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  1. Aggravated discharge of a firearm into an occupied vehicle. It was probably attempted murder and he plead down to this. He was shooting at someone in a car. OP, either way, in order for a K1 to be filed, you must have met in person within 2 years prior to submitting the application, so you'll have to wait until then.
  2. At San Franciso port of entry, I went with my fiancee through the "non-US-citizen" area of immigration. We even went together when the agent called for the next in line. I just said something like "I'm a US citizen, she has a visa, I just want to make sure she gets where she needs to go". It was fine.
  3. Log onto Tiktok and find the USCIS official account (named Ibrahim24853642). Pay 100,000 Nigerian Naira and they will expedite everything. I'm joking, don't do that.
  4. Thanks. We filed right before Covid, December 2019. So about 2.5 years. Your experience should go a lot quicker.
  5. That cover letter will be an automatic denial. Just kidding, looks good. My fiancee just arrived here in USA yesterday. Be patient and organized, read a lot and ask questions here. I'm sure you'll be fine.
  6. Coincidence. "BadAmmoWitch" is an anagram for my name.
  7. Hey everyone. My fiancee got her K1 visa and we successfully made it home to the USA last night, but we had some scares along the way. Our flight out of Manila was Sunday morning at 9:30 am. About 6am, we took the elevator down to check out of the Airbnb and get a taxi to NAIA. The elevator then got stuck and powered down on the 5th floor. This is somewhat of a nightmare for me, and I was picturing us missing our flight. I was already sweating, now stuck in this tiny, hot elevator for who knows how long? I can't imagine the elevator techs in the Philippines are going to be easy to conjure at 6am on a Sunday. I sounded the alarm from inside the elevator, and finally one of the residents on the 5th floor woke up and got security, who opened the door from the outside. We were only stuck for about 30 mins. We made it to the airport and proceeded to go through the initial security checkpoint with all our bags. The security officer noticed something in the scan of my fiancee's bag, and pulled us aside to investigate. One officer started filming everything on his phone, which scared me a bit. They emptied and searched the bag, but came up with nothing. Then they re-scanned the empty bag and now noticed a second suspicious item. In the liner (!!!) of the bag, accessible via zipper that she or I had never opened, the security officer found two 9mm bullets right in front of my eyes. I bought this bag, a typical medium-sized piece of luggage, in the Philippines for my fiancee in 2019, and it was never out of her possession. I read stories online about airport security planting bullets and then extorting money to let the traveler go. Airport security involved a police officer, who grilled us for about 30 minutes. They ultimately believed us and let us go. We know that someone planted those bullets, but we can't figure out who or when. We made our flight with a little time to spare, but I got a few gray hairs out of it. Everything else went smoothly, and hallelujah, we made it home.
  8. You were right of course. We made it home s couple hours ago. Getting settled in.
  9. Thank you both. Big thanks to you Hank, whose information helped me immensely through this process.
  10. Hello everyone. I don't remember how this works. Any info is much appreciated. My fiancee just got her K1 visa, CFO completed, and we are flying together on June 5. Manila to Tokyo to LA to Sacramento. So the first point of entry will be at LAX, with plenty of time to make our connecting flight to Sacramento. Last time I visited the Philippines in 2019, I'm pretty sure my checked luggage went all the way through to Sacramento when I returned. I'm reading some general information that a non-citizen has to get their luggage before going through Customs/Immigration. So how does this work for us? We land together at LAX, and my fiancee's checked luggage will be on the carousel at baggage claim? She picks up her luggage, goes through Customs/Immigration, then re-checks her luggage with the airline? What about my luggage, will that still go all the way to Sacramento? Does the initial check-in airline somehow designate my fiancee's luggage differently than mine, based on her US immigrant status?
  11. Our visa is showing as "Issued" on CEAC website. Since we're traveling around for a while, we chose against home delivery and picked an LBC location for delivery. Do they give any indication when the visa is actually delivered, or do we just call LBC every day until they receive it and it's ready for pickup? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes- the roads to the Airbnb are really steep. We haven't been in the town yet, but I prefer to let the grab/taxi drivers do the driving for me while in a heavy traffic area. The Wigo has been great, and ultimately it did the trick, even here in Baguio.
  13. We just drove to Baguio in our 1.3L, 3 cylinder rented Toyota Wigo manual trans. Apparently we took the wrong way into town, we were just following google. The streets are so steep here, and narrow. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we almost didn't make it. We stalled out multiple times while in 1st gear trying to climb the ridiculous hills. We had to neutral backwards downhill back to somewhat level ground, to floor it all the way up in 1st gear. Luckily nobody was behind us. Anyway- we're here and the Airbnb is beautiful. Definitely going to use Grab while we're here
  14. Yes - when traveling within Manila, we always use Grab. My problems always occurred when we were coming to/leaving Manila, or just traveling through.
  15. My story of driving in the Philippines, would love to hear yours. When I visit, I love the freedom of having a car to drive anywhere, wherever. We like to stay in out-of-the-way places without constant trikes, jeepneys, etc. We like to go to the palengke at 6am. We like to get ihaw at 10pm. It's been well worth the hassle to rent a car for all the time I have visited the Philippines. My fiancee lives in Pampanga, and during our visits, we've always stayed on the big island Luzon. Subic, Zambales, 100 Islands, Vigan, Baler, Tagaytay, Mabini and other places, so no ferries or planes. Driving in the provinces is great. It's still not what Americans are used to, but it's easy. Manila is a nightmare. There are very few signs in Manila, so I often exit a highway when I shouldn't. The globe/smart coverage is spotty, so Google or Waze cannot be relied on completely. Obviously there is so...much...traffic. Defensive driving is #1. In 2019, I was in stop-and-go traffic in Manila, and a police officer on foot flagged me over to the side of the road. I only realized later that he saw a foreigner and fabricated some kind of offense I had committed. He took my California driver license and said I need to come back to some municipal building in a week to pay the fine and get my DL back. But surprise, there was an option to settle it immediately for 4500 pesos. I would not be returning to Manila then, so I opened my wallet and (thankfully) I only had 2000 pesos. He accepted the 2k, gave me back my license, and sent me on my way. Two days ago, I was driving in Manila in stop-and-go traffic (sound familiar?) and was flagged down by a police officer. I already knew. I also remembered that I had about 8000 pesos in my wallet at that time, which was a stupid thing to do. Long story short- the same exact thing occurred, but this time I had the money and he saw it when he took my DL. He got me for 7k pesos. The moral of my story is that it's very rewarding to be self-driving when visiting the Philippines, but beware of metro Manila. If you look like a foreigner and a police officer has the chance, you'll likely be pulled over and have to give up whatever money is in your wallet. I have a new rule: maximum 2k in my wallet when I'm driving. Do you have any experiences to share?
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