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  1. In that case you just log into your account and add this trip.
  2. We understood the question. Our answer is provide what they ask for.
  3. Only thing that I can help you with is, make sure that you register on the etravel website. If not you will need to do it at the airport from your cell phone before going through customs (don't ask me how I know this). You can register yourself then add Joan. You do not need separate logins. https://etravel.gov.ph/authentication
  4. With the CFO you give them exactly what they ask for. Nothing more and nothing less. As @top_secret said you do that with a smile.
  5. Ok, now I got it. I would suggest sending the packet via DHL
  6. If you did an online Utah wedding you can't file for a ROM in the Philippines as far as I know. You need to file at the consulate with Jurisdiction over Utah which would be San Francisco.
  7. Don't do it. If you are going for a 13a it is meant as an immigration visa not a visitors visa. Also if you plan to get a 13a you should always do it at the consulate in US. If your plan is not to move there, get your 30 day visa and extend as needed. If you work on getting your wife her passport, then you guys can take a quick getaway to a close by country as @Spicy Chickenjoy said and return and get a BB stamp good for 1 year. Stop over thinking this.
  8. Why would you do a ton of research? This was all explained to you on your other thread.
  9. Just gotta make sure to extend it before the 30 days and not just show up at the airport like my friend did. You will get hit with a penalty.
  10. I sent my wife a T-Mobile phone on my plan while she was still living there. Free international roaming. It lasted about 1 year before I got the letter that they were terminating that line because free roaming is not the same as living somewhere and it had never left the Philippines. It was nice while it lasted
  11. About that...Try never. You have a better chance of winning powerball than her getting a B-2
  12. Yes, I get that, but your question was a little generic. I know you are rather new here and just wanted you to have the information. I am taking my 11th trip to the Philippines and this will be the first time that I enter with my wife so it will be my first BB stamp. My co-worker just got back from the Philippines. He stayed 31 days. It cost him over $100 USD. I said you dummy! That 1 day cost a lot.
  13. If you enter with your wife you will get a Balikbayan visa stamp which gives you 1 year.
  14. Been there done that, tryin to help a brother out
  15. A couple more things, plan to visit at least once after 1 year and then go again once she gets her visa to bring here back with you. That will help the distance. Covid sprung up in the middle of my process making travel extremely difficult and made our process even longer because the embassy shut down completely except for emergencies. By the time my wife got here it was just over 2 years and we had 2 children already. So yes, I did go visit . While 2 years seems long you will get there and on the plus side if she enters 2 years and 1 day after your wedding, she gets her 10 yr green card which makes things way easier. So even if she were to get the visa at 1 year and 11 months, wait the extra month before she makes entry.
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