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    I took to my daughter to Honduras this past summer to meet her family (her father's family). Through her family I met my future husband, and we are now planning our marriage and hoping to bring him to the US to be with me and my daughter as soon as we can.

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  1. I am hearing more and more cases that are proving how the immigration process is very inconsistent. I know of three cases and one case in particular had red flags, domestic violence record, jail time and tattoos, (and you know tattoos in Honduras puts a person into AP), but still had their case approved with no issues at all. It is beyond upsetting and very unjust.
  2. Update: My husband was given back his passport and they said he would be getting more information in the mail. He is still in AP and I have no idea what else they would be giving him. It was a second interview with a lot more questions about us as a married couple and his jobs. They didn't even tell him to get an updated medical. I am thinking we have more months of this. 😭
  3. Thank you so much!! I am feeling better after reading your reply and the other reply. I will give you an update tomorrow.
  4. He plans to bring his passport. I just hope they don't give it back to him. 😐
  5. Here is the e-mail: Mr. Alex Pinto, As part of the process of visa request your presence on Thursday February 20 at 1:00 pm with an identification to be allowed access to the building. Please confirm your attendance before 4:30 pm today, otherwise the appointment will be canceled. Cordially, consular Section US Embassy Honduras T: (+504) 2238-5114 Ext 4401. E: fpuhonduras@state.gov | hn.usembassy.gov
  6. My husband and I just received an e-mail today from the Embassy in Honduras that he has an appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm. He is at 63 days of AP after submitting his medical exam (they were not submitted at the time of his interview due to 4 months of drug monitoring program). I am excited but nervous, because I have read that if they ask for another interview (I think this is an interview), then they must be questioning our marriage. Has anyone had to go to the Embassy for the second time and if so, how did it go? Also, they asked my husband to bring an ID to be able to enter the Embassy. They did not ask him to bring his passport. That worries me. Here is our timeline Interview = July 26th 2019 Medical Exam sent to Embassy = November 20, 2019 Appointment (interview?) at Embassy = February 20, 2020 Thanks Jen
  7. Yes! I forgot I could file an extension, but hoping he will be here before then. However I do have that option if needed. Thanks!! Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this process!! I have a very clear idea of what I need to do, which is wait. Thanks again for the support and advice.
  8. I can only hope and pray he is here soon, longer AP time than usual. I have decided and feel best about waiting for him to get here. Thank you very much for the information!! I am definitely going to wait and if needed I will file an extension.
  9. My tax preparer had told me it has to be a certified copy of his passport from the agency that issued the passport. It would be easier if I could just get a copy of his passport without having it to be certified. I would use the DHL services which is what I used to send documents for our marriage, however, it cost much money. I think I am going to hold of another month or so to see if he is here before April. I would hope he would be here soon.
  10. I actually had the same thought last night. I would hope he would be here before April.
  11. Thank you!! I guess I am more worried about how it looks with the Embassy on our marriage being bonafide. Because we are in AP longer than expected, I am now worrying about any little thing I may have done wrong, which includes the Tax returns. I think filing Head of household is the best way to go right now since I can't get a certified copy of my husband's passport for the IRS.
  12. Thank you for your response, especially about the part where they are not looking for more proof of marriage. Yes, it is taking them a long time. I know of a person who also had drug testing done for the same time my husband did and had his medical records in hand and sent to the Embassy a week before my husband sent his and he received his visa within a week, and we are 60 days waiting. As I just told my husband...we are one day closer. As far as the filing taxes the only option I really have right now is Head of Household, simply because we can not obtain a certified copy of his passport for the IRS. Thanks again!
  13. Hi!! Wow, I am so sorry about the heartbreaking news you received...AFTER they told him congratulations. The only time that they update my husbands case is when we inquire about it. He had gone to the clinic in San Pedro Sula, because it is closer to where he lives. Please let me know as soon as you find something out about your husband. I was with my husband in December, but I am not sure when I can go back to see him. He says that it is getting more dangerous in Honduras due to the protesting. Has your husband mentioned the conditions of Honduras with the protesting? I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure it is difficult for you both having a new baby and him not there with you.
  14. I am in the process of trying to file my taxes. I have two options..1)File married joint or 2) Head of household. If I file married joint, then my husband has to try to get a certified copy of his passport or Driver's license. He was told today in the immigration office that they would not certify a copy of the passport. I do not feel comfortable having my husband send me his passport to then send to the IRS. We are in AP and just waiting for the Embassy to finish up AP and issue his visa. If I file Head of household then it is as if we are not married, which does not help our case for his visa. Has anyone had this issue, particularly for Honduras? Please help me with any advice or suggestions. Thanks
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