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  1. I think it is easier just to go down to your significant other's hometown down in Mexico and marry down there. I did that in 2017 with my spouse in Sonora. Mexican marriages are recognized worldwide.
  2. In the end I would expect it to be a "soft" close like what is going on between Canada & US. They will probably let Mexican nationals and their immediate families into Mexico & the USA will probably let US citizens and their immediate legal PR families in. Mexican nationals with tourist visas will probably be shut out of the US in the event of a closure.
  3. That is a great question. The good news is that UI will be available to legal residents without repercussions.
  4. I am still trying to learn what we need to have in order to be clean with Arizona. On Monday I am going to go to shops and get resources for me the US Citizen and then go from there. We just want a gun in the house to protect ourselves from intruders for all the crime happening lately where we live.
  5. My spouse and I live in Tucson, Arizona and have long debated the possibility of purchasing a gun for personal protection. We moved to our new duplex in October and have seen an uptick in crime against our vehicles in the last two weeks. Can a conditional permanent resident own a firearm? What rights do CR1 have while owning a firearm?
  6. Honestly, I don't think I ever mentioned it LOL! My father in law has an attorney friend in Sonora and he advised my father in law that it wont be a problem but there is no need to be bringing it up. I didn't provide any divorce papers to the judge in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora. I only had to submit paperwork for my divorce to USCIS during her green card application period. And quite frankly that is all that matters. Maybe it might come up if you ever apply for residency in Mexico but even then they don't have all this computer data in Mexico on people's backgrounds like the FBI and CIA has here in the states.
  7. They want to "force" you to immigrate to the US it seems like. I know couples that live overseas and don't want to live in the US but just want to visit. It takes a lot to overcome and prove that you only want to visit. The couples that I have seen have the most success are couples that are in a common law marriage overseas that find a way to get the tourist visa so they can make visits. Or people that may have gotten a tourist visa before meeting their american spouse overseas. Seems like the third country approach or having your inlaws visit Honduras would be best.
  8. If your mother in law lives in Sonora, Baja California or Chihuahua it will be a Border Crossing card. The card allows travel within 100 miles of the border. So for example people from Sonora can travel to Tucson and a little past Marana without needing the "permiso". To go to Phoenix they need the I-94. The permiso or I-94 can be applied for at the port of entry for six bucks. Most people get approved for it. The Border Crossing Card is valid for 10 years. Most people that apply for it down in Mexico need to make sure they have a job, going to college, a business, owning property or something that will retain them in Mexico. Something that will make them want to return home to Mexico.
  9. Well thank you guys! I took some good notes and I will try to tie up any loose ends by July such as the DL new address for the both of us and try to get her name on our new Southwest Gas account.
  10. I just got confirmation that first its the extension letter, then after that runs out you go to infopass with the passport to get a stamp in it.
  11. The reason why I held off on getting the new DL's was because they would not allow her the GC holder to get a new DL online with the new address. If I wanted to I could do it online with no issues. I thinking about taking a day off in January to see if we can just do it in person together to get the new addresses on them.
  12. I have been told by a few couples here in Tucson that they get the letter in the mail and a stamp into their passport at the info pass office. Apparently the stamp makes it easier to go to and from Mexico by land versus carrying around the extension letter. I changed the address with USCIS the first day we moved online. I initially made a mistake on the address the first time. Then went back about a week later with the correct address and corrected it the second time around online. So at least that part is taken care of.
  13. One more thing I noticed missing from the list was a passport sized photo for the new green card. Do they not request this because they will use the same photo from the first GC? BTW; have you guys received your new GC yet?
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