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  1. Agreed, try to avoid ROC as much as possible. And the fees for that are rising to $760 in October with no guarantees they won't rise again in the next couple of years.
  2. Your case is at the National Benefit Center in Missouri, which is where they send all ROCs for CR-1 people.
  3. She is a conditional permanent resident. You can fill for removal of conditions starting 90 days before her expiration date (see USCIS calculator for earliest filling). Your job loss will have no impact, there is no support paperwork to file. Check the guide here for examples of bona fide marriage evidence you should start collecting. Good luck!!
  4. You don’t have to do anything else, just wait for your interview to be scheduled. Your extension letter might expire before your case is approved. In that case, and if you need proof of status (to travel, for work etc.), you can call USCIS to schedule an infopass appointment so that they can stamp your passport. No idea how long it will take for your interview to be scheduled, it depends on your local office and is not really predictable anymore with Covid. The Nebraska Service center has no impact on your case now that it’s at the National Benefits Center (which is just a hub to prepare cases for interviews).
  5. Nothing for us, pretty sure we won’t hear back for months until they schedule them for us.
  6. Yes, include a brief explanation of how you manage finances as a couple. It’s not too weird for people to only have one shared account and have the rest be separate.
  7. Your case number should be on the NOA as the receipt number. Did you send G-115 with your package to get the text notification?
  8. Yes, you can file for citizenship if all the conditions are met even while ROC is still pending.
  9. If you send your package using USPS, you send it to a lockbox that distributes it to service centers. We included G-1145 when filing at the Phoenix lockbox last month and got our text notification.
  10. I’m not sure, I would personally be cautious and skip the affidavit in that case.
  11. If possible, see if your family can write an affidavit explaining your living arrangements. We lived with my-in-laws for a couple of months after I immigrated and included an affidavit to explain why we didn’t have a lease straight away.
  12. How about a lease to both your names? Utility bills? IDs listing the same address?
  13. It usually is good to be proactive when there’s little financial commingling as they would probably send an RFE to ask about it. I’d include a brief explanation. BTW, check out Ally Bank for a low fee bank. What kind of other evidence do you have?
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