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  1. Ahh, I see. Thank you for the help. Well by the time it gets printed and he enters I imagine it will be after our anniversary. is it normal for them to ask for him to turn in his passport 6 weeks after his medical exam?
  2. We just got the email asking him to take a new medical exam from an approved center and turn in his passport! However, is it normal for them to indicate that he is not to turn in his passport until 6 weeks after the medical exam? I am wondering is this is because our two year marriage mark is coming up soon. Could they possibly be extending it out for the difference in the type of visa he will be issued?!
  3. Wow! That’s interesting! The officers didn’t ask for his phone but they definitely throughly went through all Of his drawers, closets and other rooms. It has also been 9 months for us on AP at this point. They have yet to call him as promised by the consulates inspectors that came by. We are hoping for an approval soon. Fingers crossed!! 🤞🏾 Im glad it worked out in your favor and tour in-laws got some awesome new furniture!
  4. After the random home inspection at my husbands apartment in Lagos from the Consulate we have now received an update on CEAC website. Still says refused but date change have occurred 10/05/2021, Inspection 10/12/2021, date change 10/13/2021, date change 10/14/2021. 

    Praying this is the home stretch. 

    My husband was informed he should get a call from the consulate within the next few weeks. 

    1. JeanneAdil


      praying helps

      we did a lot of that

  5. I binge watched his videos after a recommendation from another VJ member. I was so sad to hear this but I understand their concerns. I really do. Just makes it difficult for those of us that are legit. My husband said he got a call this morning from the same people that did the inspection and said he would get a call from the Consulate within the next few weeks. So waiting game at this point.
  6. We are good over here in our relationship. Thank you for your concern.
  7. He has a bachelors degree in physics already. He works very hard and is always trying to improve himself already. So I’m sure once he is here and we get settled he most certainly will.
  8. Wow! That’s wild. He is definitely divorced. I’ve met and spent time with pretty much his entire family. However, I understand their caution. I just didn’t know they make home visits like that during the process.
  9. I get it. Just very disappointing and frustrating. Just will have to hope for the best. We haven’t done anything wrong.
  10. Omg….. we honestly had no idea that this happened. That is so infuriating and sad. Definitely not part of any scheme. Just in love and would like to start our family soon.
  11. Woah! I had no idea that this happened. How sad. The few are ruining it for those of us who are legitimate. I appreciate the reference.
  12. Okay. I appreciate your help with this. Just found it very surprising this morning to hear that. I have never heard of it prior. We have nothing to hide and I believe he has been 100% truthful about his divorce.
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