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  1. Congratulations! January N400 filers still continue to rock. It's been a banner month for most! I suspect most of us if not all will be finished soon!
  2. Keeping checking everyday and go out a little further than where you live. We did that and after a couple of days one opened up not close to where we live but doable. You'll have to grab whatever time and date is open though, but keep trying.
  3. If you are requesting a passport for the first time it has to be in person at an approved acceptance site i.e, USPS
  4. When my wife took her oath just last month guests where not allowed in the actual ceremony room, but they had guest rooms where you could hear the ceremony but not see due to a inoperable video projector. Most of us guests mingled in the courtyard, they let us out into the courtyard a few minutes before the new citizens came out. We took pictures and they had booths to register to vote if they wanted to at that time. I think it just depends on the location and the office.
  5. @Jazii Congratulations it feels good, doesn't it? Don't forget to update your SS account before you get your passport. Make several copies of your naturalization certificate too.
  6. You would think Mike with all the fees they charge, they could at least mail items with a tracking number or some sort of receipt. I mean that still does not guarantee your documents will not be lost, but at least it gives you a tool to search and possibly find out who screwed up!
  7. Another satisfied January 2023 N400 Filer! Congratulations!
  8. Just an update wife waited the 10 days after Naturalization and went to SSA yesterday. The process was simple and smooth, walk-in but we got there an hour early to wait in the long lines (she got her first taste of being American Lol) we were one of the first ones in the fast enlarging line. Once the office opened she went right inside they asked her a few questions about her birth date and location, her father's name, her mother's maiden name and my wife's SSN, then they asked for her driver's license and finally naturalization certificate. Did a few keys strokes returned the certificate then said have a new day! And yes it was the original certificate! Passport office next week will be the last step besides receiving the passport.
  9. You are reading way to much into this, the driver of the vehicle was detained not YOU relax take a breath, reading into the questions will get you into trouble.
  10. It's in .pdf form you'll have to download it to your pc then print!
  11. Yes you get notified when it's transferred, but that's something you should not have asked for. They transfer them as they need to!
  12. That's fairly routine in fact it's a good sign, did you submit your N400 recently? They usually transfer your case when you file a N400 when you have an active I-751. If you do not have an active N400 case they transfer cases all the time. Hopefully it went to a faster field office. Looking at your timeline you do have a N400 active. This is good news I suspect they are getting ready to adjudicate your N400. Same happend to us.
  13. Very good let's hope it goes quickly! Oh and welcome to the thread!
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