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    I lived in the US on an L1B visa for 5 years, 2 months. I met my husband in that time and we married. I left the US to prevent a visa overstay.

    Initially, DH was a PR. He received his citizenship in Jan 2019. We upgraded our petition at that point. After I-130 was approved, we endured 89 days, 22.5 hours of waiting before my I-130 magically showed up at NVC. The CEAC website was undergoing maintenance when I was trying to fill out the IV. After some frustration and losing data more than once, I learned how to manipulate the system to work and got the forms filled out. RFE setback for my CRC and a request for a marriage certificate for my Littles and we were finally DQ.

    We narrowly escaped the covid Consulate closure - our interview was the Monday, the Consulate closed Friday. We were approved and finally headed "home" on April 1, the day after our 2 year anniversary.

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  1. 1. Even if the DS-260 is filed, the beneficiary can attempt to visit. AS stated above, it is at the discretion of the CBP officer and that officer may request proof of ties demonstrating strong ties to Canada. 2. No impact what so ever.
  2. You cannot schedule the medical until you receive an interview letter. The approved medical providers in Canada are in BC, QC and ON and QC seems to be a bit backed up to get an appointment. Typically, your visa is good for 6mo past the date of your medical. We had a property that we sold once in the US and dealing with the CRA was a complete and utter nightmare. Tax withholding, clearance certificates, etc all a nightmare. Resident CRA doesn't speak to non-resident CRA and things get confusing, fast. Highly recommend selling it before you activate that visa.
  3. We were sitting in Dubai airport, waiting for check in for our flight to open. We'd already been delayed when we went to the UAE and then had a 24 hour delay leaving the UAE, so this was an unsurprising event considering the circus that lead up to it for us! Thai Airlines had given their last call and were finishing up closing out the check in for a flight to Turkey when a man, probably in his late 30's or early 40's, kinda short, kinda built, Turkish, strolls up with a heaping baggage cart. The TA employee proceeds to tell him that check in for his flight has closed and he will have to contact customer service to rebook. Dude isn't satisfied with this answer, gets full on belligerent with her and expects her to reopen the gate. Not going to happen, especially with such a terribly bad attitude and even if she could have, that cart of luggage wasn't making the plane. He laid into her, yelling and putting on quite the strong man performance. Another TA employee was standing there and attempted to assist his colleague. The guy goes OFF. The second employee steps back to call security, meanwhile the first employee has this man YELLING at her and at one point, he SLAMS his passport on the counter, where it slides off and rather conveniently falls into the trash can. The TA employee extracted it from the trash can and put it back on the counter. Dubai Airport security show up. They calmly tell the man to settle down. He continues to argue with them and refuses to calm down. They call the Dubai police. The pair of uniformed Dubai police officers stroll in, having a little chat and a chuckle on their walk over to meet Security, the raging man and the verbally assaulted Thai Airlines employees. The man sees the Dubai Police and all of a sudden the waterworks start - the Thai Airlines employees were so mean and they refused to help him and they disrespected his country because they'd thrown his passport in the trash...he literally put on a crying, hot mess show. Oscar worthy. Needless to say, the Dubai police detained him and I suspect he was never again welcome in the Emirates after that. It was an interesting show to punctuate the end of our journey to the Emirates, to say the least. Airport people watching really can be the best!
  4. You guys have demonstrated effort. But I do agree, there isn't a ton of difference at the moment between GC & Citizenship and there would be much less hassle proving he's good for the support now versus if it's paid off soon enough. My understanding is once it's paid in full and everything is current, the house is in order so to speak, there won't be any bar in place and he should be free to move forward with citizenship.
  5. Please fill out your timeline: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/profile.php?id=412389 Then, you can see a link to FAQ's and to a spreadsheet in my signature. Refer to the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet and Hawk Riders can add you to the tracking and read the FAQ's which should help alleviate a good number of questions. The active thread for those interviewing in Montreal is here:
  6. Have you tried the other consulate approved doctors? It sucks that there are so few doctors approved to do these medicals and they are only in 3 provinces, especially considering what the actual medical is.
  7. They have backlogs in other categories that they need to clear. It's pretty odd for them to issue 2 rounds of IR/CR interviews in one month.
  8. If DH has an agreement in place and is actively paying down that owed amount, the worst case scenario is a temporary bar. It sounds like he can demonstrate extenuating circumstances for why it went unpaid for so many years. With that in mind, how many years has he been paying? USCIS will look at the history of payment as part of the proof of "moral aptitude". If he's been gainfully employed, filing taxes consistently and paying the amounts as per the court order and can demonstrate that history, they may not issue that temporary ban. They will definitely look back the 3 years. If it hasn't been that long, I probably wouldn't even bother. You've already paid for the AOS process, the new GC will be good for 10 years, so wait until that history and debt are paid down and lessen the risk of the temporary ban.
  9. My kid would fight you about that. LOVES the cake and eat it too with "jean sweats". Not my jam either, but what's for the goose may not be for the gander!
  10. I'm with @ROK2USA, it's not whining but venting. With that in mind, I get your stance on principle, but at some point the monetary cost seems minute compared to the mental anguish and the toll on your relationship. The damage to that relationship may be irreparable. Is $5000 and the point in principle worth more than a lifetime relationship you've committed to but may not be salvageable due to the process? Lots to weigh out and consider. Regardless, every time I check this tread, I'm hoping you've received good news. We're all still rooting for you and we're all confused as to what the hold up is. I feel like they accidentally tossed your file in the shred it bin and are now in a panic trying to figure it out! It just needs to be sorted already. There's no real excuses to hide behind anymore.
  11. Congrats to those who've received IL's! I wonder, too, if they are sending them with a bit more time between IL issuance and the actual interview because it's been increasingly challenging to get the medical done and the results into the consulate in time, creating more work as people land in AP until the medical is received and reviewed. We used to only get 3 weeks, 4 max. May letter, July interview is nice for timing. Hopefully summer holidays don't pose problems for people and accommodations in Montreal!
  12. I feel like USCIS did the same a while back. There was no way to call, just ask Emma. Not surprised given the redundancy of questions as Crazy Cat suggested.
  13. This is so very true. The majority of the Canadian population lives within 150mi of the US border. There are also circumstances where Canadians work in the US but live in Canada and commute back and forth daily (and vice versa - Americans working in Canada, live in the US and commute). There were some covid exceptions for these people when the borders were closed. Around 93,000 Canadians enter legally but overstay. It's like 1% of US overstays or less, but it is a wishy washy kind of circumstance and honestly, if you go through the entire PR process, just make the decision and commit. Otherwise, you've wasted everyone else's time who are ready to commit.
  14. The meat is typically really good. Cleaning products, laundry detergent. Cat litter (if you have a kitty). Produce is typically quite good. Large quantity items like rice and some basic spices. I buy my contact solution and allergy meds there. I will be getting kitty’s insulin there, too. We’ve also used the Optical part for glasses and they were great. The Tire center is good, too.
  15. If there is still blood in the carpet, hydrogen peroxide will take it out. Cheap cleaning solution! Happy to hear Uncle has home nursing care, even if it's temporary. That might help to build a case for further nursing care or assisted living if he or she figures more assistance and supervision is needed.
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