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  1. That's right the shock will knock you into next week, it did me too!
  2. That's great, seems they are in fact trying to clear y'all out of here!
  3. @Ela S. Good job on the thread, I'm proud of you! Nice and congratulations.
  4. You can start the June 2020 thread if you like, first ensure there is not already a June 2020 thread, as of this posting there was not. Just look at the first post of this thread and design your post similarly some even copy and paste, but ensure the information is still valid for June 2020. I did not make a June 2020 thread as I wanted to give others a chance to do it. Go for it @Ela S..
  5. This is the real Sarge the imposter has three 5s in his name I have only two. Some kids never grow up I guess!
  6. @Sarge21555 I'm flattered you changed your VJ name to CLOSELY resemble mine!!!! Good deal lol....
  7. I think you are right when USCIS first started issuing waviers we thought they would continue, but I'm thinking since they are opening soon they stopped doing it. I think there has been about 6 or 7 cases reported cases here on VJ.
  8. This guy must admire me he even changed his VJ name to CLOSELY resemble mine.....wow lol I guess he is trying to get likes too!!! Hehehe
  9. You know I'm not even going to go there as I was raised that if I did not have NOTHING good to say to not say anything at all, but I will say this. VJ does make and display a ignore button...I hope this is helpful to YOU!
  10. It's coming just keep holding on, we have seen many approved last week.
  11. My friend the bottom line is they are looking at the prior petition, the bulk of your response should be directed towards that. There is really nothing you can do other than addressing the issues, talking about it won't help. Use your energy to address the RFE you only have one shot. Beneficiaries having been petitioned multiple times in short time spans is a big deal. They are giving you a chance to explain it to them. Take this chance don't read into it.
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