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  1. It is super inefficient indeed, especially cause my second one was out of state. 😖 I didn’t want to rock the boat so I just went and did it, cause at least it only took a couple of months to be scheduled.
  2. Happened to me. Got I-751 biometrics in July, more than a year after I applied, then got another biometrics appointment for N-400 in August. They only applied existing biometrics during COVID, so I think they are getting back to normal with new biometrics for every application.
  3. Did you file online? If so, you can see the letter on your account before getting the mail.
  4. Mine took more than a year to come because of Covid. Your local Application Support Center may be super backed up.
  5. Super random, so no one knows. Mine is about 2 months after I applied.
  6. I’ll do you one better: I had my I-751 biometrics LAST WEEK and they scheduled another one next month for the N-400, not even in my state. Ridiculous waste of ressources but at least I don’t have to wait more than a year like last time.
  7. Yes, no problem applying! My I-751 is pending (and nowhere close to the stage you are at, finally received biometrics for next week) and I applied a couple of weeks ago.
  8. You need to call them within 30 days of the extension letter expiring to request an info pass appointment.
  9. At last, a year after submission and 2 days after applying for N400, my biometrics are scheduled for July 2nd.
  10. Did you guys get a receipt notice if filled online? And if so, how quickly? Edit: Nevermind, just saw @idyllic420 comment about getting the notices in a week or two.
  11. Just submitted my application, estimated time is 13 months (Milwaukee field office). I'm still waiting for biometrics for my ROC application from June 2020 so we'll see if this moves things along.
  12. Talked to representative and senator, they both said they can't help with biometrics and can't ask for updates until we're out of processing time (36 months!!). Ombudsman would probably say the same. Even got a call back from a tier 2 agent who said to continue to wait, that Covid has delayed everything. Just submitted N400, so we'll see if that moves anything.
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