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  1. Carpe Vinum

    Visa Reboot

    Mick Jones is the name of the month, eh?
  2. Make sure you go through PI immigration together. Do not go through separately.
  3. If you are a veteran the SRRV deposit is $1500. It makes it much more attractive. I have sent you a PM for a link for a forum for Philippine expats where the 13A and the SRRV visas are discussed at length by people who have completed the process and those that are currently going through it.
  4. 1 month and 13 months. I've been there but I was a young man. I feel his pain 😉
  5. This thread is three years old)) But Hank's answer is still valid.
  6. My wife had the same issue. N or n is fine. Good luck)
  7. But usually they keep the passport in that case. But, I agree that refused is used as a placeholder and is a terrible choice for that as it just causes unnecessary angst.
  8. It was delivered to the PO BOX. That is the last status you will get from the Post Office. The USCIS PO box is not the tiny PO Boxes you are thinking of. They are large bins where mail is placed. I worked for a large federal agency. We received mail by the truckload.
  9. Please come back in 6 months and let us know what the status is.
  10. Just erase the word spouse from your mind until you are actually married 😉 I know it can be difficult when English is not your first language and some words can be interchangeable in your mind. Good luck in your journey
  11. I did a search on Google and there are some instances of the Baltimore field office using this number to call people directly.
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