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  1. I read in the forum that the medical results in guangzhou can be picked up the following day. but we did it in beijing and it takes 6 business days to pick it up.
  2. just a few days behind us. GUZ is moving things quite fast these days. You shall expect to receipt P4 soon. in our case, it took about 5 business days to get your p4, given the long national holiday. Fingers crossed
  3. you guys are absolutely awesome. thank you all for your kindness. we got it fixed and ready to go for the interview! many thanks
  4. that is my assumption too. we put in the passport number, and made the payment. then, the old ds160 number pops up on the interview confirmation page
  5. We received P4 today and tried to schedule an interview with GUZ. 1) we followed the instructions in P4 and registered an account at https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/appointmentconfirmation 2) filled up all the needed information but nowhere it asked for DS160 number 3) we paid the fee and scheduled the interview. 4) PROBLEM: the confirmation page has an old DS160 number,which we can not change. We have cancelled and rescheduled the interview multiple times. Yet, we can not change DS160 information. Any advice?
  6. what did the packet 4 email say or do? we will go ahead with the scheduling and medical then. thanks
  7. thanks for letting me know. congratulations. we have yet to receive it.
  8. keep checking your case status on https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=NIV you should see the case status updates. I would say likely 10/7, they should have it because of the national day holidays. I, like others, waited for P3 and am following the steps in the flowchart. I am not sure how it will go otherwise.
  9. I may be totally wrong about this. But I think some information from P4 is needed to schedule an interview ( i do not know what it is. probably a number or something? ) and some information from P4 is needed to do the medical. I am a bit confused about it too. Anyone can advise on this?
  10. Thanks for the reply. let's see when the p4 will arrive. fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks. We did not get the p4 email today and hoping for 10/4 or 10/7. We are looking to schedule an interview for Oct if possible.
  12. Dear all, My packet 3 was delivered to GUZ on 09/27. What will be a reasonable timeframe to expect the Packet 4 email? Many thanks
  13. Thank you very much for the information. I just re-checked. Yes. Thy will re-open on oct 4. https://china.usembassy-china.org.cn/holiday-calendar/
  14. Yes. It will be closed for the national day holidays. We are still waiting for P3 to arrive. Hopefully, we can schedule an interview soon for OCT.
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