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  1. In our case my wife went to the N-400 interview (July 1st, 2022) and they waived the I-751 interview and approved it here in Tucson. When she arrived they already had the entire I-751 submission from July 2020 on their desk. Now my spouse is in line for the Oath Ceremony. She should be getting a notice this month.
  2. Paul, I got good news… She passed her ROC/US Citizenship interview today 7/1/22!!! Now we just await the oath ceremony! 🙌🙏
  3. We don't have subway trains out here in the old West my friend. The only way to get to the office is by car.
  4. Thank you! I have been reading off 100 questions per day for her since June 1st. Today she got 99 out of 100 right for the citizenship test. I couldn’t believe it only took a week after submission to get an interview scheduled. I guess Tucson and Phoenix offices are fast right now.
  5. My wife has an N400 interview on July 1st, 2022 in Tucson. I am suspecting that they could be doing a combo interview since she has been waiting for her ROC to be approved since July 2020. what should she bring to the I-751 interview if they decide to do a combo? What kind of questions do they ask in the I-751 interview? For the N-400 interview is there anything that should be brought that is not mentioned in the letter?
  6. My wife applied for her citizenship Monday, May 23rd online and this morning received an electronic notice that she has an N-400 interview on July 1st, 2022 at the USCIS in Tucson, AZ. Her ROC is still pending since July 2020 with no response on how it is going. She did biometrics in December 2020 and got a 24 month extension letter on December 24th, 2021. Before that she had received an 18 month extension letter in July 2020. The N-400 interview notice did not mention anything about a combo interview for the pending ROC. Will they still do a combo interview? Should she bring a copy of her submitted I-751 from 2 years ago? Or just the extension letter?
  7. I would like that because the ones that came in on CR1 from the embassies go through hell at removal of conditions time just because they got their CR1 abroad. While someone that adjusted from a tourist visa that gets a CR1 skates through the ROC process just because they did everything here versus at the department of state.
  8. That was our original goal when i was overseas with her. But we just couldn't stand one more second living on the US/Mexican border so we applied as fast as we could at the time. Now we are stuck in the ROC blackhole for two years now. I just helped my spouse file for the US citizenship on the 3 year rule. So we will see if that triggers USCIS to finally get working on our ROC.
  9. In Mexico there are a lot of businesses that work as a facade that doesn't exist. These fake companies operate for people to have fake paystubs that they can take to their tourist visa interviews at the local consulates in Mexico. The facades not only work for this purpose but money laundering and trafficking in some instances. So imagine someone here on a tourist visa that got approved over fake proof of employment staying here? Also each time that the paper permission slip which i believe is an I-94 runs out Mexicans have to present updated proof of employment in order to get a new permission slip.
  10. So I downloaded the tax transcripts this morning after creating a login with the IRS. I deleted all my tax return uploads from Friday that I had uploaded and replaced them with the tax transcripts from 2019, 2020 and 2021. USCIS already sent an electronic letter saying that they received my request and were going to reutilize the fingerprints that my spouse took in December 2020.
  11. Are you allowed to upload compressed files in a zip folder to the USCIS application?
  12. All, I started the process for the N400 for my spouse on Friday. I had a difficult time uploading each of our taxes for 2019, 2020 and 2021 in pdf form because it kept saying the file was over 6 MB. I finally decided to remove some pages out of the PDF to make it work. I only included the 1040 and the state tax pages. I didn’t want to do it that way but I felt like I had no choice in order to make it all fit. I have not submitted it yet as it is still in rough draft status. should I submit it like that or is there another way to include all pages of each tax return??
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