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  1. That is amazing news!! So happy for you!!! It really sounds like the real deal!!!
  2. Okay thank you! That's a relief, just saw some similar cases on here and don't think I have to worry
  3. Wondering if any of you can help with this... When I had my K1 medical in August 2019 there was no flu shot available as it was before flu season. Should I have received the shot during flu season in the US and had the Form I-693 updated by a civil surgeon for my greencard interview? Or will the DS-3025 from K1 medical work as is with flu shot coded F (not available)? Thanks in advance!
  4. Woohoo! Right?! I wouldn't be surprised if it happens at this point
  5. Fellow Dallas office filers! I received my interview notice in the mail for April 9th! WAY sooner than expected! Yay!
  6. Agreed! Especially seeing those who filed after us already get their EAD approval 😖
  7. I filed early September, biometrics October 23rd, still no EAD approval and my local office is Dallas I didn't think the local offices affected the EAD/AP but it seems to be slower here
  8. Oh good! I wonder why mine hasn't changed in well over a month 😕
  9. Sighhhh. Has your status at least changed to ready to schedule interview, or is it still like mine?
  10. Okay thank you! Ugh yes... after seeing the San Antonio office moving so quickly I can't help wishing we moved down there lol
  11. Anyone one else have Dallas as their local office? I had my fingerprints taken on Oct 23rd, and on Oct 24th the status changed to "We completed our review of your fingerprints..." but has not changed since. The fingerprint statement is on my I-485 and I-765 statuses, but not the I-131 - that one just states when they received it back when I filed in September. Is this all "normal?" Lol
  12. That's interesting! I live in Texas and went to the SSA office in Tyler maybe a week or so after getting married and had no trouble at all getting a new SS card with my new married name. This was in early September. The fellow said it needed to wait on some verification and asked if I had changed my name with immigration, I told him I'd filed my AOS paperwork and was waiting for them to receive it. My new card showed up in a couple weeks!
  13. Don't worry yet! It took exactly 3 weeks for us to get our notifications, I'd give it another week!
  14. Hey everyone! Joining this thread as I mailed my AOS package Sept. 5th and it took exactly 3 weeks to get my NOA. I saw several people get theirs within days so I was freaking out but they eventually came. Thought I'd share my timeline as I saw others with similar wait times too so you're not alone! Package sent USPS: 09/05 Package delivered: 09/07 NOA I-765 received: 09/28 but case dated 09/09 NOA I-131 received: 09/28 but case dated 09/09 NOA I-485 received: 09/28, case dated 09/26 Cheque cashed: 09/30 Crazy how much longer my I-485 took than the other two 🤷‍♀️
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