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  1. The receptionist at the Dr's told my husband 3 months to a year. The CO has no information on my husband's medical exam.
  2. Thank you. So my husband could go weeks or even several months with not being tested, which would prolong his Visa. My husband is happy and willing to be tested to proof he is not using. For us, it is frustrating that there is a lack of communication from the Dr. Thanks again
  3. I have a simple question about the medical exam procedure and I am hoping someone can help me with this frustrating ordeal. Is it legal or ok for Dr.s to withhold Medical Exam results from the U.S Embassy? My husband had his medical exam and the Dr is not sending the information to the Embassy. This is what happened.....My husband was honest about his drug use which was 8 years ago. The Dr. ordered him to see a Psychologist for eval and then had a drug test done. We were actually happy about these extra steps that the Dr. wanted my husband to complete, for the simple fact that it would validate him being clean, and not imposing a threat as an immigrant in the U.S. We get to the interview and we are informed that the Dr. has not sent in the Medical Exams, so now we have a 221 and only waiting for the medical results. We call the Dr. the next day and asked about the medical exam and when they are going to be sending the results (The Dr. did tell my husband he would be sending the medical exam results to the Embassy for him). My husband was told "We will not be sending the medical exam until you finish the monitoring program, which could be 3 months to a year". I have been researching and I have not read anywhere that Dr.'s withhold the medical exam from the U.S Embassy. I found this on a forum here on VJ...it sounds like to me that the Dr's only job is to perform the medical, give opinion and then let the USCIS decide. One vital thing that you need to understand is this: IF there are any irregularities regarding your medical exam, it is the CONSULATE (or the USCIS if you are filing adjustment while inside the U.S.) who has the final say on whether this allows you to get the visa. The consulate or USCIS may consult the doctor for answers to questions they may have, and while the doctor can make recommendations, the USCIS or consulate makes the final decision. If ANYONE could help me with this question or if anyone has had the same situation, please let me know. I have called and e-mailed everyone I can think of to figure this out and I am not getting any answers. Thank you!!!
  4. Hello, My husband had his interview yesterday in Honduras. We were both there, since I am with him now during summer vacation. Everything seemed to go well, but the only issue is that the Dr. did not send his medical exam to the Embassy in time for them to have it for the interview. My husband was honest about a charge he had back in 2008 and was found not guilty and he doesn't even have a criminal record. The lady only asked my husband two questions about our relationship and marriage but asked a lot of questions about the police report and his charge. She told us we would need to wait in the waiting room. After about 30 minutes she called us back in and told us that they are still waiting for the medical results from the Dr. and once they receive the results they will review his case and send us an e-mail. The biggest thing I am worried about is the fact that she did not keep his passport, but she told him to take it with him because they do not hold passports there. Has anyone ever experienced this? I know of two other people who were approved and they kept their passports to send with the visa. Is it a bad sign that they didn't keep his passport?
  5. Yes, we have the option to travel to Tegucigalpa two days before the interview to request his police record. We wanted to not have to travel so early to Tegucigalpa and just have our attorney get the record for us. I would also think that they would have to authenticate no matter what.
  6. My husband has his interview at the embassy in Tegucigalpa on July 26th. Our case had been expedited through USCIS as well as NVC. The only thing we are trying to obtain is his police record from D.P.I. He asked our attorney who had married us about requesting his police record from D.P.I for him. His attorney just told us today that the foreign relations can not authenticate his police record because his police record is dirty. My husband was arrested on false charges but was not found guilty. Can anyone who has lived in Honduras and has had anything on their police record please help. I have called every number that Honduras has provided and I am not able to get through to anyone!! We have only a little over a week. Thank you!! Jen and Alex
  7. Are you going through the Embassy in Honduras as well?
  8. I am waiting on my interview date. Is there anyone else in the same boat as me and my husband. Everything is ready, but due to the attack on the U.S. Embassy on May 31st, they have cancelled all interviews and not scheduling any new interviews. It would be nice to hear from people who are also experiencing hardship right now due to what Honduras is going through right now. I just purchased my tickets to go be with my husband in July, and praying we can get an interview in while I am down there.
  9. I have been trying to contact the U.S embassy in Honduras that is located in Virginia (for United States callers). I am trying to schedule an interview but when I call it says I am calling during non-working hours and it is clearly open right now. I have not been able to contact anyone at this state of the process. Does anyone have information or ideas or tips on how to contact the U.S Embassy in Honduras? I also have questions about the interview and documents that I need answered so we can get everything completed. Thank you
  10. Does anyone know if and how we can schedule our interview appointment? The Embassy in Honduras accepted the request for our case to be expedited, and seems like I had read somewhere how I can log on and schedule an interview date. Thank you
  11. I just received my notification via e-mail that the Embassy in Honduras has accepted my request for expedite and our case is being sent to Honduras now. Do I still need to pay the fee's through NVC that is stated on the website? I made the payments and they are processing and I am afraid I didn't need to make those payments. Thank you
  12. yes, they are his discharge papers
  13. I have been doing my research with the NVC stage and I know my husband will need to fill out the DS-261 form first. I am confused though because I have been told that my husband will need to have his signature for the form, but then I read where the DS-form is filled out online. So is this a form that needs his signature or he can complete online? Is there another form that would need his signature? Thank you
  14. I am preparing documents for my husband right now for the NVC process. My husband was in the Honduras Military from 2010-2014. He has his original document from being in the military. Does he need to obtain a newer document that is within a year old? This is the original one with all the stamps and signatures. Thank you
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