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  1. About right. Maybe a little optimistic on the PSA BC. Hard to say because every municipality is different there. I am sure she will be able to make it back before delivery. That is still a ways off. Now, is you plan to be there when she gives birth? If so that will make it most likely impossible to get the CRBA before you go. I never planned to be there for the birth of my 2 babies, because you never know if they may deliver a week or 2 early or a week or 2 late. Plus a newborn only sleeps, eats, and poops. My plan with both babies was to be there about 6 weeks after. If you did that you would have more than enough time. What is the rush anyway? Even if you go there for the birth and can't get the CRBA you could always do it on your next trip. She can do it without you but I feel it is much, much better to be together. Start working on your packet ASAP.. Mine were each close to 40 pages each. I will say that they really want to see ultrasound reports from the doctor (mostly to prove time of conception and if you were together at that time). The first person I saw there said that they may not accept mine because we did not have them. My wife had regular ultrsounds done but she never got print outs. But that was just the person that gets all of your information together before you meet with the interviewer. She also asked about ultrasounds so I explained to her why we did not have them. The rest of my documents were in order and my passport stamps and other documentation clearly showed I was there when both babies were conceived so she approved. That, and the fact that we were there together and both my boys look like their daddy. If they do have any doubts they will make you get a DNA test.
  2. I think you are misunderstanding the process. I prepared 2 CRBA packets (one for each child) in PDF. I sent those to my wife (can be anyone in the Philippines) and then had her print the packets. She sent them to the the USEM using LBC. The Embassy sent me an appointment date even faster than I expected. I replied back and informed them that I was not in the Philippines yet and told them when I would arrive. The moved my appointment. So basically you do not need weeks to accomplish this. Also we left there and went to DFA and got both of their Philippines passports. We were done by noon. Now if she gives birth in UAE that's a whole new ball game.
  3. RO_AH

    Sending money

    I was reading your post and saw you reference "pake" and thoought WT*&^?? So I had to go check your location...Hahaha made me laugh. So anyway, Remitly takes between 5-6 days as well and they never finish early. They do have excellent service, but I will give WU a try. I just checked and they do have an app, however I will just set up an account and try online first time
  4. RO_AH

    Sending money

    I only selected the text and clicked quote selection. I have no idea why it put you as the poster.
  5. RO_AH

    Sending money

    Do you do it through an app? I may check it out. I send from my bank to my wifes and I currently use Remitly. They have always had great service but if I can get 1 more peso in exchange I would change. Someone said they wont lose sleep over a few pennies but I send about 1k USD per month so an extra 1k peso's is important to me.
  6. I know that I am late to reply, but I will chime in anyways. First off when applying for the birth certificate at your local registrar ask, ask , and ask again if necessary about expediting the PSA birth certificate. We received ours in 2 weeks for our second son and without expediting it took over 4 months for our first son. You MUST have the PSA certificate to apply for the CRBA not the local registrar. Next, It is not often that they will even ask for a DNA test. If all of your documents are in order you should be fine. Follow the the checklist from the embassy website. You are supposed to send that in with your request for an appointment. I had my appointment at the end of February. I accidentally brought a copy of our PSA marriage certificate (not the original) so the required me to send in the original. I did that, then coronavirus hit. I am still waiting for the CRBA and Passport's.
  7. No, there is definitely a difference and is a cultural thing. Like others have said don't participate. In the earlier days my wife would go through these moods. I would say. I love you and I am here for you, let me know when you are finished. Sometimes we didn't talk for 3 days. Yeah, she's that stubborn. Over time without getting a response from me, we never go through it anymore.
  8. Sorry but that's just not true. I just checked now from LAX and from HNL and HNL was about $200 cheaper.
  9. Late to reply. I just got back. I really miss Hawaiian Airlines too but honestly their service has really gotten bad lately so I enjoy flying Philippine Airlines now. Their planes are much better now that the first time I flew with them and now I fly Premium Economy which is well worth the extra money. Better food, bigger screen, larger seats, priority check in, priority bags, heavier bags allowed.
  10. RO_AH

    DS 160

    I was having a nightmare with that here in the USA too. I hate their site.
  11. I fly direct from Honolulu tomorrow. Thankfully no problem. I already pre-checked.
  12. We are going straight from our CRBA appointment to DFA to get Philippines Passport.
  13. I don't want to rain on your parade but I think it would be next to impossible to take any kind of legal action that would force her to send the child here. Philippines tend to always side with the mother and the fact that you are a foreigner living in another country would make it even more difficult.
  14. Yes from her city. There are a lot more LBC by here but I will send her to 2GO.
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