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  1. I know I have divorce since 2016 but I didn’t go back for the divorce certificate since then because my lawyer told me that I didn’t need it.now that I need it and I went to the court two weeks ago to ask for it and then to me to pay some money. I just got the certificate today in hand so I have to re-apply. Thank you so much for the help
  2. Kabir Ishola

    Customary divorce degree

    They will accept it.because your marriage is traditional you have to go through customary court so you’re good to go Good luck
  3. I know he could have kept me here for long but God is good Thank you so much I will withdraw and refile
  4. I know that Thanks.I went to the customary court yesterday for divorce because I remember in 2016 I apply for divorce and then open the file for me and I pay the fees but I didn’t go back because of my lawyer he told me I didn’t need it because is not a court marriage but lucky for me I went back today they said they can find my file I just need to pay more money but is ok what can do now can wait for USCIS to get back to me or I should reapply for IR-1/CR-1 new Thanks.
  5. Oh thank you so much Appreciate
  6. So is the something right?
  7. Oh ok I file the l-130 he was denied and people said I should moved to lR-1/CR-1 visa Thanks for reply
  8. Ok What is difference between from l-130 and IR-1/CR-1 Spouse Visa please thanks
  9. Ok I should reapply right. I should not wait for USCIS to get back to me? Thanks
  10. Ok Will not pay him money Thanks so I should reapply again. remember I married my Ex -wife before my new wife if I divorce my Ex-with now I think I have to re married my new wife so I can reapply for new spousal visa what t do you think Because I married my Ex-wife in 2014 and I married new my wife in 2016
  11. Yes my lawyer was conducted traditional is not legally married to me he say because is not a court marriage I think is my lawyer fault that he told my wife in U.S and I told my wife to get new immigration lawyer for the next step and I just called a lawyer in Nigeria for the divorce he say I should come and see him tomorrow thank you so much for the help
  12. No I didn’t put married there because my lawyer said know. Yes I just talk to a lawyer now he said I should come and see him tomorrow. thank you so much for the help
  13. No certificate and the lawyer from U.S