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    I took to my daughter to Honduras this past summer to meet her family (her father's family). Through her family I met my future husband, and we are now planning our marriage and hoping to bring him to the US to be with me and my daughter as soon as we can.

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  1. Again, thank you so much everyone!!! It is nice to know we have place to go to when we need help.
  2. After sending the link that someone else had posted along with a photo of the stamp that you asked me about, the HR lady finally said, "yes, this does work. Sorry about the confusion". WOW!!! I know my husband is able to obtain a job right away, but just trying to help the HR people understand this can be difficult. Again thanks for helping us out. Looks like my husband will be starting his job soon!!!
  3. Thank you. I will send this information to her. My husband could start work next week, but they are insisting he does not have the correct verification for work. uhg!!
  4. Thank you for your detailed explanation. It helped a lot. I sent a picture to the Human Resource department of the job my husband has interviewed for. They told me that my husband needs a stamp along with the part "Upon endorsement serves as a temporary 1-55....." I am attaching the stamp my husband received and it is not the same one that my friend received. This stamp does not work for my husband to work.
  5. Thank you everyone!!! I just found the temporary I-1551 at the bottom of the CR1 visa.
  6. My husband entered into the U.S on Saturday, September 13th. His passport was stamped but I just found out it was not stamped with the stamp that allow for working. Has this ever happened to anyone and any suggestions on how to fix this? He had a phone interview today for a job, but they can't continue with his employment due to not have the correct stamp to act as a temporary green card.
  7. Thank you for your response. I was thinking it was airline specific, but I will contact the airline he will be flying on just to get clarification. Thanks again
  8. My husband just recently got his visa approved and will be flying into the States from Honduras. Is this needed for ALL visa holders'?
  9. My husband and I just received an email from the Embassy in Honduras and it has left us confused. My initial thought is that it is a generic response, but wanted to reach out for any help in this matter. Here is our background. First interview - July 26th 2019 First M.E. expired - January 14, 2020 Second interview - February 20, 2020 Request for new M.E from Embassy - March 19, 2020 New M.E sent to U.S Embassy August 4, 2020 Case updated August 5, 2020 Case updated August 6, 2020 Email sent to us August 6, 2020 Here is the email that was sent to us. My initial thought is that it is a generic response, but not sure. I am also not sure why they have not requested his police report since it also expired. I did contact them, letting them know we were confused, but we would resend the form. They were given the form at his first interview. Anyways, thank you for reading and giving me ideas about this. Dear Mr. Alex Omar Pinto Caballero Before your Immigrant Visa interview at the United States Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, it is important that you electronically resend Form DS-260. (attached instructions). Invoice your case ID is: ............................. On the day of your appointment you will need: 1 current passport size photograph, your passport. When you have forwarded this form, please let us know via this email so we can provide you with an appointment date. Sincerely, Immigrant Visa Section Embassy of the United States in Tegucigalpa Attachments area
  10. Are you saying the consulate will not even process visa's of applicants who have completed everything until they have caught up with all the applicant's during this time of not being opened? My husband has been told he could still renew his medical exam and send it via cargo. I was under the impression they would still be able to issue the visa, since he does not need another interview.
  11. I know for a fact that Honduras is working with two airlines to help immigrants fly to the United States. I just do not know if the Embassy is issuing Visa's right now. I really believe my husband would have been here by now if it wasn't for the lockdown.
  12. That is a good point. I was told that people are still working at the Embassy in Honduras, but not scheduling interviews. Do you know of a site that would be able to give me more information on this? Thank you
  13. My husband is needing to renew his Medical Exam and his Police Report. The embassy sent my husband two days before the lockdown happened, asking him to get his Medical Exam updated so they can finish processing his case. Do you know if people are able to still see the Dr. for their medical exam or go to the DPI to obtain their police report? Thanks
  14. Hello fellow VJers I am starting a discussion forum for anyone else who would like to encourage one another during the administrative processing time, or also known as the Black Hole! Our story and timeline. I submitted my petition for my husband in March, and with the help of my congress was able to have it expedited to NVC. Shortly after it was sent to NVC, it was expedited to Honduras Embassy. We were able to get an interview July 26, 2019 while I was visiting my husband for the summer (I have the ability to visit him on my school breaks). He had his medical exam done and completed before the interview, but during the interview we found out the Dr. did not send the medical exam. We were given a 221G form for the Medical Exam and was told that as soon as they receive it, they will review the case. We found out the following day that the Dr. needed to have my husband go through a drug monitoring program due to confessing of using drugs in the past. November, 2019 my husband completed his drug monitoring program with success and he sent his Medical Exam to the Embassy with his passport. My husband's passport was returned with no visa, but a form saying denied and still in Administrative processing. The embassy has only updated my husband's case about 5 times since November, so it becomes very disheartening to see nothing happen. If you come across my posting and you are in a similar situation and would like to share, please share. I would be so happy to hear from others and to be able to encourage one another through this process.
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