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  1. January 2022 filer here, there is a February 2022 filer that manged to get approved. I thought it was a joke or mistake at first but sure enough its true! Yes they were SRC I am as well! The member is called @Doublepike Lifting Conditions Event Date CIS Office : Texas Service Center Date Filed : 2022-02-08 NOA Date : 2022-02-18 RFE(s) : Bio. Appt. : 2022-02-18 Interview Date : Approval / Denial Date : 2022-05-05 Approved : Yes Got I551 Stamp : Green Card Received : 2022-05-06
  2. The form has no expiration date but it is advised to have or give USCIS as current a dated copy as possible. A CENOMAR dated a year would raise eyebrows I suspect!
  3. Yes, but after they take your payment, they do not guarantee that you will get your documents. The first leg of the journey is via Philippines mail system and you know the deal about that!!!! Best solution is if you have family back in the Philippines have them get the forms for you and send them FedEx, pricey yes, but you get your forms. That is what we did several times worked fine!
  4. Taking your spouse's last (family) name is a matter of choice and a simple thing to do! It should not cause any problems at least not in the US because you have your marriage certificate /license to prove who you were BEFORE you got married. I can't see where that would be an issue in any country, but I can not speak for any other country other than the US. It's a common thing that happens everyday! It does not change the fact of the things you purchased under another name. As I said before you have proof of the change in your marriage documents and by the way that is what USCIS will look at to determine if you are married! Just a tip apply for your SS card BEFORE you get married!
  5. Nothing to worry about! You know your uncle will get his money, give it a few more days!
  6. Yes it is enough for the application packet, but you'll need all those bank statements etc during the interview if you have one!
  7. Did you submit a SR or an out of processing inquiry? These are two different requests if you were not aware! But I see in their reply it said non delivery. Maybe try again later and try to make it clearer!
  8. It's still early yet. I'll venture to say you'll get something this week!
  9. One thing you DO NOT want her to do is back you in a corner and you slip and do something stupid (like hit her) all it takes is one time you lay your hands on her (being the man) so you better grit your teeth pinch your arm do anything but retaliate. You have already said you want out, well get out, you are going to have to stand up for yourself, just like they tell women to do when the shoe is reversed. You did not mention you had kids or I missed that part, be thankful there are none (AND DON'T MAKE ANY EITHER) at least not with her. Don't let her bully you, what did she waste, you petitioned her? Let her worry about her own immigration status, file the divorce and be done with it.
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