?
  5. Paul & Mary

    Some of USCIS offices closing

    The 3 USCIS offices in America are all ones ones on military bases. Many functions at Cuba have been eliminated because if staff being "microwaved"
  6. Paul & Mary

    K1 Visa Expiration Date

    They care about that your arrival is before the Visa expires.
  7. Then you better have a very good front loaded petition. You can still have more time together before you file. I guess I should have mentioned that we spent 3 and half months married together before we filed. But that's in our timeline.
  8. Paul & Mary

    Nigerian Community

    Have tried posting in the SubSarahan forum? https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/89-africa-sub-saharan/
  9. Did you follow the instructions we gave you? If you did two petitions then maybe your son's NOA will arrive shortly. I think based on his previous posts he is a LPR but there was mention of N-400. It sounds like he filed 2 years ago for them so F2A. If you want good advise give us some answers and update your profile and do fill in a timeline for what you are doing.
  10. Paul & Mary

    Fees everywhere ... now BPI

    CFO and Airport Tax are hopefully all that is left.
  11. Paul & Mary

    Fees everywhere ... now BPI

    No she doesn't need a bank account. Mine did set one up and it was cheaper for me to put money from the US into that account. To quote my asawa "Welcome to the Fee-lippines"
  12. Remember: That the 125% level is the support minimum and the CO can still deny due to the potential of being a public charge. DCF cases often need a joint sponsor because the petitioner may not have US based income. When I did our DCF the CO was more interested in my savings compared to my earnings. Depending on your case having a joint sponsor as a backup is a good idea.
  13. Paul & Mary


    I'm curious, Is your friend the father of the two children?
  14. 90 days . . . earlier on the ROC date hopefully means less time on the other side waiting.
  15. Paul & Mary

    Travel within the states

    You can go anywhere you want in the US. Take your passport as there are places within 100 miles of the border when legal status is checked.