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  1. Congrats, did your i-751 change the status to transfered when you filed n-400?
  2. How long did it take to receive a notification for your i-751 that it's been transferred to another office to process with n-400? I filed n-400 two weeks ago and my pending i-751 still pending and no notification about transferring Is it possible that i-751 will be approved before n-400?
  3. Yes, I check every day for the status of both applications And I got the 18 month and 23 month receipt and biometrics letter for i-751
  4. Weird I also filed I-751 in June 2021 to SRC and last week filed n-400 but didn’t receive any transfer notices for my I-751
  5. Right you can type to search but would the system accept whatever you typed that doesn’t match anything in the list?
  6. So in N-400 instructions it says to use the name of the country of birth at the time it was called and not the modern name I was born in the USSR(aka Soviet Union) and now it's called Russia On all my documents it says USSR which is the official name but in the N-400 online form there was no option for USSR but there was the option for Soviet Union which is another common name for USSR Will this slight discrepancy cause any problems at n-400 interview that on i-485 it was USSR and on n-400 it's Soviet Union? Both names USSR and Soviet Union are used interchangeably so it's like Great Britain or United Kingdom or UK, something like that
  7. I already filed my n-400 so I can’t check Just want to check my sanity Can somebody check if the drop down for the country of birth is only a drop down of countries and I can’t type anything and the system would accept it? I know you can search for countries by typing but does it allow you to type a country that is not in the list?
  8. Just curious how your upload documents are listed in the uscis account? Are they in order you uploaded like the green card is the first item?
  9. Can someone with pending online n-400 look at their account see how the uploaded documents are listed? Is it in order? is the green card the first item?
  10. My concern is that the reviewing officer wouldn’t find the green card file as it’s not the first listed Did that happen to you as well that the file order is messed up?
  11. I just recently applied for N-400 Anybody else applied in San Antonio and waiting? Looks like it takes around 6 months?
  12. Hi all I recently filed N-400 online and upload a bunch of documents for marriage proof Right now If I look at the documents section under uploads it lists all my docs but not in the ORDER I uploaded them Is that expected?
  13. I just applied for citizenship under 3-year rule married to a us citizen and have a few questions: Under the estimation box(where it estimates how many months until decision) in the uscis account it says: *These completion projections are based on case processing for applicants who have been lawful permanent residents for at least 5 years. For all other applicants, completion projections may vary. Why does it say 5 years even though I filed for 3? Does it say for you as well? Are married based n-400 slower than 5 year one?
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