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  1. If you answered honestly on the application form about your overstay (not sure if it asks about deportation) you should be fine. On the other hand they can slap you with misrepresentation if you didn't disclose the overstay when it was asked about. Probably it will be hard to get a tourist visa because of your overstay....
  2. You are making it political for sure. You could have asked does anybody know when ASC will reopen and it's controlled by the federa gov or by the state. Anyway it is hard to tell when they are going to reopen. I can't imagine how hard it can be to immigrate at this time. Probably it will take forever to do ROC and stuff too beside the initial applications. It is too early for me to find where I read it, but I think the whole emergency situation was extended until the end of April for now.
  3. No worries. Because of the corona virus closures I don't think you can compare your timeline anymore to the previous ones. Usually it takes 12-18 months for the whole process but with this we never know... Hopefully somebody can chime in with recent timelines from Germany. It is a long wait regardless. The best is to try to forget about it and live your life in the meantime.
  4. Hallo mein Lieber! Die Hauptsprache des Forums ist Englisch. Bitte poste auf Englisch, damit mehr Leute dir helfen können. Ansonsten gibt es das regionale Forum, in dem es in Ordnung ist, auf Deutsch zu posten. Danke 😊 Freundliche Grüße, Mein Deutsch ist schlecht Edit: By the time I wrote the above lines the post has been moved. Consider it void
  5. Here is a 30 day ban for most of Europe unless you are citizen or GC holder. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/skbaer/trump-coronavirus-europe-travel-restrictions
  6. It won't really help you, but I think most of us needed to take all the tests (the "big" test, road-sign test, vision test, driving test) even tho we had valid European DLs.... It is not that hard. Memorize the distances in miles, yards, etc for following distance, when to turn off your high beams when other vehicle is approaching, ect the rest is almost the same. You can borrow a car from somebody you know, or even rent one for a day. Drive it there with your UK license (valid for 90 days after your arrival) and if everything goes well you leave with an US license.
  7. I hope by single u meant married filing separatley. You shouldnt file single (not married) for the last 2.5 years since you are married even your spouse was not in the states.
  8. I dont think they care, but might be wrong. Your DL is valid so i think u r fine. Maybe you need to update your status with the Social Security Administration office...
  9. The I-9 is a "dangerous" form. Because you can claim to be a US citizen and that is a no no. You can be denied AOS and kicked out of the country. Was there an I-9 at all? In construction work there are a lot of illegal work so they might not as a lot of questions and pay cash.... Also I don't see how can they fill that out the I-9. Does your husband have a state id or us drivers licence?
  10. Hi Sorry to hear it. 1. How did you come up with $1500 for the replacement fee? As per USCIS is $540 currently. 2. You can try to get a stamp in your passport. Call USCIS and see if they schedule an appointment at the local office. You might need to file for the replacement first. Not sure. 2.a) I don't think you are eligible for the fee wavier. https://www.uscis.gov/archive/fee-waiver-guidance I know it doesnt help, but when I travel I try to bring the minimal amount of ID i can and never store it in my wallet. I still have my european ids, so once I am at the airport i pull my us documents out of my wallet.
  11. It does asks for it. I had esta before doing the k1. If u answered yes i guess u will be fine. If not that might be an issue. If you got married after obtaining the esta you were obligated to file a new esta application so that might be an issue.
  12. You just called it FAKE. How fake is legit? Anyway to be on topic. Italy has ESTA. Did you use a visa or have esta? Does the esta correctly shows that you are married to an USC?
  13. I don't know anybody who can give me a fake ssn. That is very very bad.... You should not even think about it ... If you would have chosen to do a proper immigration you would have an SSN by now. A SSN by itself doesn't allow you to work. U need EAD for that. If you pretend to be a US citizen on the work eligibility form thats a NO NO, it will ban you from everything and eventually be kicked out of the country once discovered. Why do you want to start your new life by a lie which will catch up later and get you deported??? You said money is not an issue, so no reason to work illegally. Do some self improvmentz read books, clean the house, travel, go to meetups, hobby groups etc instead of working illegally.
  14. If you are married you can't do I-129F. Unless u r referring to a k3 petition? I think there are very few approvals for that nowdays.
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