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  1. It took me 3 years to get my wife and our 2 children here. Covid made it take an extra year.
  2. One thing that I should mention search using incognito/private window mode with your browser. Also if you have remote access to a computer located in the PH search from there. These apply more for booking direct from the airlines.
  3. I made the mistake once of uploading but forgetting to hit submit. Lucky I caught it pretty quick.
  4. Yes, they specifically require a PSA marriage document. Now if they can be talked into accepting it, that remains to be seen. If it were me after interview and receiving visa I would just go forward with CFO like normal and do what I said above.
  5. I honestly feel horrible for you and your situation. Sadly I do not think there is much you can do but wait. When you get to the point that the CFO is needed, all that you can do is beg and plead with them. In the absence of the ROM I would submit your ROM application and the response from the consulate and hope for the best. Tell them you are now stuck because you are legally married so you can't remarry. Ask them for any options. They have some terrible people at CFO but there are a few really good ones.
  6. Only for those who have not received a ROM. I would never recommend a UTAH wedding for Filipinos until this gets sorted out.
  7. When they say marriage certificate or ROM, they mean from PSA (for both). So you either marry there and request a PSA Certificate, or file a ROM and then get a PSA. Either way you must have the PSA to do the CFO. Is your step sons ROM a PSA Certificate? On yellow paper? I will attach. If so he's all set.
  8. Here is the requirements for CFO Dear CFO Client, You have just created an account with CFO-OFCORS for Guidance and Couseling Program (GCP). Please send the digital copies of the following registration requirements for checking/verification at epehle@cfo.gov.ph: 1. Valid passport; 2. Valid visa or visa grant notice; and 3. Petitioner's passport 4. Marriage certificate or Report of Marriage - ROM (in PSA security paper) (if married) Until they sort out how to handle the ROM I would not suggest Utah Weddings
  9. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    Everyone has their own preferences. Some value being together faster and GC is of less importance. For others like me CR-1 was the best option at the time for what we wanted. I made my choice. Everyone should weigh out all factors and choose what is best for them. People in this community should help them based on their needs, not our own personal preferences and choices.
  10. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    It will definitely be interesting to see what USCIS will think of a 3rd application from the same person for the same person...
  11. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    Exactly this, as I said in my last post
  12. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    Funny how people that know nothing about Philippines or CFO will post here and give advice. USCIS will not care on either a spouse visa or fiance visa. USCIS is not the issue. Both routes go through CFO before the person can leave the country. So essentially they ARE the final step. However now that I think about it, since she came here already on a fiance visa she should have already received a CFO sticker in her passport. Verify if she has one. If so get whatever visa that you decide on and she should be able to come. If she has renewed her passport she should be able to get a new sticker.
  13. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    So, you got a fiance visa with her. She came here but you decided not to marry? Next, you went there and got married and filed for CR1 then after approval, you decided to divorce, and she never came here. Now you have rekindled your romance and want to bring her here again? I am wondering if there are any more surprises and if a lawyer is the right professional for you to be seeing.
  14. RO_AH

    Visa Reboot

    Yours is a real tricky case.I would think you can't officially REmarry because as far as PH is concerned you ARE married. You need a CENOMAR to get married but you are married and that would be listed. The weird part is it shows that you are married to each other. Too bad you can't annul a divorce.... You will most likely get answers all over the place here in the forum because this is a 1 in a million case.
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