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    Me and my fiancé met 2 years ago on March 15 2017 it all started on Facebook when I was liking all of his pictures because I thought he was the most handsome and beautiful guy ever and I said to myself this is got to be God’s doing and he actually inboxed me and thanked me and from then on we started to chat and talk everyday my heart ❤️ completely dropped when I first heard his voice and his accent because he’s from Africa and he loved my lil country American accent even more lol 😂 so next thing I know the more we chatted and talked the more we beginning to feel each other’s connection there will be times when we can’t talk is because of the bad connection and network and we would literally miss each other so much the love would grow each and everyday I never felt like that before in my entire life God is amazing, every time when I get off work and go home I get that phone call from him and I would be so happy and excited and seeing his lovely face on video chat my heart just melted we would say I love u in every conversation we have I must say I fell in love 😍 with him and for him to tell me that he loves me more than I do I just couldn’t believe that because nobody never told me that before and that’s when I was planning a trip to The Gambia 🇬🇲 to see him because the love we have is so strong and unconditional and it was killing us both so March 12th 2019 I went on vacation and went to Africa to see him i was so excited it felt like I was going to see my favorite celebrity lol the journey was so long and also enjoying I never travel that far before and I thanked God for him to allow me to follow my heart ❤️ seeing Alieu in person has made me feel happy and excited and hugging him was a dream come true I stayed with him for 2 weeks and I met his family like his mother and brother and sister and cousins friends I enjoyed myself there we taken pictures he took me to the beach and The James Island Kunta Kinteh somewhere that I always wanted to go to since the 6th grade and my dream came true with that journey and we became physically close to each other and the hard part was when I had to leave and go back home in America 😢 if I had power I would of taken him with me so I pray continually that this I-129F visa process get approved so he can come here and we can get married and be together as long as we both shall live we love each other so much and is dying to be together for the rest of our lives to eternity ❤️🇬🇲🇺🇸

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  1. Question what is the exact address for me to send the I-485 Adjustment of Status ? I’m living in the North Carolina state.
  2. Hi I just received an email from the Embassy in Senegal saying that they canceled the February interviews will that affect my NOA2 because it expires in February and they said we can reschedule but when I went to the app there’s nothing available yet!!! It’s like every time when things get close for him something comes up I’m getting so frustrated 🤦🏾‍♀️
  3. Hello everyone, my fiancé has taken his medical exam in Dakar Senegal last week now my question is what bank he can go to in Dakar Senegal to pay his visa fee? , Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, if anyone that’s in The Gambia I need to understand that I have received an email from the Embassy around the 4th of November saying that as of November 16th the Embassy will resume the I-129F K-1 visa process and make sure that the documents are done , but I don’t know why that the Embassy office is still not open yet if someone else knows and going through this as well can you please tell me what’s going on I understand the Covid but everything else is open back up except the Embassy, I’m so frustrated because the waiting and patience is ridiculous I know I’m not the only one who is going through this but I miss my fiancé so badly it hurts 😭
  5. Ohhh ok i didn’t read it carefully my mind was on the DS-160 🤣 sorry about that 😐 thanks
  6. That’s wonderful information I needed that as well thank u 🙏🏾
  7. Hi everyone I have a question I’m planning on traveling to The Gambia hopefully in February to visit my fiancé, my question is where do I go to take the covid test? I know I have til February but I just want to make sure everything is known and done for me before I go,Thank u 🙏🏾
  8. Hello everyone I got approved for the I-129F this past February and got an email from USCIS saying that the packet will be going to Dakar Senegal and it’s going to take a few weeks, and that’s when the covid came and everything shuts down and my fiancé tried to pay his visa fee but they still won’t accept the payment be the Embassy isn’t open yet, my question is everything is about to open back up in Gambia soon and my fiancé told me that someone told him that Embassy is going to be open back up in December, how could that be possible we have been waiting and waiting for months for him to do his medical exam and pay the visa fee does anybody know when the US Embassy is going to open back up in Gambia, anyone that lives in Gambia or going through the same thing like us can someone please help me to know because I don’t understand why December, thank u 🙏🏾
  9. Ok thank u so much and also the information for Senegal 🙂
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