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    I was born in America and have American citizenship, I am in a lesbian relationship with a U.K. born British citizen.

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  1. About 7 days after I got a text notification and my check was deposited
  2. Honestly no. My check wasn’t deposited until 13 days after I sent my petition. It can take some time. Give it a few more days. Keep checking your bank to see if the check gets deposited
  3. So sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’re able to get this sorted out ASAP! It shouldn’t be that big of a setback in the long run. Keep your chin up!
  4. Thanks so so much! You don’t understand how much this eases our minds. It’s not often that I see others going through stuff like this on here. (thank god, just inconvenient when we are trying to gather our things together) Your experience and advice is greatly appreciated by us!
  5. Thank you so so much for your response! This is very reassuring. So one question, my partner quit her antidepressants without consulting a doctor because she used her own judgement to determine that she was in a better place mentally, and she was correct and has been off of them for about at least a year now. Would she need to visit a doctor to have that put on her medical records prior to receiving the records? Thanks again!
  6. I’m definitely nowhere near the most experienced or knowledgeable member of this forum so everybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think you need to list it anyway and explain your side of things if you guys are asked anywhere in the process, so be on the same page. I believe they can look into it themselves with background checks and decide whether or not it’s worthy of a denial. I’m 99 percent sure you need to list it though. I’ve seen people on here get denied for not listing charges because they considered them irrelevant. The government does not take kindly to being lied to, and this will probably be perceived as such. Avoid an RFE and list it now before it slows you down. I think people with criminal records need to submit documentation on the offense as well so you may want to look into that, it may prove your innocence depending on the circumstances of your issue. It’s not illegal for them to ask for that nor medical records, you’re the only applying for the visa, you don’t have to apply for it if you don’t want to abide by their rules, they view this as a privilege.
  7. High school diplomas are required not only for most jobs, but also most colleges. I’m assuming my educational situation will come up when they ask about my financial situation and learn that I’m unemployed and wonder why that is. I worry quite a bit about this as I’ve heard that London focuses more on finances since they don’t need to focus so hard on evidence of relationship compared to some other embassies.
  8. I’m confident in my financial situation, nothing has changed, but I don’t know if the embassy will have the same confidence as me if I don’t have taxable income myself. I don’t want a GED test to raise questions about why I don’t have a high school diploma, and bring up the fact that I’m currently not as likely to get a job as those with high school diplomas and will continue to be less qualified if I don’t pass the test, therefor offering less stability. I know my mom would have my partner and I’s backs financially if something happened, but how do you prove that to the embassy?
  9. I don’t have a regular taxable income which is a requirement, and even though I do have a reasonable amount of savings, I don’t have enough in my personal savings to qualify for that requirement to sponsor my partner myself. I’m just taken care of, my mother doesn’t make me pay rent and helps me out with what I need, and is willing to do the same for my partner. I know they want to see that I am either working or very serious about working unless I currently meet the requirements in savings or assets, I read something about it in the affidavit of support page on visajourney. Someone got denied with two joint sponsors because they weren’t currently working. It’s just worrying, that’s all.
  10. Hello, so due to health reasons I wasn’t able to complete high school, I would’ve graduated last year if I did. My mother supports me currently, and has opted to be our co sponsor and support my partner and I financially until we can get ourselves together as she more than meets the income requirements. We have sent off our I-129F already, but now I am going to be studying to get my GED. Will this look bad at the London embassy? I heard that people got refused for not showing intent to work to support their partners, does me being unemployed coupled with not having a high school diploma and currently not having a GED look bad for us? Well, bad enough to constitute a denial? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you! We are trying to be as patient as humanly possible and we’re feeling very optimistic about the processing times this year. We went into this preparing for the USCIS stage to take about at least 7 months not including an RFE so anything sooner will be a happy surprise for us. Browsing VisaJourney together and reading all about this process and all of its stages has helped us tremendously in staying patient, we’ve always got more things to learn and do.
  12. Update, got my NOA1 in the mail today at around 10:30 AM on May 24th 2019, because it was so early I suspect it was delivered yesterday on the 23rd. This is around 5-7 days after my check was deposited and I received a notification by text (May 17th 2019). I haven’t opened the envelope yet, but I will update you guys as more info is received.
  13. It won’t allow me to edit my own post, however I misspoke. It didn’t “begin processing”, the exact quote is: Case Was Received On May 13, 2019, we received your Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e), Receipt Number (my receipt number), and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by June 12, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
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