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  1. Thanks so much! So we are in a bit of a dilemma actually, since COVID-19 lockdown I can't go to the bank and add her to my account, and also I tried contacting my landlord to put her on the lease and they said when we go to renew our lease in July we could add her then instead and that it would save them a lot of hassle for us to just wait until then, do you have any other ideas of things we could include for this category??? Thanks so much
  2. Hello, so we are on mandatory lockdown now due to COVID-19 and this happened before my wife and I managed to open a joint bank account. She doesn't have a US bank account yet, would it be okay for me to write a check for her to attach to the front of her AOS packet and send in, since her name isn't on my account and it's technically only my funds, or do they want her to be the one paying AOS fees? Thanks! I'm the US citizen if that wasn't too clear.
  3. I am seeing some conflicting information on here about whether or not we should include proof of relationship with our AOS packet. What do you guys think? And if so, what type of evidence should we include with the AOS packet? Thanks!
  4. i dont file taxes, is there anything i can send in in place of a tax return? thanks!
  5. Hello everybody, I was reading posts on here detailing what other people included in their I-131/AP application along with their I-485 packet and such, it looks like some people included the I-797 NOA2 from their I-129F petition within the supporting documents for AP??? Is this necessary? On the USCIS website it says: "For an advance parole document for individuals who are currently in the United States: A copy of an official photo identity document Two identical passport-style photographs of yourself taken within 30 days of the filing of this application A copy of any document showing your current status in the United States Evidence that your trip is for educational, employment, or humanitarian purposes An explanation or other evidence showing the circumstances that warrant issuance of an advance parole document If you are an applicant for adjustment of status, a copy of a USCIS receipt as evidence that you filed the adjustment application" Is this NOA2 from my K1 petition? Do I need to include that? Also, "Evidence that your trip is for educational, employment, or humanitarian purposes" Do I need to include anything for this? What does this even mean? Thanks so much for the help everyone
  6. Hello everyone! So when my now wife went to her K1 interview in London, they accepted my brother as her co-sponsor and issued her a K1 visa. We got married in the US and are working on filing for AOS now. If my brother is going to be her joint sponsor for AOS, do I still need to send in an I-864 since I am not the one who meets the income requirement? Would just my brothers I-864 do? Thanks!
  7. Awesome, thank you so much! It was just on this link: https://www.uscis.gov/i-485Checklist
  8. Hello, I married my wife within 90 days of her entry to the US on her K1 visa, we are now trying to file for AOS but we're a little confused! On the USCIS website, it has a checklist of required evidence for AOS and this is listed as one of them: "Documentation of immigrant category, such as a copy of Form I-797, Approval or Receipt Notice, for the Form I-130 filed on your behalf (unless you are filing your Form I-485 with the Form I-130 filed on your behalf)" What is the I-130? Isn't that for spouses overseas? Why is it listed here as a requirement for form I-485? Do we have to submit this, because the guide on VJ doesn't list this as a required document when filing for AOS as a K1 visa holder. Sorry, I'm just super confused. Any advice we could get with this thing would be great. Thanks
  9. That sounds good to me. I’d just go with that, whatever feels right at the time and is truthful because they’re very good at sensing deceit in people’s responses. If you are being honest with them then everything should work out so long as you have nothing to hide and all of your paperwork is in order. Good luck
  10. Well, it depends. What’s the truth? Why do you want to get married in the US?
  11. That’s interesting. Thank you! So, if I understand this correctly, she’s going to need to get her permit first, I know she can’t have the license until EAD, but could she have a permit before EAD so she can be learning to drive and just take the license test real quick when she gets the right to work?
  12. Thank you, I was having trouble placing which forum to post this in
  13. Thank you!!!! I am just so happy to be with my woman. We’re going to do everything we can to keep things going right.
  14. Hello! My fiancée is here on her K1 and I wanted to ask and see if anyone knows what kind of identification or documentation she should keep on hand at all times in case she needs to prove her legal presence (example: pulled over as a passenger in a car, asks her for ID or drivers license, what to provide then?) I want to keep her safe and out of trouble. I was thinking her passport with her visa in it and the I-94? We aren’t married quite yet. Any other ideas? I heard horror stories of people getting pulled over and sent to jail or camps... thank you
  15. Thank you!! We will go as soon as we can. Just tackling jet lag at the moment! We retrieved the I-94 and it’s ready to print now!
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