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  1. We got that on our case after we submitted everything. We couldn't see any problems and decided it was just a vague generic reminder rather than anything directed specifically at us. We didn't do anything. We ignored it and the case DQ'd just fine.
  2. On the bright side,,,, while it is inelegant and 100% not correct,,,,, so long as anything that might be due is already paid, IRS rarely comes after anyone in the near term and in the longer term so long as it works out in the end that the IRS had their money all along, there is rarely any consequences for late filing.
  3. That's an excellent point about not "importing" bad credit by adding oneself to bad accounts. Secured cards are another really good option. One can however cherry pick and add an authorized user to any good accounts and skip the problem accounts. Preferably accounts with perfect payment history and little or no balance carried. Also, if one ever does find that being an authorized user has imported bad credit history they can just have the card canceled and then dispute it off their credit report. Credit reporting agencies will always be willing to completely remove a canceled authorized user account if asked.
  4. Probably the biggest thing for becoming "existent" in the US, is getting a state drivers license, or a state ID card if someone is not yet ready for a drivers license. That is probably about the highest priority item for establishing ones existence.
  5. My wife is the green card holder. I don't think she has been anyplace too 'spicy" but she had been to ALLOT of countries in the last 5 years. Like 20 counties, so I could see how that might pique their interest. The DHS Office of Inspector General did an interesting audit report that gives a little insight into how they screen applicants. https://www.oig.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/assets/2019-06/OIG-19-49-Jun19.pdf It also lists the 21 different databases they dredge through (Appendix C)
  6. My wife absolutely positively DID open a Chime account with the temporary green card in her passport. They did take a week to review her documents but they did open the account. Maybe you got a misinformed employee or something. She likes and uses the Chime account for banking and we do think the "Credit Builder" card was beneficial towards establishing her credit. Another similar fintech banking company that is good for establishing a financial identity is https://cred.ai/ . Their product essentially functions more or less like a prepaid debit card but reports to the credit agencies as a credit card with a $1500 limit. it is an excellent option for building a credit record. They also took a week to review my wife's documents but opened the account with the temporary green card. As others have said get your husband to add you as an authorize3d user on his cards. This will make a HUGE difference in your credit score. There are allot of really good prepaid phone service options. My wife uses https://www.mintmobile.com/ which is the cheapest we found and requires nothing but a payment to have a SIM card sent.
  7. My wife applied for GE back on Feb 15 and still no update. So, 5 1/2 months so far and still counting. We are wondering if they will hold it against her for being refused entry to Mexico before, even though there was no kind of violation of any kind of law or rule or even any allegation of it in that incident. I'm sure DHS is aware of it. We'll see. She's headed back to the Philippines next week for a short visit so probably not much help on that trip.
  8. The VisaJourney stats are here https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=6&option=3&sortby=1 But it may not be that useful of information because cases could get transferred any time. There are also cases that complete quickly form "slow" centers and cases that take forever from "fast" centers. No one can predict how long it will take until it is actually approved.
  9. My wife got Dengue in May 2020, which coincided nicely with the national hysteria about people with fevers.🙄 It was nothing nice at all. She spent a week in the hospital over that one. Per her blood test, she had it before, probably as a child, but she doesn't remember. That only makes Dengue worse the second time around. Most tourists are probably more or less ok in the city. Sleeping in a closed, airconditioned hotel. Adventurous types running around the provinces should definitely consider some mosquito repellent. If sleeping somewhere out in the boondocks with the windows open,.... mossy nets are very romantic. Like a princess bed.😍
  10. Did you e-mail PSA, or DFA???? oca.crd-us@dfa.gov.ph are the ones who can give you status on transmission of the ROM to PSA
  11. Hardly a requirement, but Hep A is known to be foodborne and waterborne in the Philippines. Hep B vaccine might warrant consideration for some there as well.
  12. https://save.uscis.gov/casecheck/SearchCases.aspx CA DMV runs a USCIS SAVE check on foreign passports. If you look up a few that applied for CA drivers licenses you will see the cases if you do a search by foreign passport number. CA DMV can and does check. If someone IS an LPR, CA DMV will instantly know.
  13. I'm thinking that during the review process, once they found out someone WAS a LPR and therefore not in limbo, DMV would just issue that person a regular drivers license albeit after the very extensive time delay processing an AB60 review entails.
  14. This is my wife's actual recent first hand experience arriving in California with a CR1 Visa and a foreign (Philippines) drivers license and applying for a California Real ID drivers License. My CR2 stepdaughter (9/yo) also concurrently applied for a California Real ID State ID card. They received their SS cards 7 days after arrival. I know some people aren't as lucky but many do get SS cards quickly. Social Security number IS NOT required for a full unrestricted California Drivers license. However, Social Security number IS required if you want a Real ID. Neither of them had problems qualifying for the Real ID using their endorsed CR1/CR2 visas, SS cards and some insurance and/or bank mail in my wife's name that was sent to our address. To our understanding the 10 day rule absolutely applies but it took my wife longer and we chose to find some ambiguity in how we interpreted the 10 days of residency was determined. DMV never questioned it and accepted her Philippine drivers license as still fully valid at several relevant points. AB60 Licenses are specifically ONLY for persons who cannot prove legal presence in the US but CAN meet California DMV requirements for proof of California residence. A US Permanent Resident certainly CAN prove legal presence in the US and is therefor ineligible to go the AB60 route. DMV has a great online queuing feature here where you can "get your number" online before you go down to the DMV office. https://mt-cadmvoas.us.qmatic.cloud/ I walked my stepdaughter through for her Real ID application as my wife was taking the written test. Stepdaughter passed, wife failed. The next day my wife came back and took the written test two more times. Finally passing on the third attempt. They issued her a paper learners permit, valid for driving with another licensed driver in the car. At the same time they still accepted her Philippine drivers license as valid for her to drive solo. I had to check a few times to get her an appointment for the behind the wheel test but within a day appointments opened up for the following week. She failed the driving test. (ran a stop sign at high speed IN THE DMV PARKING LOT). Rescheduling again there was no availability any time soon but after a few days checking some immediate dates opened up at a different DNV office about 40 minutes drive away. She passed the second attempt at the behind the wheel test and they issued her a fully valid temporary paper license that day. Stepdaughters Real ID card arrived in the mail at about 2 weeks. Wife's Real ID did not arrive in the mail until after an extensive delay but that was bureaucratic incompetence rather than any legal issue. She finally got her card at about 60 days but she was fully licensed in the mean time with the temporary paper license so the delay was just an annoyance.
  15. You can start an I-130 and take your time and go back over every detail as many times as you want. Nothing is final until you actually do the final submission. If you leave it dormant for 30 days it will autodelete. Scans only. You don't need physical copies of any of the documents until way later at the final interview.
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