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  1. RO_AH

    Have a issue...

    Just remember, if you do, be wiser. use your brain as a filter to your heart. Just remember what I said, if it is right there will be no red flags.
  2. RO_AH

    Have a issue...

    After reading your recent comments I will say that you are being played by a pro. That's my opinion. When you stop trying to make excuses because of "love" you will figure it out. I have been played, I have people I know who have been played, I know people there in the Philippines that play foreigners. When it is right, and it;s the RIGHT person, there will be no red flags. In this case there are too many to count. Here's a test. Say she does not have to add you, but give you the password so you can look at the account. She will not and you can report back the excuses, I will also bet you that, she has more than one account. I have my wife's password to her Facebook. She gave it to me when we first became a couple...After she added me of course and posted our relationship status.
  3. RO_AH

    Have a issue...

    You need to understand that there are what I would consider professional scammers there in the Philippines as well as many other countries. They do this for a living and they are pro's. You are an amateur. They know how to bait you, they know how to hook you, they know how to keep you on the line as long as possible. They know how to play your emotions, they say all of the right things, they have all the right answers. Like I said, they are pro's. This is also very big within the gay/trans community there. I am not saying that is the case here, but I see a lot of red flags like everyone else here. Here is how you get played. You allow your heart to make all of the decisions. Once you do that your heart convinces your mind to disregard all of the red flags it sees. In these LDR with people from another country, you must ALWAYS use your brain as the filter to your heart and ALWAYS be skeptical. Everything that everyone here has said to you as a warning, you came back with an excuse trying to defend the circumstances. That is my biggest red flag. If you have not watched 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days, you should watch the most recent season. You remind me of Ceaser. Good luck to you.
  4. RO_AH


    Resubmitted today, I hope that they accept it this time. It would be rather stupid to make me get a co-sponsor when my pay stub shows a YTD income over the amount required. I also found a great site for reducing the size of a PDF since CEAC requires it to be under 2MB. https://smallpdf.com
  5. RO_AH


    It was the NVC/CEAC that rejected it, or is that what you are talking about? I will resubmit (what I posted in my original post above) later today.
  6. RO_AH


    Mine was rejected. It said I did not qualify. I believe the reason was that my transcript showed too low of income. I submitted my pay stubs but it was my fault for not clearly stating my situation. So here it is. I received a fairly large increase in pay early this year which puts me well above the level required for a family of 4 in Hawaii. My YTD income for this year is already well above the required amount and will be reflected on my pay stubs. Can I resubmit my I-864EZ form along with a letter and supporting documentation? Here is what I plan to send: Cover letter explaining the situation; I-864EZ Form; Email from my CEO to the payroll company advising of my increase in pay to $xx,xxx.xx/year; Offer letter from my CEO to me; Pay stubs from date of increase to current; Last year’s transcript as required (which does not show adequate income level); Will this be sufficiant?
  7. I was planning on getting for the first born, but then the 2nd came along so I decided we would do them together. I will be going in February to do both CRBA's and passports and hopefully also medical and interview for the wife. Oh and throw in a baptism for the youngest as well. Busy 2 weeks for sure.
  8. I was married om 10'04/2017. We now have a one year old and a newborn 5 months old today. It is a very long process. My slow downs were the PSA certificate ind the infamous Nebraska service center. I am thinking that she could probably make it here early next year, but since we have waited so long already we decided to make the move after our 2nd son's first birthday so we can have his party there. If you get stuck in Nebraska let me know because there is a trick to getting through there much quicker. My wait was just short of a year.
  9. Everything gets uploaded in the CEAC website. The I-864 needs to be printed, then signed, then scanned so you can upload it. The DS-260 is filled out online. All other items are uploaded as well. So make sure you have digital copies of all items. All files uploaded need to be under 2MB each. I am not familiar with the joint sponsor as I did mine on my own
  10. We were lucky and had a person that knew who to deal with and how to get things done at PSA in Manila and it took about 3 weeks for my wife to get a new PSA certificate showing "F" instead of "M". A 100% correct BC in Philippines seems to be a rare thing. As for an expedite at LCR level you need to request in at the very start. All LCR's may be different in some ways. at my wife's LCR we requested an expedite of one of our son's BC and it changed the way that they processed it. They sent it direct to Malolos PSA and we were able to go there and pick up the official PSA BC in less than a week rather than them routing it to Manila and waiting which would take about 6 months.
  11. That makes sense. I believe the USEM will accept no documents unless they are from PSA. I think USCIS is less familiar with the type of documents for individual countries
  12. Mine took just under 2 months to get from Nebraska to NVC. They will email you once they receive it and you are able to submit the required paymen and documents as well as fill out the application. As soon as you get the email lohg in and make payment as that will take several days to clear. Once that is done you can fill out the app and submit docs. Things you can do to prepare: Make sure you have a digital copy of passport photo of applicant. Request your tax transcript online. Have your spouse get her NBI certificate and scan you a copy. Scan your w-2 form I also scanned my last 2 pay stubs. Focus on the things above because that will save you time. You will get your email from NVC soon enough and you can't rush it by contacting them.
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