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  1. That sounds good to me. I’d just go with that, whatever feels right at the time and is truthful because they’re very good at sensing deceit in people’s responses. If you are being honest with them then everything should work out so long as you have nothing to hide and all of your paperwork is in order. Good luck
  2. Well, it depends. What’s the truth? Why do you want to get married in the US?
  3. That’s interesting. Thank you! So, if I understand this correctly, she’s going to need to get her permit first, I know she can’t have the license until EAD, but could she have a permit before EAD so she can be learning to drive and just take the license test real quick when she gets the right to work?
  4. Thank you, I was having trouble placing which forum to post this in
  5. Thank you!!!! I am just so happy to be with my woman. We’re going to do everything we can to keep things going right.
  6. Hello! My fiancée is here on her K1 and I wanted to ask and see if anyone knows what kind of identification or documentation she should keep on hand at all times in case she needs to prove her legal presence (example: pulled over as a passenger in a car, asks her for ID or drivers license, what to provide then?) I want to keep her safe and out of trouble. I was thinking her passport with her visa in it and the I-94? We aren’t married quite yet. Any other ideas? I heard horror stories of people getting pulled over and sent to jail or camps... thank you
  7. Thank you!! We will go as soon as we can. Just tackling jet lag at the moment! We retrieved the I-94 and it’s ready to print now!
  8. I recommend asking country specific questions in the India regional forum instead so you can reach a broader and more knowledgeable audience to help answer the important questions you have. It can be found here: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/149-india/
  9. Hello! I have a question about my K1 fiancée obtaining a drivers license in California. Does she need a permit first? She has never driven, never had a drivers license or permit in her home country. What documents are needed for her to obtain a California state drivers license? Do we need to marry and file for AOS first? Thanks!
  10. Hello! My fiancée is here in the US with me now on her K1, she passed through the POE at LAX Saturday night and they didn’t give her an I-94. Is this part of their transfer to an electronic system? I heard that they started doing things electronically and just want to double check with people who recently arrived in the US on a K1. How would we obtain this document, it’s still needed for AOS isn’t it? She wants to apply for her SSN as soon as possible and I heard that it’s a required document to apply for a SSN. Thanks much
  11. It would not be okay. You would no longer be able to enter the US on the K1 visa, and if you do, you would be abusing the K1 visa as the K1 is used to marry your fiancée in the United States of America. If you do this you will have to apply for a CR-1 spousal visa and cancel your upcoming plans to visit America and wait longer than you did to receive the K1 to receive that visa.
  12. Thanks much! That’s clears up a lot. If you were wondering what page the info I read was on, it was this: “You should wait 2 weeks after you arrived in the US before applying for a SSN.”
  13. So I have been doing some research on the SSN. I hear that we want to make sure that we’re in the SAVE database before applying? We may end up marrying before that happens (it says it could take weeks) so if we end up having to apply for her SSN after marriage, would we need to provide documents for name change or would we still be able to get the SSN in her maiden name and change it later? Will it affect AOS if we do/don’t have her maiden name on the SSN? And does she need a SSN for AOS? It’s all so confusing! If my fiancée goes off exchange instead for health insurance would she still be able to take advantage of the SQLE of marriage (60 days) and just enroll immediately after marriage or wait until next year for open enrollment? I know she doesn’t have to prove legal status in this scenario so I’m guessing we wouldn’t need to wait for NOA1, but would we still need to take advantage of open enrollment?
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