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  1. RO_AH


    I just had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. Now to keep from getting in trouble myself, I just report posts that don't add to the conversation and seem to be just stirring up poop.
  2. RO_AH

    Lax POE

    The closer it gets the less seats available so they will always go up in price. I know it sucks.
  3. Your divorce date is still your divorce date no matter how long the recognition takes. I don't see how the marriage before the recognition is a problem. But that's me. Think about this. The Philippines could not be archaic. They could be fully modernized like the rest of the modern world. They could be like in America and all of the woman there would be modernized and and just like Americans. Would you still be looking for a Pinay to marry at that point?
  4. RO_AH

    Lax POE

    Always search prices in incognito mode. Also you should search from the Philippines if possible. If I remote in to my wife's PC and search it is cheaper than from USA. That is when searching the exact same flights and times on the same date.
  5. Second day of my wife's first medical she had 1 vaccine. On her second medical she was given 4. They told he that since she had to do the sputum test for the first medical, they could not give her all. On the second medical she did not have to do sputum so she was given 4. If you have records showing vaccinations on the list, you will not need to re-take them. If you have no records, roll up your sleeve. Also all vaccines are included in the price of the exam.
  6. If your plan is to get married, you really should consider a online Utah wedding. For the reasons @top_secret mentioned above I doubt someone with no travel experience will make it out even if they meet all of the requirements.
  7. Yes that does seem to indicate they will issue. I will reach out to my contact at the Consulate now and see if I can get that rolling.
  8. But the last they told me is they are not issuing visa's currently, only if you get an exemption so you would need to have an existing 9a visa. But they did not say with this order that they are now issuing 9a visa's. As usual, rules change weekly without any regard to rules in place or how to implement it.
  9. Yes, I saw the notice this morning when I woke up. It makes little difference in mine and most cases unless you already have a 9a visa which most do not because we never needed a visa in the first place. So when you apply for the exemption you are applying for the visa at the same time. So I am still in the same boat.
  10. RO_AH


    Congratulations!!!! My wife only had to pay 500 to scan the documents. But I know it this point if you're like me you would be willing to pay anything to end this nightmare.
  11. RO_AH

    Dreaded Sputum

    Someone really needs to do that. Or bring a bottle of glass cleaner to medical.
  12. RO_AH

    Dreaded Sputum

    The worst part about it is that they stamp your 1st day of the medical in the passport not the day that it is completed. I was expecting my wife to get it on her second medical and I was shocked that she did not. Maybe they only clean the x-ray machine once a week and you need to go on the right day.
  13. I told you not to stress hahaha 😛 Congratulations. I think my wife should have hers very soon too! Buy the ticket and have her do the covid test as soon as she gets the visa.
  14. You need to understand that every time someone opens her case it shows a new date. It means nothing. Try to relax. Wait till you hear from her. Like others have have said it could be anything happening so don't jump to conclusions yet. I know it's hard to wait with no info.
  15. RO_AH

    9A visa help

    When I first contacted my consulate they were not even aware of the process. I had to show them my conversation with the BI and then they contacted their DFA headquarters and then provided me with what was needed.
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