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  1. Hi I had a similar experience. They were missing half of my K1 folder and my medical. So the IO needed to request that. It took 3 weeks after the interview to being approved. The 120 days is their legal limit and hopefully u don't need to wait that long. Just as example the IO told us that it would take a week to get the missing papers.... Also unfortunately verbal/unofficial approval means nothing. In my case if they would not be able to find my medical they would have issued a RFE for a new medical which could have delayed my case longer.... Your GC will have a later approval date, not the date you had your interview on.
  2. Also consider EAD(I-765) if your wife wants to drive before getting the green card. Not sure about AOS time in your region but it might be more than a year. While she doesn't want to work she will be able to obtain a drivers license or a state ID while waiting for the interview. Also it is free with the AOS. Btw I think you will need a SSN for both of them when filing taxes next year. So maybe u need to file EAD unless you got the SSN before getting married. Not sure about the kid tho, i guess I read somewhere that somebody filed EAD for the kid to be able to get SSN.
  3. Maybe you should postpone your trip and get the visa and then move...If you are going for 3 months I guess it won't be an issue to move to the USA before Xmas if they approve your visa. The petition expires in 3 or 4 months after approval, so you are risking it to expire... Also as other said there are no US embassies inside the US.
  4. How does it work in Vietnam? Can she take your last name when getting married using the marriage certificate? She could do that and update her other documents. After that you can fill out the application with her new married name (your last name) and enter her old last name as other name's used on the forms.... I think that would be the simplest... I am not sure if Social Security would take the Vietnamese marriage certificate as proof of name change. If not you can always do it at the court and then go to SS, but then her old name would be on the GC if you are doing CR1.
  5. Even with the greencard you need to have a valid passport. They stamped my passport after coming back from an international flight.
  6. What is DQ and CC? For me DQ is Dairy Queen.... CC is Credit Card...
  7. I see. Your file is still under processing at the NBC. If you moved file the address change as soon as possible so in a case of RFE they will send the letter to your new address.
  8. We wrote date and location on the back of our photos.
  9. No fee as far as I know. Maybe the lawyer will charge your for making the expedite request... You should be able to track the inquires online. Not sure if all kind of inquires shows up there or only the one made online. Somebody hopefully who went thru expediting requests will know...
  10. The service center for all I-485 is at the National Benefits Center. I think you meant the Field Office. 1. It depends. If you move to a different jurisdiction you might get one less busy so it might be faster overall. What is your current status of your application? Ready to be scheduled for an interview? 2. They don't transfer your file from NBC only when the local office requests it for an interview, until then it will stay there... Both of you need to file for address change. The petitioner and the sponsor too. Otherwise they won't automatically change your local office. Also by the law you are the one required to report your new address within 10 days after you moved. Sponsors address change (it has to be snail mailed it) https://www.uscis.gov/i-865 Applicant's address change https://www.uscis.gov/ar-11 (you can file it online or snail mail it)
  11. No. If you apply for the work permit you will get one. You might heard that some people got their greencard faster than the work permit was processed. In that case they won't get a work permit since the green card is superior.
  12. As @Lebanese23 said if you complete Part 6 (Sponsor's Employment and Income) and enter the annual income in Part 6, question 7 it will auto complete the field you can't fill out. I downloaded the old form from their website (still available) and tried it myself!
  13. Yeah that is weird... Maybe it was the airline's representative who called and they misunderstood who was calling..... There is no CBP (pre-clearance) in Germany as far as I know and the people who run the APIS check are regular airport/airline employees.
  14. I am not completely sure but my guess would be that they need to issue a new visa. Hopefully they can do it. If you can try calling them in the morning instead of the e-mail.
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