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  1. Just received our DQ today! Super excited. Had one RFE for petitioners divorce decree which was submitted June 18th. Patiently awaiting an interview. Woo hoo.
  2. Hello- Same issue here. Were you able to get it resolved? I have tried different browsers and still nothing.
  3. Hello- so I noticed that Other VJ members had a similar issue where the AOS bill and the IV Bill were paid on the same day and cleared their banks on the same day. However, the AOS payment is still showing as In Process. I followed the recommendations of emailing the NVC through the inquiry link with the proof of withdraw from my bank. I am wondering if anyone who be able to shed some light on if it is best that we wait to submit the Civil Documents for the DS-260 until the issue is fixed for the AOS payment?
  4. Yes, I understand. We are just excited and wanted to make sure we are fully prepared for our options.
  5. Hello! Thank you for the insightful response. We will take this information into account.
  6. Hello- my husband was born in Abuja Nigeria and does not have an original birth certificate. He does have an “affidavit of age” or something along that title (can’t recall off the top of my head the exact title). My mother in law searched and searched through her paperwork and cannot find it. What are our options if we cannot furnish an original birth certificate?
  7. Super excited! Just received our approval yesterday and got receipt from NVC today. Already paid the AOS & IV Bill. No time to delay. I worry that we will get approved but international travel will still not be open. I do realize that the interview itself may be several weeks or months away. Just trying to see what might happen. . Does anyone have any directive on how the travel status will work during Covid-19 once everything is approved at the Consulate? How soon must the beneficiary travel for entry to the U.S.? Are there any extensions that may be filed if international travel is still restricted?
  8. Hi, I had the EXACT same thing happen . I freaked out a bit but after doing some ready I agree that it might be due to how much they would have to upload to electronic form. Hopefully they do not try and state forms or proof of Bona fide relationship were missing based off of what they chose to upload.
  9. So in this case as the end result of the I-130 petition is permanent residency we should file the I-944 and submit it when I complete the I-864?
  10. Hello, I apologize if this has already been brought up. I am a bit of a novice with Visa Journey and having a ton of knowledge on how to properly utilize the search functions with the filters provided. Anyhow, I have been doing a lot of reading and watching informational videos and it seems that not too many people have clarified which form is used. So can someone assist in connecting the dots for me? Is it if the beneficiary still lives abroad and is not in the U.S. we would need to complete the DS-5540 whereas if the beneficiary was residing in the U.S. we would submit an I-944 form? Or are both forms required to be completed in the process? Also, at what stage in the process should either of these forms be completed and are either forms sent concurrently with any other forms? I thank you for taking the time to respond ahead of time.
  11. It was the same for us!! We are praying and my husband has been following the articles and information closely on what their government is doing to try and comply quickly. So we shall see.
  12. Hello, i have been trying to find the waiver on USCIS website for the INA restrictions. Any idea on what form should be used? Also at what point do we need to submit the waiver? Is it after the file is adjudicated. ?
  13. For the NOA-1 do we go off of the received date or receipt date? My received date is showing 01/24/20 and receipt date of 01/27/20 via text. When I checked in online it stated it was emailed to me. I did not get an email with any information. Nothing in the mail as of yet either. Any thoughts?
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