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  1. Thanks for sharing and for going through all that trouble! I personally hate consulting the virtual assistants of government agencies because they usually just spout the party line and don't know about the policy manuals.
  2. Hi. I have my DS-3025, everything reflects my vaccines except for the flu shot which I received this September. Fingers crossed I will not need to redo my medical.
  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm so sorry to hear about this too. Hopefully it gets sorted soonest. So far I have two testimonies confirming that a full medical exam under the I-693 is now required. Sigh.
  4. Well that is just crappy. Thank you for sharing your experience all the same! I am so sorry to hear about this though, and I really hope it gets sorted.
  5. Hi all, thanks for replying to my first post. And I'm sorry for being rude, I guess we applicants have no agency anywhere. I just received my letter for interview appointment (December 3). The checklist attached to it lists the I-693 form as the very first requirement. I've attached it below with my personal identification details removed. However, I keep seeing posts where people are saying it's not required. Can anyone specifically from the July 2019 filing batch confirm/deny this? I personally think that we need to keep ourselves constantly updated of these changes, which is not what I see in these forums. I also have a pretty good DS-3025, having taken the exam at end of December 2018 and most of the required vaccines taken on January 2019. I was only lacking the flu vaccine on that form because it wasn't flu season, but I got my shot at the nearest Walgreen's this past September because I felt like I was displaying flu symptoms (thankfully it was just a cold). Thanks!
  6. Hi Cata and everyone, I beg to disagree. I am an August filer, and I received my I-797C request for initial interview letter (is this the RFE?) at the end of October. The I-797C form lists that we need to provide our I-693 now. I've attached the scan below with my personal details removed.
  7. Following this. Submitted mine on August 2nd via UPS, received at CIS on August 5th.
  8. Hi all, I finally got my social security card in the mail. Now I need to go back to the SS office and have it changed to my married name. Will a marriage certificate be enough or will I still need other documents? Thanks.
  9. Maybe you're right, it's not relevant, but when she took a look at my SS receipt for the original request, she just laughed at me and said "Well honey if it expires then it expires, sorry we can't help you!" I calmly replied showing her my new I-94, and she still didn't want to work on it. I had to go in a different day with the same corrected I-94 just to get my follow-up request lodged.
  10. They couldn't get my maiden name to match up on the I-94, so I had to keep going to the SSA to fix it (I also went to the Global Entry office in KCI Airport to make sure my name would match in both offices). The Lawrence SS office gave me a number but I still don't have the card. I am not comfortable putting the SS number they gave me in the forms without that card because again who knows if they just gave me a random number. Is there any way to double check until the card gets here? What's an EIN? Haven't seen any information on this.
  11. Hi, I'm s K-1 filer having problems getting an SSN because Douglas County, Lawrence, KS has such a low volume of immigrants filing in it thus nobody here knows squat about the need for SS numbers. I didn't realise until now that I could just have filed one using the I-485, but I'm almost done with that, have gotten married within the 90-day window, and also still contending with moving house. I have two questions: Should I fill out the blanks requesting the Social Security number in the I-485 and I-765 with my number even without the card? I have been to the SSA office in Lawrence for at least three times now just to fix my SS, and I had to have my number dictated to me. They would not write the number, the (somewhat balding) man at the window said he wasn't allowed to share with me. This after I politely insisted on getting a shift supervisor in the last 2 visits, who by the way was an unfriendly brunette white woman who didn't care whether or not my SS petition would expire. I repeated the number to him, but who knows if he just gave me a random number considering my experience thus far. As my I-94 expires August 12 (I entered May 15), should I file an I-539 and send it along with my AOS/EAD/AP packet? FYR I've already set up mail forwarding at the USPS to my new mailing address, which is actually just a different (larger) unit within the same apartment complex (I keep the same street address, town, state, and ZIP code). I'm planning to send the packet out today. All help appreciated, thank you very much. PS if anyone here is in the Douglas County or Kansas City areas, please say hi! It's so stressful to find that very few K-1 filers in this area of the Midwest are sharing their experiences online (I go through VJ at least 4 times a week now, starting from my first full week after entry).
  12. I beg to disagree. The same thing that Thunderbolt is going through right now is happening to me. I guess it happens in towns with low K-1 immigrant volumes (I'm in Lawrence, KS). I wasn't allowed to get a non-driver's license at the local DMV because I had no SSN. No big banks here either (I have to go to Kansas City which is more than 50 miles and more than 45 minutes away for that), all the banks and credit unions here won't let me get a joint account with my husband without the SSN. Please don't invalidate those of us whose experiences are different from yours, it may be that the rules are now changing with the current administration gearing up against many forms of immigration in general.
  13. Chiming in because I had the same problem. I had my I-94 corrected so now 'First (Given) Name' includes both my first names and my middle name (my mother's maiden name). We'll have to see if this will prove problematic for me down the line. Hope you have had better luck Mr J!
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