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  1. I had my interview today at 10:15 They called us twice, first time for fingerprints and picture After 35 min of waiting, they finally called our number for interview. The officer started asking me( the beneficiary) first where did you meet ? When? how many times did you meet ? when was your husband born ? where ? where exactly ? what s his job ? what company is working for ? was your husband married before ? how many kids does he have ? when do they visit you ? what are their names ? their ages ? does your husband have siblings ? where do they live ? what are their names ? How many bedrooms and bathrooms in your house ? what s the exterior color of your house ? what s your current address ? did you visit the US before ? on what visa ? what did you study ? where ? and then he asked me for pictures and if we have any other proofs of relationship ( I printed about 50 pictures and he looked at every picture ) and then he started asking my husband when was she born ? where ? how many siblings she has ? their names and age ? where did i go for school ? what s my major ? what was my parents name ? and then he started asking me the yes or no questions about criminal stuff. He gave us a paper where it says that the green card is granted and he explained the ROC process. The interview took about 30 minutes. I am so happy that I am taking a break from this process. my status changed today around 4pm to New card is being produced . anyone had an idea when I could receive it ?
  2. Oh my god, I am so happy. Just got the letter, My interview is on 18 February.
  3. On the 30th of December , my interview was scheduled. no letter yet.
  4. I received a RFE too they asked for my birth certificate which I already submitted and my husband 2018 tax return ( his tax return wasn't ready by the time I sent the AOS package so i sent the 2017) .
  5. biometrics appointment scheduled for the 10/16 at 9am. Just received the appointment letter today 10/04
  6. UPDATE NOA in the mail 09/23, still waiting for the biometrics notice.
  7. AOS package delivered on 09/16 Credit card charged on 09/19 And I received the text 09/20 around 12:30 AM
  8. Did you include the 3 digit cvv number of your credit card in the form ? I am worried because I didn't include it as they didn't ask for it in the form .
  9. I had a layover in Paris, I am Moroccan and I was under J1 visa. As long as the person concerned doesn't leave the airport to catch the next flight then he wouldn't need a transit visa. However, if the layover is in Canada, Moroccans need a transit visa .
  10. Good morning folks, My fiancé called this morning and they gave him our case number NOA1 August 15 NOA2 2nd January CASE NUMBER 22 JAN
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