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  1. my fiance had her interview on 3/15 and got approved 3/16 finally she is getting her greencard
  2. On Feb 4th I got schedule for a interview however have not received the letter yet with the official date on it.
  3. So I just got a response back from the RFE response I sent. It basically said they received it and USCIS began working on my case again
  4. I sent my RFE response and it got delivered on oct 8 and yet i still havent received a response with at least of sending a notice of them receiving the documents.
  5. Got an RFE notice DATED SEPT 21 It's asking for I-864 again and other documents i already submitted and see in the online account. The only thing is i did notice i submitted the i-864 incorrectly like the right income and household size. I got a immigration lawyer which charged me $50. I rather paid this time because i wanted to make sure i sent it correct and im glad i did because i was confuse on somethings and was going to re-submit wrong a second time.
  6. Yes you have to fill that small section out and take it with you to the appt along with the other letter also
  7. Biometrics appt was yesterday sept 8 it was in and out 5 min top very quick
  8. Just got the letter today with the access code and i can see my wife biometric appt for sept 8
  9. I haven't received my access code. Hopefully this week for a biometrics appt. I been following a couple of times lines and it seems likes its the appt are 5 weeks from the Noa1 date.
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