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  1. What a joke, the Milwaukee office really doesn't care about ROC. Call again and tell them you're traveling and you need it. Did you apply for citizenship? I would still be waiting if I hadn't (Milwaukee office too).
  2. Phone should be fine. I also had a small purse and a huge folder, I don't know if they allow bigger bags. Also not sure if it's location specific.
  3. Hi

    I finally got my interview last week and my oath ceremony is scheduled for July 20 at the Knapp St field office.

    Can you tell my how long the ceremony lasts and if they charged you for the copies of the certificate?

    Do I need anything besides the letter and my green card?

    Thanks for any info



    1. peachouille



      The ceremony was super fast, I arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled time and was done 30 minutes later.
      They did not charge me for the certified copies. Getting them took an additional 30 minutes cause I had to wait for the person in charge to be available.



    2. BinWI


      Thanks so much for the info.  Were you able to take someone into the ceremony with you?

    3. peachouille


      No, they didn't allow guests.

  4. At least for my local office (Milwaukee), yes. I hade a huge folder and my purse with my phone in it.
  5. Unfortunately, the only processing time reported for MSC is for "All field offices", which is currently at 31 months. It really depends on how fast your local office is at scheduling ROC interviews, which are quite low on the priority list. I entered my receipt date (also June 2020) on the USCIS website to see when an inquiry can be made and they said October 2023, which is ridiculous. To be honest, the only reason I am done with USCIS is that I applied for citizenship and they processed my ROC at the same time.
  6. 4/11 Got NC. Almost done, just need to go to the Social Security office (called my local office this week, no appointment needed, just need to bring proof of citizenship).
  7. 2/17 Applied for passport book and card at USPS (regular processing) 2/25 In process, locator 18 3/18 Approved 3/21 Got passport, old gen 3/24 Got passport card Just waiting for the naturalization certificate now.
  8. 3/21 Got passport, old gen Still waiting for the card and the naturalization certificate.
  9. 2/17 Applied for passport book and card at USPS (regular processing) 2/25 In process, locator 18 3/18 Approved
  10. Hi! I applied in June 2020 and had a timeline similar to your husband's (see my signature or timeline). Ready for interview is the status your application will be in until they actually schedule said interview. Everyone who came through a CR-1 visa gets an interview and the processing times are opaque, see this topic: What is your local office? ROC interviews seem to be a very low priority for local offices. The only reason my case moved forward was that I applied for naturalization when I became eligible in June 2021 and am now a citizen. Any reason why you guys haven't applied for that?
  11. I became a citizen this morning. Simple affair at the Milwaukee field office. Still hard to believe the journey is over. I asked for a couple of certified copies right after the ceremony and they very nicely took care of it. Something to consider if you need proof of citizenship while your original certificate is at the passport center. Good luck to everyone still waiting, I hope you get good news soon!
  12. I had my application with me and glanced at it a few times (I forgot my social security number, oops). The officer did not mind. I don't know if other officers would think differently.
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