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  1. Silly question but keeps me wondering about letters from Texas service centers Did your extension envelope use first class or international stamp(top right corner)?
  2. Did your extension envelope use first class or international stamp(top right corner)?
  3. Do you know if they type the mailing address manually or it's text recognized by the computer?
  4. Just curious if the form I-751 is manually typed by uscis lockbox contractor or just scanned and text recognized by computer The reason I’m asking is I noticed that the printed font is very small and bold and am afraid it might not be completely recognized by text recognition systems?
  5. I just looked at copies of my form and noticed that the font is rather small and very bold as in some letters are too close to each other I'm worried if they use scanners with text recognition instead of real people checking things like mailing address
  6. What program did you use to edit the I-751 pdf? Is it the official Adobe Reader? Or did you do by hand?
  7. You can see the Texas center address here for instance(Where to file link->second block): https://www.uscis.gov/i-865 Try sending them a letter with additional I-751 proof with ATTN: RFE
  8. Did you check your case on my.uscis.gov? Does it say just "Case was received'?
  9. Just got my text message as well (filed on June 2nd) According to the May & June spreadsheet( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uJwpaHzGIuuvbVMXK5h-F8KH3hCh88kMxpxC4uOJOk8/edit#gid=1410126665 ) some people get the letter a few days after the check is cached
  10. An optional but recommended letter that lists all documents that you've attached
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