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  1. After 1 year of receipt, I have taken biometric today. How long after biometric, you get the interview appointment letter or card produced status? TIA.
  2. congrats on your baby! I am 3 months pregnant now and just got biometric letter after 1 year of ROC receipt.
  3. After 1 year of ROC, I got the biometric letter today. Scheduled 7/28.
  4. "Merit-based/Family-based Immigration and Diversity Visa Biden disagrees with Trump's position of creating a merit-based family immigration system. Biden would instead "expand" family based immigration to the US. He would allow any approved family visa beneficiary, whose green card is not yet available due to the annual country cap, to receive a temporary visa and enter the U.S. until a permanent visa (“green card”) becomes available. In addition, Biden would support legislation that: Expands the definition of “immediate relative” beyond spouses; minor, unmarried children; and parents of U.S. citizens to add spouses and children of green card holders, exempting them from caps; and Allows parents to bring their minor children with them at the time they immigrate into the U.S." Can someone explain more details on this? How is this different from current policy? This means family-based visa process will come faster right? Thank you.
  5. Is there available for K1 interview now? You do not need to be with her in the interview. For many reasons they can give her the blue sheet of paper but not because you are not there with her.
  6. Only think you can do is wait and pray. Good luck.
  7. i would rather write her name: Last name: your last name, First name: Thi , Middle name Thi Wen. I see my Vietnamese friend filled out I 751 form like that and got through. But I think example 2 is fine too.
  8. if so, USCIS have to says anyone other than "petitioner and the spouse" ....filled out the form must sign Preparer section. It would make more sense.
  9. I understand "Petitioner" differently than you do. USCIS does not consider the spouse of conditional resident as a petitioner since they call that person "Spouse", not "Co-petitioner" or something like that. Anyway it is fine if you leave the Preparer section blank. And they will assume the conditional resident filled out the form.
  10. I think you are confused with the I 130 form. For I 751 form, the petitioner is only the conditional resident. Check your NOA letter for I 751 you will see who the petitioner is. Attached is my NOA letter, my name is in the petitioner field. Preparer is any person who just help me to fill out this form. It is simple as it has to be.
  11. Here is updates on my timeline: 07/18 Mailed package using USPS overnight Express 07/20 Delivered to Phoenix, AZ lockbox 08/03 Received text message of case number starting MSC.... 08/04 Check cleared 08/07 Received NOA in mail
  12. the I- 751 instruction said ANYONE other than the petitioner prepared the form must sign Part 10. My husband is not the petitioner. I am only the petitioner for this petition. I just followed what they instructed. My husband is not an attorney so I checked the box: "I am not an attorney...." in the Preparer's Statement section. And I must not include G-28 form with the I -751 form. If the preparer is an attorney then I would check the box: "I am an attorney...." in the Preparer's Statement section and I must include G-28 form with the I -751 form. Check Part 10 on the I -751 form and the I- 751 instruction again and you will see.
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