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  1. Hello! just wanted to update anyone with a expedite request approved......my husbands expedite was approved on 3/17/2020 the day before the embassy closed, I thought we wouldn’t hear anything from the consult until the reopened but today I received a call to schedule our interview! They have appointments as soon as the first week of April. The agent stated that expedites are being worked on during the shut down as they are considered emergency cases!
  2. Hello, I wanted to start a new thread for those of us who just sent in our i60a Wavier packet in 2018. I just received our receipt notice today 3/1 and our case is in the Nebraska Service Center. I have read on other threads that this is something new for 2018? I wish everyone luck and hopefully we can move on to the next part quickly!!!😉😀 Wavier received 2/12/18 Receipt received 3/6/18
  3. I understand that the Embassy is closed for routine visa processing, but does anyone know if that includes the visas that where approved for expedite? since it is considered a emergency.
  4. I thought I would share our experience (so far) with an expedited interview request at the consulate in Ciudad Juarez. My wife is petitioning for her mom. Our NVC case closed date was in January 2019. Wife found out she was pregnant in April. Baby is due in January. We knew there was a big backlog but we hoped to receive appointment by November through the regular process. But 10 months and nothing. Finally, the week before Thanksgiving we sent an expedite request to the NVC inbox. Attached a doctor letter confirming the pregnancy and due date. About 5 days later we received notice that the expedite request had been approved and the case was being forwarded to the consulate in Juarez. About a week after that my wife received a call from the consulate (Mexican phone number) asking when she wanted to have the appointment. They gave her one for following week. About a day later, we got an email with the official appointment notice. Arrived here in Juarez on Tuesday. Had the ASC and medical today. The crowds were light because consulate is closed Wed and Thu this week. Interview is Friday.
  5. question..... I paid my NVC fees, submitted my documents and DS-260 on 2/26/2020...……. I also requested my application to be expedited via email today 2/27/2020 Does anyone have a idea of how long it will take to hear back from NVC?
  6. Anyone needed a letter from NVC when requesting a police certificate from Mexico?
  7. Hello, Is anyone else having problems with the CEAC website when submitting a NVC payment? I submitted my IV payment and it was with drawn from my bank account the next day but the status still shows as "PROCESSING" and does not allow me to submit any documents. My AOS payment processed with out any issues.
  8. Hi everyone, new on here and have some questions... I recently submitted my I130 for my wife (I'm a US Citizen and resident of mexico, she's Mexican) and we were approved in Mexico City on June 29, including a request for expedition due to job transfer. We received the I130 submission notice through email but have yet to receive it via snail mail... after reading all these forums, it seems like the best thing to do is call the Visa processing center in Ciudad Juarez until we receive a case number. HOWEVER, no one picks up any phones! I must have tried ten different numbers, trying all the dial pad options, but it's always automated or an operator transfers me to a dead line. Anyone in the same position?? This process is so stressful...
  9. So my recent wife and I just got married, we have been in a long distance relationship for 5 years, we don´t have any financial joint documents or kids. I am just looking for more experienced people's ideas for "bona fide" marriage proofs when your spouse is OUTSIDE the US? We have our social media messages, pictures, all the trip evidence, letters from friends and family. What else can we file as evidence?
  10. I filed our I-130 packet today in Mexico City and it was a breeze. We showed up early, found the right line and obtained those important little 'tickets' to enter the building. We were the first in the USCIS office there and the person who received us was very nice and polite. The first thing he said when he saw my permanent residents card was, how else can you prove you've been living in Mexico more than three months. I had a brand new passport with one entry stamp in it which caused him to say "it looks like you've been here about a week". Thankfully having lease details solved that. A word of advice to anyone else going in to DCF, have more than your Temp or Perm residents card handy to prove you've been living in the country. He reviewed the full packet of affidavits, leasing details, 3 years of joint travel documents, a similar amount of photos and the reviewed our original certificates, etc. He asked for a copy of my beneficiaries visa (b1/b2 border crossing card) --which we had not expected and did not copy but we did have the card. He made a quick copy for us, wrapping up the doc review. At the end, he read out what their process was (noa1, noa2 then Juarez) and that it takes 'about 8-9 months' for the entire process but their part should be fast. I'm thinking the DCF approach will not take that long, but it was nice of him to just explain everything as clearly as possible so we understood it. We followed the Mexico City DCF guide shared here by another user and it was very helpful. Now we're just looking for our NOA1 and NOA2 to come hopefully quickly so we can start preparing for Juarez. Some notes about the Embassy: 1) they will store your bag and electronics for you so don't resort to using anyone in the street for that. 2) have your appointment letter. 3) When 'getting in line' find and clear yourself with the 'embassy worker' who is there so you get those necessary tickets (ours were purple squares) to enter the building.
  11. Our scan date at NVC is February 9th, which marks exactly a full year since we started the process. Sarcastic ''yey'' And things are slowing down again. We still have at least a few weeks to go before our CC, but I found out that Mexico is now taking up to 4 months to assign interviews, which is just beyond ridiculous and I almost don't want to believe it. The frustrating part is there is nothing we can do apparently, So incredibly frustrating, dealing with immigration. Sometimes it feels like we're ironically being punished for following the legal path, instead of adjusting from a tourist VISA (which I know can be legal if ''it wasn't premeditated'' but it's definitely something that people abuse, lawyers recommend it all the time and it is a grey legal area/loophole) Has anyone had an interview date yet? are they really assigning December approvals for April,? Can it slow down even further? I'm mortified.
  12. Hello, I recently became a US citizen and want to help my mom become a resident or get her a visa. However, she is currently living in the country illegally. She's never had a criminal record or any issues with authorities. The only issue I have is that my grandma is currently sick in Mexico and she wants to go back to be with her. I'm wondering if she leaves the country, how much would it affect the process BEFORE I submit any paperwork?
  13. Anyone else out there that filed back in mid 2017 and still waiting for interview in Juarez? Would feel 100x better if I weren’t alone
  14. Hi all, I scoured the forum but it seems most answers didn't directly apply since most people already had a B1/B2 tourist visa or Visa waiver when they applied for a K1. So here I go: I want to have my Fiancee visit the USA in April 2020 so he is going to apply for a passport in January, ok so step one is done. At the same time in January we will be submitting the application for I-129 (K-1) Fiancee visa. I would like to know if he can travel to the USA with a pending K-1 as his visa, aka without having a visa waiver (mexico not eligible) or having a B1/B2 tourist visa of any kind. For example, Does he have to have a visa of some sort since the pending K-1 is not technically a visa because it is not yet approved. FYI, I understand he could still be denied a POE, but he must visit once before we begin this 9 month K-1 journey! (visit USA once at my request not to satisfy the in-person i-129 requirement, the in person has already been satisfied)
  15. Sorry I'm going to try and keep this short! Back story: I married my husband in 2008. I divorced him in 2014. And I just remarried him again in December 2017. When we were married the first time we filed the I130 and were approved, but never followed through. He was given a 10 year ban and as of October this year, has completed and complied with the ban - he's been in Mexico for the last 10 years. Currently: We got married again 12/2017, and filed the I130 with our (same) lawyer. I received the I797 with a notice date of 10/01/2018 saying it was approved. Our priority date is 01/16/2018. We submitted all required documents and received notification on February 11, 2019 that all documents were received and he is in queue waiting for an interview. We have yet to receive an interview date! Is this normal? The lawyer says that they are taking longer than usual at the embassy in Juarez. Do you think our previous marriage is negatively impacting him obtaining an interview date? Is there anything else I can or should be doing? Just looking for opinions and any help/advice/signs of hope is greatly appreciated! 😁
  16. I got an approval notice from nvc that my husband is in line waiting for his interview back in March 2019 we still have not received an interview date. We are waiting for our interview in Juarez Mexico. Anybody else have their interview approval around the same date? 😕
  17. Good evening: My wife is a Ukrainian National. Last year we filed our I 751 (ROC). We received the one-year extension letter (I 797) extending travel for a year. This letter is set to expire in a few weeks. Will an valid, unexpired Ukrainian passport with an I 551 stamp from USCIS suffice for entry into Mexico as a tourist, or will we need a tourist visa? Thank you
  18. I have a similar question... I will file my I-130 via direct consular filing in 2 weeks, and I also made the mistake of thinking that getting a US marriage license would be convenient even though I was already legally married in Mexico. I understand that the first marriage is the valid one and therefore our marriage date is the first (Mexican) date, but should I declare the other marriage on my form as a clarifying note?
  19. Hi everyone. I am in desperate need of your advise. Sorry if this is long and confusing 😥 My husband has never been in the United States and his interview is coming up on July 18, 2019 in Ciudad Juarez. Previously, I filed the I-864 and my parents each filed the I-864a as household members, since I do not meet the income requirements (I have 3 dependents). I work full time, my dad works part time and receives social security benefits (retirement). My mom does not work, but also receives social security benefits (spousal retirement). They file their taxes joint/married. My worry is that my parent's SSI benefits will not count as income. All of their SSi benefits are included on their tax return, but I see that not all of it is counted as "taxable" income. Their "Total Income" is less than their "Household Income". If we go by the Total Income, we do not meet the income guidelines for Affidavit of Support. But if they go by Household Income, we do. Which one do they go by at the US Embassy? Lately, I have been seeing a lot of people getting denied for I-864 errors and I am confused and worried. I do not know what to do. I want to be prepared. Should I look for another sponsor? Please help. Thank you very much in advance...
  20. Hello people, can someone please clarify what is the "appointment letter" that must be presented to the medical appointment and the fingerprints appointment? Can someone post the header of such letter or is it the letter we received from NVC saying that our case was received and states the following: The National Visa Center (NVC) received your fiancé (e)’s/spouse’s approved I-129F petition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). NVC will now forward the petition to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Please note that the transfer process can take several weeks. The U.S. Embassy or Consulate will contact your fiancé (e)/spouse when they are ready to process his or her petition. TIA!
  21. Hi, can someone please advice me on the waiting times for an interview at CDJ? I am a US citizen petitioning my wife. She has never been in the US. Please share your CC and appt date. Visa Class: CR1 February 11, 2019: Priority Date June 4, 2019: approved petition NVC receives case August 22, 2019: Case completed waiting for interview
  22. Hi! I really need some help to clear my doubt! My husband and I are waiting for the appointment for his CR1 visa! We got it in CD Juarez Mexico but we still haven't get a date and it's been 3 months since the NVC put us on a waiting list. I know that there's a queue list to check the estimate of time for an interview in the different types of visas but CR1 isn't there! If someone could just tell how long does it take to get an appointment for CD Juarez  Thank you
  23. Good evening to everyone, I hope some of you could give me your thoughts and advice about my girlfriend's situation: She's a permanent resident. She was born in Mexico, but her dad got a sponsored job and took them with him. She studied, elementary and middle school in the US and then came back to Mexico to finish the last year of High school and started a Bachelor's degree here. When she left to start University in Mexico, she had (if I'm not pretty sure) a H4 visa, being sponsored by her dad, and after a few years being enrolled in university, her dad got the green card for all his family. She usually traveled every 4-6 months back to the US for a few days in order of keeping that status. After ending university she worked a few months here in Mexico, and she moved back to the United States about a month ago, and she's actually living and working in Corpus Christi TX. We met in our career last year and we have been a couple for 19 months, and we're willing to get married ASAP. She's also being able to apply for citizenship in November of this year. She and her family have never had any kind of trouble in the border because of living abroad. My questions are: 1. With her history of being outside the US, and not having a work history, credit history or a valid US high school diploma, is it reliable applying right now for a spouse visa? 2. If not because of her situation, how much would you recommend us to wait? 3. What kind of actions would benefit our situation (like asking her to work for a couple more months, renting an appartment for a few months)? 4. Is it safe or high risk for her applying for a citizenship by the beginning of 2020? 5. Could they know by investigating our relationship that she lived all these years in Mexico putting her at risk of loosing her Residency? For your time and advice, Thank you in advance.
  24. Hello everyone I have just received our NOA 2 (K1 petition approved) and are getting prepared for when the time comes to head to Cuidad Juarez, Mexico for my fiancee's interview. I seem to have a decent grasp on most of the things that are needed however, I need some clarification as to how the Consulate determines income eligibility. I currently reside in a family home with 8 people (including myself) which puts me BELOW the poverty guidelines (based on 2019 Poverty Guidelines). Please keep in mind, when i say household, i am talking about a physical home that 7 people (family) reside together. I do not care financially for all 7 people (only my two grandparents) My job pays very well, I do not have to pay rent, or in any sort of debt, i have enough money saved in my bank and i know I can provide for my fiancee. It is not very clear as to how USCIS determines whether or not I meet the poverty guidelines for caring for my fiancee given that I KNOW, i can take care of my fiancee Has anyone every had a similar situation? Did you meet the income requirements having a large "household"/family that lives together? Thank you !!! *p.s This is the Poverty Guideline I am referring to https://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines Also anything else I should know about Cuidad Juarez? Did they ask for anything in particular from you guys?
  25. Please help... Hi to all. My husband's interview is coming up on July 18, 2019 in Juarez. When I uploaded the Affidavit of Support info to NVC, I used my father as a houshold member so that we could combine our incomes together to reach the income guideline amount. I live with my dad. But, with everything going on and people getting denials at their interviews for public charge (age, social security benefit income), I am thinking of just getting a joint sponsor instead, my brother. He doesnt live with us. He's single, 34 years old no dependants and makes well over the amount required. He has provided me with his taxes for past 3 years, all transcripts. Do you think that I can just use him and just have my husband take his I-864 packet and evidence instead of what I had uploaded to NVC? I thank you for your help and advice.....🙏
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